DeskView from Shark Tank

DeskView shark tank

The world of technology has evolved while transforming the world around it. However, not all transformations are worth the appreciation. Especially the changing workplace trends that require sitting glued to the screen for hours are called out severely by numerous health-conscious individuals.

Since 9 to 5 jobs have become a norm, individuals must stay seated for hours to finish their work. Not only has it strained their eyes but also resulted in a poor posture that can be detrimental in the future. Health-conscious individuals realized the need for a standing desk long ago, but there weren’t many companies listening to the demands of common office workers.

DeskView is a desk company that designs ergonomic standing desks for individuals tired of sitting and working. Mike Bolos founded the company in 2015, and he took on the talented and passionate Jason Grohowski with him on this journey. The founder duo is set on revolutionizing the workplace setup together.

Mike first came up with the idea when he got severe back pains from sitting all day long working away on his computer. He realized he needed a solution for this, but the overhead cabinets in his office didn’t allow him much space. The only free space he saw where he could station himself was the window, and that’s where the design idea of using suction cups to attach sleek desk designs on the vertical surface popped into his head.

DeskView appeared on Shark Tank as the duo realized the company was ready for some next-level exposure. They wanted their design solution to reach other office workers and help them out of this health deteriorating rut. DeskView founders appeared on Shark Tank Season 10 seeking $150K for 7.5% equity in their company.

The founders started their pitch with their introduction and explanation of the prevalent health problems rooted in our bad posture. They then presented DeskView, the ergonomically designed standing workstations that were the best solution to this problem. They also explained how their product stood out from the crowd of standing desks available in the market.

DeskView had made $160K in sales. However, selling B2B was a challenging task that the founders were trying to accomplish. The sharks saw that as an issue.

Barbara and Mark suggested that the product was better suited for homes than office spaces. They were questioning the vision of the founders regarding DeskView. Barbara and Mark were out of the deal.

Robert loved the sleek design and the aesthetic appeal of the structure. However, he couldn’t picture himself ever investing in such a piece. He didn’t want to invest in the business.

Lori and Kevin were the only sharks remaining. Though Kevin had initially backed off, he suddenly got back in the game and offered $150K in exchange for 15% equity in the company. Thanks to her years of experience selling directly to consumers, Lori, better suited for the company, gave a bold offer of $150K in exchange for 33.3% of the business as a third partner.

Seeing Lori play bold, Kevin revised his offer and asked for 20% equity. The founders countered Lori and offered her 20% equity. Lori didn’t budge as she knew the amount of work she’d have to put in.

The founders of DeskView found Kevin’s offer more fitting to their business. They accepted Kevin’s offer and sealed the deal of $150K for 20%.

Our Review of DeskView

DeskView has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base or community in a short period. While the business was doing well on its own, the Shark Tank appearance has turned it into a recognized business nationwide. Today, DeskView is making over a million dollars in annual revenue.

DeskView was one of the few businesses that boomed during the pandemic. Individuals were looking for a solution as people were more concerned about their health due to working from home and sitting on their uncomfortable couches all day. DeskView’s marketing team switched gears and posted views from the windows online while keeping DeskView in the photo to gain customers.

DeskView’s ergonomic design and incredible customer service have kept the business in demand. Even as people are moving back to office spaces, they’re seeking a desk that would aid them in maintaining their posture as they work on their screens for hours. DeskView has provided a great solution for such people, and the business is working on expanding its designs and using its suction cup element to create other in-demand items.

Pros of DeskView

In a short time, DeskView has found a community of individuals who are exhausted from sitting all day in front of the screens and need a sustainable solution for the constant backache sitting brings. The company’s ergonomically designed products and mind-blowing customer service have gotten DeskView a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • DeskView is a lightweight standing desk designed to aid people in working for hours while standing instead of sitting.
  • DeskView desk designs have suction cups attached to them that create a suction on vertical space and allow the desk to connect to the wall or window.
  • DeskView desks are smaller than the average work desks, taking up less room than the usual furniture.
  • DeskView allows customers to adjust their screens at their desired height instead of only looking down at the screen.
  • DeskView helps customers improve and maintain their posture by keeping their shoulders and back straight.
  • DeskView alleviates eye-straining issues as customers can adjust the desk height as per their desire.
  • DeskView helps increase concentration and focus on work which can be severely deterred by constant sitting as it makes people tired.
  • DeskView’s minimal design makes it perfect for office and home spaces.
  • The DeskView website is user-friendly and allows customers to navigate the shop without any unnecessary stops.
  • DeskView also ships to over 75 countries, making it a global brand.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of DeskView

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of DeskView:

  • Suction cups, the main design element of DeskView, tend to lose their ability to hold onto the surface after some time, making DeskView unreliable.
  • DeskView is more expensive than the traditional desk setups used for working efficiently.

Who Is DeskView For?

For all health-conscious individuals who are tired of sitting down for hours on their uncomfortable chairs or couches and typing away on the keyboard, DeskView is the perfect brand for you. Their products are designed to make work possible by standing at a desk adjustable to your required height. The sturdy suction cups attach the desk brilliantly to your home’s windows to provide you with a space to work while keeping your back straight.

Whether working in an office environment or at home, DeskView products can help you uniquely optimize your workspace in no time.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you’re skeptical about the suction cup design yet want a standing desk, you can certainly check out Gibbon Mounts. The company offers a wide range of products for your TV and laptop, amongst other accessories, to make the height of these objects adjustable and optimized to your desire. The sit-and-stand desk at Gibbon Mounts offers a stable structure and plenty of space to place a laptop or a keyboard for easy and efficient work.

Gibbon Mounts has large products that are likely to take up more space, whereas DeskView products only require space on the wall allowing you large room for other activities.

Our Final Thoughts

DeskView has proved to be an incredible and unique business and has shown growth, ensuring that the business will continue to revolutionize the design industry. The company was doing good on its own, but the deal made the profits skyrocket. The incredible service of DeskView, along with its ergonomically designed products, has kept the business in demand for individuals nationwide.

DeskView will continue to grow in the future, and we’d see more of the business transforming the office and workplace design industry.