Dave Ramsey Net Worth: A Comprehensive Analysis

Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Dave Ramsey, an American radio show host and businessman, has made a name for himself in the world of financial advice. As of June 2023, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $200 million. Best known for his syndicated radio program, ‘The Dave Ramsey Show,’ the Tennessee native has also written numerous books on finance, with five of them becoming New York Times bestsellers.

Born on September 3, 1960, in Antioch, Dave Ramsey built his wealth through years of dedication and hard work. By 1986, he had amassed a portfolio worth over $4 million. However, the Competitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 led to a change in bank ownership, and the recall of his $1.2 million in loans and lines of credit caused financial difficulties. Despite filing for bankruptcy in 1988, Ramsey persevered and went on to become a prominent figure in the personal finance industry.

Over the years, Ramsey’s advice has helped countless individuals navigate their financial lives. His journey, from facing bankruptcy to achieving a net worth of $200 million, serves as an example for many who seek to improve their financial well-being. With his continued success and influence, Dave Ramsey’s legacy in the world of finance is undeniable.

Dave Ramsey’s Background

Dave Ramsey, born in Antioch, Tennessee, is a renowned American radio show host, author, and businessman. With a confident and clear approach to finance, he has helped many people through his teachings and advice.

Ramsey received his education from the University of Tennessee, where he completed a degree in finance and real estate. This foundation in finance prepared him for his career as a financial expert and enabled him to share his knowledge with a broader audience.

He entered the spotlight when he began hosting his syndicated radio show, ‘The Dave Ramsey Show.’ The program airs on over 600 radio stations throughout the United States and reaches millions of listeners with its knowledgeable and straightforward advice on money and finance.

In addition to hosting his successful radio show, Dave Ramsey is an accomplished author and has written several books on personal finance. These books include five The New York Times bestsellers, further solidifying his credibility as a financial expert.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks in his early life, Ramsey’s determination and focus have allowed him to turn his experiences into valuable lessons that have helped legions of people take control of their financial well-being.

As of June 2023, Dave Ramsey boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $200 million. His outstanding contributions to the world of personal finance as a radio host, author, and businessman have earned him this remarkable financial standing.

Net Worth and Income Sources


As of June 2023, Dave Ramsey’s estimated net worth is around $200 million. His wealth has been amassed through various sources, including his career as a radio show host, author, speaker, and businessman. Ramsey is best known for his syndicated radio program, ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’, which has played a significant role in his net worth.


Dave Ramsey’s income mainly comes from the following sources:

  • The Dave Ramsey Show: A widely popular radio show, where he provides financial advice to listeners, focusing on debt elimination, savings, and investment strategies.
  • Books: Dave Ramsey has written multiple best-selling books on personal finance and building wealth, such as The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace, and EntreLeadership.
  • Speaking Engagements: As a sought-after public speaker, Ramsey commands high fees for his appearances, discussing topics related to personal finance and wealth building.
  • Ramsey Solutions: Ramsey’s umbrella company, which encompasses various business endeavors, such as educational resources and online tools to help users manage their finances and build wealth.
  • Real Estate: Investment in real estate properties may also be a component of Dave Ramsey’s net worth, although specific numbers are not readily available.

In summary, Dave Ramsey’s net worth of $200 million is a result of his diverse income sources, including his popular radio show, book sales, speaking engagements, and business ventures. His expertise in the realm of finance and wealth building has established him as a respected figure in his field.

Career and Achievements

Early Struggles

Dave Ramsey faced financial turmoil in the late 1980s. By 1986, he had amassed a portfolio worth over $4 million. However, the Competitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 caused several banks to change ownership and recall his $1.2 million in loans and lines of credit. Due to being over-leveraged, Ramsey was unable to pay and filed for bankruptcy in 1988.

Books and Seminars

Bankruptcy fueled Ramsey’s passion for personal finance and he decided to share his knowledge with others. He began by teaching a course called “The Money Game” in 1991. This led to the creation of the “Financial Peace” course, which eventually became a best-selling book, Financial Peace. He has since written numerous other books, including five New York Times bestsellers. Some of these titles are:

  • The Total Money Makeover
  • EntreLeadership
  • Smart Money Smart Kids

He also conducts seminars and workshops related to personal finance and entrepreneurship to help people achieve financial stability.

Radio and Media Presence

Dave Ramsey’s media presence began with his radio show, “The Dave Ramsey Show”. Currently renamed** The Ramsey Show**, it is syndicated across various platforms such as iHeartRadio and YouTube. With more than 18 million weekly listeners, the show offers financial advice, tips on savings, and response to callers’ money questions.

