Eve Drop from Shark Tank

Eve Drop shark tank

Indeed, Christmas is the season to be jolly and spread love and happiness; it can be a little frustrating when it comes to decorations. It sometimes feels like a never-ending order to climb up the ladder to hang Christmas lights. And what can often get the best of many people is that once Christmas is over, they have to climb up the ladder again only to take off the lights that took a lot of time and energy to put up in the first place.

Honestly, this is a pain point for most people across the board. However, we take it as something that needs to be done, and there is no shortcut. It’s been going on for decades and will perhaps continue for decades to come.

However, one person tried to break the norm: Nathan Shaffer’s innovative product, the Eve Drop. The man thought to ease the pain of millions during the Christmas season.

Eve Drop was a sliding fastener system. This system worked with open eaves. The purpose of the system was to keep the decoration lights hanging all year round. However, what made it unique and purposeful was the fact that the open eaves allowed these lights to slide in and out smoothly. Hence, this eliminated the need for using the ladder to put up the lights and later bring them down. All you had to do was use the Eve Drop system to slide the Christmas lights out of sight after the festivities.

Nathan founded a company in 2013 named Lightslide but had bad luck with the Kickstarter campaign for funding his idea. However, he didn’t lose hope. He took another shot in January 2014 at Kickstarter and luckily raised $4,431 funds to get started with his first production line of the Eve Drop system.

But he needed more funds to meet the cost and start generating profits. That’s why he decided to pitch his idea to the Shark Tank.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Nathan went to the Shark Tank with high hopes, but his idea didn’t get the props it deserved. None of the sharks in the tank liked his idea. He entered the tank to seek $75K with 20 percent equity in his business.

All prepared, Nathan pitched his idea with a close-up demonstration of the performance of the Eve Drop system. He asserted that Eve Drop was the only system in the market that could change lights swiftly from the storage to display mode. With the Eve Drop system, people could save time decorating and focus on enjoying the celebrations.

Nathan also explained how he earned only $4,500 in sales because most of his money went into the completion of the molding design for the production process. Moreover, he explained that the cost of production was high, which caused the retail price to go up.

After this, the sharks commented that the product was costly and seasonal. Unfortunately, Nathan’s idea couldn’t impress any shark in the tank. All rejected his idea, so Nathan walked out without closing the deal.

Are They Still an Active Company?

No. The company is out of business. However, according to Nathan, he did experience the Shark Tank effect soon after the episode was aired. After the show, the sales for the Eve Drop system soared, and his product got to retail outlets like Do it Center, True Value, and Ace Hardware. But that didn’t last long because the system didn’t sell as intended.

Our Review of Eve Drop

After analyzing Eve Drop-in in detail and reviewing comments, we believe that the product was innovative and had the potential to do well. However, some factors came in the way of its success, such as high costs and poor marketing.

We believe that had Nathan kept the cost low, he could have attracted lots of potential prospects to at least try the product. Also, he should have marketed the product smartly via social media handles and his website.

He failed to answer customers’ queries on social media and didn’t promote Eve Drop the way it should have. To generate sales, creating hype and spreading the word is crucial. You need to get people excited and curious so that they want to learn about it more and try it. But Nathan did nothing of that sort, and eventually, his idea failed to make an impression on prospects.

Pros of Eve Drop

  1. Easy way to decorate during the Christmas season
  2. Time-saving
  3. With the help of the hanger, the lights slide in and out as needed without a ladder

Cons of Eve Drop

  1. Seasonal product
  2. Costly or over-priced
  3. Poor marketing

Who Is Eve Drop for?

Eve Drop system was designed for those who use the ladder to decorate their homes during Christmas. The system was originally designed to spare people from the hassle of climbing up the ladder to hang Christmas lights and then going through the same ordeal to take the lights down once the Christmas holidays were over.

Are There Any Alternatives?

No, there are no alternatives for the Eve Drop system in the market. The system was innovative and unique; even after years, there is still no product like Eve Drop.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d say that the Eve Drop system was an innovative concept and something that people would have been genuinely interested in had it been promoted and marketed more aggressively and through the proper channels. The system had the potential, but as it was not promoted correctly, it didn’t deliver as intended. This issue becomes clear when we see that the product benefitted from the Shark Tank effect. After being aired on TV, people learned about it and showed interest in Eve Drop.

Moreover, Nathan should have been responsive to the queries and questions of prospects on his social media handles. We see that many questions from prospects were never answered. Also, as it was a seasonal product, Nathan was not active in promoting the product all year. He only focused on the peak seasons. Besides this, the cost for such a product was too high. He should have started at a low introductory price and increased it as the sales grew.