Doorman from Shark Tank

Doorman shark tank

Zander Adell is a prime example of how technology has given birth to a whole new generation of people. Such people have known life without technological influence and yet chosen to adapt to life after and made the most of it by controlling some of its facets. Certainly, it has allowed the masses to receive many benefits in the form of upgraded products of technology.

Before Doorman, Zander was a technical director at one of the top most prestigious digital art institutions – Disney, Pixar. Putting his skillset and imagination to good use for movies like the Toy Story series and Wall-E, he was not an ordinary San Francisco guy. Being from the birth town of Uber, he was not just an average user, but an avid follower of the Uber works.

However, being a regular user who closely inspects the working of it all means that someday you will come across the realization that how it works, what makes it unique, and how it is simply so convenient. So that is exactly what happened with Zander. He missed a parcel one day and thought, why can’t my delivery service work like Uber?

Certainly, this was a million-dollar question because, in order to answer it, the idea of Doorman struck him like a lightning bolt. He knew that he had probably hit a gold mine and should instantly start developing it into a practical service rather than merely keeping it in theory. He was confident about its success because, unlike Uber, people would welcome this with both hands.

And so Doorman was launched in 2011 as a privately owned US-based logistics company. This subscription-based working model would handle parcels for the subscribers and ensure delivery at a pre-arranged time that is convenient for them to receive. Hence, it started with dense urban areas with a population of working-class individuals who had such troubles.

With the help of establishing fulfillment centers and independent driver fleets, Doorman was able to close the gap between retailers and customers. Therefore, the next step was to enhance the convenience, and so in 2014, Doorman launched its app. The app was suited for Android and iOS, so customers can schedule their deliveries simply from their phones.

The business had definitely started small but was reaching new heights almost every day. So naturally, continuing the speed of its growth consistently, he needed to receive a complete big chunk of funding. Hence, there was no other better way than to take his success story and pitch it on national television in front of judges at Shark Tank.

Later in 2014, Zander Adell finally made his way to the Shark Tank stage with a proposal of $250,000 for 10% of the business stake in return. He started off well by highlighting his success up until now and making key points about his business model. Soon all the judges were intrigued, and the questions started pouring.

Ideas circulated around the room, from pricing to how it compares to FedEx and UPS. Zander told them how he wanted an independent click-on feature on the website where the customer could choose the Doorman option for delivery, making the process even more seamless. Continuing forward, all judges liked the idea, so the negotiations started.

The first counter offer was presented to Barbara worth $250K for 20%. Lori was in on it before Zander said 12%. This was met with approval by Robert, who was willing to take it alone. Barbara was adamant not to go ahead unless it was 20%, and so the choice was pretty obvious for Zander. He took to Robert taking a nice $250,000 for 12%.

Although the business started off successful, carried on and expanded successfully, and got an amazing deal funded through Shark Tank – it was extremely unfortunate that the company ran a loss merely in a few years’ time. As of December 2017, Doorman is just an iconic name of a company that had the potential to run with the big dogs but couldn’t sustain it.

Our Review of Doorman

As we all know, the Doorman has been defunct. However, if one does read upon older reviews, it was one of the high-functioning, technologically advanced logistics solutions. Allowing people convenience not only through the delivery timings but also in scheduling and choosing to deliver stuff through Doorman.

Many businesses and retailers had started opting for Doorman as their primary delivering medium, receiving good charges for regular bulk orders. The app has great reviews, too, given that people simply had one-tap options to keep all their deliveries in one place and choose timings that fit best with their daily plans.

Pros of Doorman

  • Technologically advanced.
  • Dedicated app.
  • High-efficiency service.
  • Extremely reliant and convenient.
  • Same-day delivery to your doorstep.
  • Reasonably priced services.

Cons of Doorman

  • It was available in a limited number of states.
  • Currently defunct.

Who Is Doorman For?

Doorman is for anyone and everyone who would appreciate the convenience of controlling when their deliveries are made. It was specially targeted toward working-class people who are not at home most of the time and would like to receive products whenever they are actually home. Makes it easier, efficient, and safe to order anything and everything.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Quite evidently, the biggest alternate and currently the logistics giant is Amazon. For instance, if you order swimming goggles because you have plans to leave early the next morning for a picnic, Amazon offers same-day delivery on a lot of their products or the option of express shipping to receive them at your earliest convenience.

Our Final Thoughts

It is unfortunate that the Doorman has ceased all operations. Especially when initially it was doing so well. As of August 2021, Zander Adell is working as the Head of Development at Magnesium film. It is safe to say that if he wants to, he still has a chance at going ahead and starting afresh with Doorman, as people today would greatly appreciate it.