Ramsey Solutions, formerly known as The Lampo Group, is his company that provides financial guidance, educational resources, and various tools to assist people in managing their finances. The company has grown and adapted to the ever-changing economic landscape, including the recent pandemic, by offering resources to help people navigate financial challenges.

To summarize Dave Ramsey’s career and achievements, he has faced early struggles, successful books and seminars, and a strong radio and media presence. His net worth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2021. Through his experiences and expertise, Dave Ramsey has become a prominent figure in the field of personal finance.

Personal Finance Philosophy

7 Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey’s personal finance philosophy revolves around his “7 Baby Steps” plan. The plan aims to guide individuals towards financial stability and independence through a series of clear, actionable steps:

  1. Build an emergency fund of $1,000, separated from your general savings account.
  2. Pay off all debts (except the house) using the Debt Snowball method.
  3. Save 3-6 months of living expenses in a fully-funded emergency fund.
  4. Invest 15% of your income into retirement accounts like Roth IRAs and mutual funds.
  5. Save for your children’s college education using investment vehicles like 529 plans or Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs).
  6. Pay off your home early, if you have a mortgage.
  7. Build wealth and give generously throughout your life.

Debt Snowball Method

The Debt Snowball method is a key part of Dave Ramsey’s financial philosophy. It involves paying off debts from the smallest to the largest, regardless of interest rates. This method helps people build momentum and motivation to stay on track with their debt elimination journey. The steps involve:

  1. List all debts (except the house) from smallest to largest.
  2. Make minimum payments on all debts except the smallest.
  3. Maximize payments on the smallest debt until it is paid off.
  4. Repeat the process, gradually working your way to the largest debt.

Retirement and Investing Advice

Dave Ramsey strongly advocates for investing in retirement accounts, such as Roth IRAs and mutual funds, to ensure financial security in the long term. He recommends:

  • Investing 15% of your gross income towards retirement.
  • Diversifying investments across four categories: growth, aggressive growth, growth and income, and international.
  • Choosing mutual funds with a long history of above-average performance.
  • Working with a trusted investment professional who follows a similar financial philosophy.

Ultimately, Dave Ramsey encourages financial literacy and implementing sound financial advice to achieve a life free from debt and worry. By following his personal finance philosophy, individuals can find a clear path towards financial independence and overall stability.

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Portfolio

Dave Ramsey started his real estate investments in the early stages of his career. By 1986, his company Ramsey Investments Inc. had built a real estate portfolio worth more than $4 million, with $3.3 million in debt. At the time, Dave Ramsey had a personal net worth of about $1 million. In recent years, Ramsey sold his Franklin, Tennessee home for $10.5 million in 2021. As of June 2023, his net worth is approximately $200 million.

Investing Strategies

Dave Ramsey is known for his practical and conservative approach to investing in real estate. Some key points of his investing strategies are:

  • Avoid debt: Ramsey advises investors to steer clear of debt and to only invest in properties that they can afford to buy with cash. This avoids the risk associated with heavy debt, which he himself experienced early in his career.
  • Focus on long-term appreciation: Ramsey believes in investing in properties that have the potential for long-term appreciation rather than chasing short-term gains. This includes factors such as location, neighborhood, and property condition.
  • Be patient: He emphasizes the importance of waiting for the right investment opportunity rather than rushing into a deal that might not be the best fit.
  • Diversify: Ramsey advises diversifying investments, not just focusing on real estate alone. He encourages investors to spread their money across different asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to minimize the risk associated with a single type of investment.

By following these strategies, Dave Ramsey has managed to build a successful real estate investment career, contributing to his impressive net worth. It is important to note that each person should tailor their investment strategy based on their unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and market expertise.

Ramsey Solutions and its Impact

Financial Counseling Services

Ramsey Solutions is a company founded by financial expert Dave Ramsey, which aims to help individuals achieve financial freedom and build wealth. They provide various financial counseling services tailored to help clients manage their money better, get out of debt, and plan for their financial future. By offering sound advice and practical solutions, Ramsey Solutions has gained a reputation for helping people attain their financial goals.

Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show is a syndicated radio program hosted by Dave Ramsey that tackles topics such as money management, budgeting, and debt elimination. With a confident, knowledgeable, and clear tone of voice, the show has attracted millions of listeners who seek guidance and support in their journey to financial well-being. The show’s success has contributed significantly to Dave Ramsey’s net worth and to the overall impact of Ramsey Solutions in the realm of personal finance.

