Extreme Vehicle Protection from Shark Tank

Extreme Vehicle Protection shark tank

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides storage and water damage mitigation for your valuable automobiles. It’s designed to keep your car, motorcycle, and outdoor equipment safe from the weather elements. It can withstand up to 36-inch tidal waves and 24-inch flooding. Moreover, it can be put together in less than five minutes by two people. You can pick your vehicle’s size from their official page and begin covering it immediately.

One of its distinctive features includes an all-Inclusive weatherproofing option. You can wrap your car in less than five minutes. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, this is the most cost-effective choice available.

You can also protect your belongings while freeing up room in your garage or shed. You can park your scooter, motorbike, or watercraft in the freed-up space. Moreover, you can also store the furniture here.

Extreme Vehicle Protection is ideal if you live in a location with four seasons. For the duration of the winter months, everything from lawnmowers and patio furniture to toys and bicycles can be stored in a heated garage or outbuilding. Rest assured that this product won’t be damaged by snow or rain because it was built to resist these elements.

The EVP is an excellent replacement for shrink wrapping. Leave the EVP in your boat or personal watercraft to protect it.

In 2013, Matthew Harris’s father had a strange dream. He dreamed that vehicles were shielded from the weather thanks to technological advances. As soon as Matthew revealed to Kenny the potential of the image, the two of them burst into tears. As a result, Extreme Vehicle Protection was created. Matthew and Kenny started making prototypes for car covers with varying degrees of success.

Matthew’s Hyundai served as a test vehicle while the project got underway. They were able to design a device that could withstand flooding and other extreme weather conditions. The two of them obtained the requisite patents to prevent anyone from making use of EVP. It is noteworthy that despite the product’s innovative and practical features, it was difficult to sell to the general public. After conducting numerous tests, it took them seven months to find a material that could endure flooding and heavy storms.

Now that we have established what Extreme Vehicle Protection is all about, let’s see whether or not they were successful in cracking a deal with the Shark Tank.

They were able to make it to Shark Tank because of Kenny’s business savvy. Matthew and Kenny approach the Tank with a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity position. It was clear that even if the valuation gets the Sharks’ eye, the company will need a good business plan and a sales track record to secure an acquisition.

Let’s see how the Sharks responded to the offer. Robert was allowed to test the EVP’s capabilities by driving the car himself. While he did that, Kevin O’Leary claimed that this material was like Ziploc bags.

When it came to Robert Herjavec, he asserted that they have a comparable product. Others claimed that Robert’s product necessitates electricity use and multiple individuals’ involvement during setup.

The Sharks want to know more about the sales. Kenny claimed that 150 EVPs have already been sold outside auto exhibitions and body shops. Sales were not going well for the organization, which could harm their business.

However, Mark Cuban thought EVP seemed to be a good company lacking development potential. Robert interjected that people don’t know what to do in times of disaster like floods and hurricanes. They are unlikely to consider securing their vehicles. Despite his admiration for both the concept and the organization, he said he had no desire to commit to anything.

Lori Greiner didn’t like the bundle because she did not see herself as a car fanatic. When it came to O’Leary, he proposed a settlement based on royalties. He said he would give them $50,000 to expand their inventory and sales if he got $30 per item. Following the suit, Daymond suggested a counter-offer. He proposed to get a third interest in the company in exchange for $50,000.

The owners of the company were skeptical at this point. They were most concerned about whether or not Kevin’s idea had any limitations. In the end, they decided to accept Daymond’s proposal.

The Shark Tank effect has helped the Extreme Vehicle Protection team gain more exposure on social media. Buzzfeed claimed it was one of the most significant and successful Shark Tank investments ever. Since then, a fresh surge of interest in the company began to build. Because the bags are entirely recyclable, most media sites have given them great remarks.

Our Review of Extreme Vehicle Protection

Extreme Vehicle Protection has expanded its product line after working with Daymond John. They are providing various means to protect automobiles from severe weather conditions. They offer four different sizes of motorbike, SUV, and truck covers. These covers not only protect your car from weather, but they will also shield your vehicle against external damage.

Hurricanes have been wreaking havoc all over the world. In the light of the recent events, social media users have bombarded the internet with pictures of their vehicles covered in Extreme Vehicle Protection covers. These covers are being referred to as car condoms.

Since 2021, the company has introduced items like windshield hail protection covers, equipment storage, and furniture storage options that have successfully run in the market.

Thanks to Extreme Vehicle Protection, you can sit back, relax, and save yourself in the wake of a water-based natural disaster instead of worrying about damaging your vehicle. These covers are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.


  • The EVP is the only emergency cover that can protect cars, trucks, and SUVs in flood-prone areas.
  • The EVP includes additional elements for elasticity under rising tidal circumstances, making it outstanding in quality with a 3-ply dual-coated polyethylene derivative.
  • The EVP is resistant to tearing and puncturing.
  • Recyclable plastics are utilized to make the product more environmentally friendly.
  • The EVP can be used as an outside canopy tent for your garage.
  • The EVP is a breeze to install, use, and maintain.


  • Some buyers complained that the bag lasted only six months
  • Some buyers complained about the design
  • Some buyers complained about the zipper
  • It requires at least two persons to put it on a vehicle

Who is it Best For?

This product is best for those who own an automobile and are looking for ways to protect it against weather changes. Those who live in an area where the weather changes frequently should opt for this item and save their vehicles.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many car covers available in the market. However, none of them come close to this efficient product. While a few complaints might shake your confidence in the products, most reviews are positive, contributing to the company’s success.

Our Final Thoughts

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a fantastic solution for storing and protecting your vehicles from water damage. It’s made to protect your outdoor equipment from weather changes. If you want something to protect your car or any other automobile, you should go for Extreme Vehicle Protection.