Live Events

In addition to providing counseling services and hosting a radio show, Ramsey Solutions also organizes live events aimed at educating and inspiring people to take control of their finances. These events feature a variety of speakers and experts in the field, offering practical advice and strategies for achieving financial success. By reaching people across the country, Ramsey Solutions continues to have a substantial influence on the way Americans think about and manage their finances.

Controversies and Criticisms


Dave Ramsey has faced a few legal challenges in recent years. One such case involves a federal lawsuit filed against him and his company, Ramsey Solutions, in 20221. The plaintiffs allege that the company defied COVID-19 guidelines and put the health and safety of employees at risk. The company’s decision to prioritize in-person events and meetings, as well as refusing to enforce health guidelines, led to the filing of that lawsuit1.

Another lawsuit filed against Ramsey accused the financial expert of firing an employee for being a whistleblower on misdeeds within the company2. These legal challenges have placed scrutiny on Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions, potentially impacting his net worth and reputation.

Critics on Financial Advice

While Dave Ramsey has a net worth of $200 million3 and has helped many people with their financial troubles, his advice has also been criticized by some. Detractors argue that his methods may not be appropriate for all individuals or circumstances and that blindly following his advice can lead to financial missteps.

Critiques of Ramsey’s approach to personal finance include his stance on debt4. Dave Ramsey advocates for a strict no-debt approach, but some critics argue that this mindset may not always be practical, especially for individuals looking to invest in education or business opportunities.

Another common point of criticism refers to Ramsey’s strict reliance on a specific budget model4. Some people believe that this model may not be suitable for various lifestyles and personal preferences.

Overall, Dave Ramsey has faced controversies and criticisms from both legal and financial perspectives. His net worth and reputation have faced challenges due to lawsuits, and his financial advice has been criticized by some for being too rigid or not adaptable to everyone’s unique circumstances.

Personal Life

Dave Ramsey was born on September 3, 1960, in Antioch, Tennessee. He is married to Sharon Ramsey, and together they have three children. Their son, Daniel Ramsey, is also involved in the family business.

Dave and Sharon have been married for over 35 years and their strong bond has played a significant role in Dave’s success. In interviews, Dave often attributes much of his personal growth and financial success to the love and support of Sharon.

The Ramsey family currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee. It is in this community that they’ve nurtured their love for each other and raised their children while building their financial empire. The family is known to be close-knit, often participating in various events and activities together.

In his personal life, Dave Ramsey is known for being deeply religious and values-oriented. These values have shaped his approach to personal finance and have helped him create a unique philosophy around money management. His strong faith has allowed him to remain steadfast in his beliefs and teachings, which has resonated well with his audience.

Despite being a millionaire, Dave is also known for living a relatively modest lifestyle, in line with his financial teachings. The family’s home reflects their belief in living within one’s means and allocating financial resources wisely.

In summary, Dave Ramsey’s personal life, centered around his loving relationship with wife Sharon and their children, has played an important role in shaping his career and financial philosophies. The family’s residence in Franklin, Tennessee, further demonstrates their commitment to living a grounded and responsible lifestyle, inspiring many of their followers on their own financial journeys.

Online Presence and Resources

Dave Ramsey has a strong online presence that complements his offline work as a radio show host, author, and speaker. With numerous resources available, he helps millions of people navigate personal finance matters.

One of Dave’s primary platforms is his YouTube channel. This channel features a multitude of videos on different financial topics, from paying off debt to investing in the stock market. It has amassed millions of subscribers, serving as a valuable resource for financial advice and insights. Additionally, live streams of his popular radio show, “The Dave Ramsey Show,” air on the channel daily.

His podcast is another significant outlet, where listeners can access episodes and gain valuable financial knowledge. The podcast reaches a wide audience, with content often echoed across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

When it comes to news coverage, Dave Ramsey consistently appears in various major news outlets. He is often featured as an expert on financial matters in these publications, contributing his experience and knowledge to help educate readers.

As a proponent of traditional investing methods, Ramsey has remained cautious about crypto investments. While he acknowledges the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies, his approach is generally more conservative, favoring long-term, stable investments.

In summary, Dave Ramsey’s online presence and resources play an essential role in disseminating sound financial advice to a diverse audience. With a strong YouTube channel, engaging podcast, and significant social media presence, Dave Ramsey supports those seeking financial guidance across various platforms and formats.