Soy-Yer-Dough from Shark Tank

Soy-Yer-Dough shark tank

The Soy-Yer-Dough review will take you well, a hands-on look at this play dough and also let you play around with alternatives.

What is Soy-Yer-Dough?

Soy-Yer-Dough is the wheat-free play dough. Hence, it is a better choice of playing for kids who are sensitive to wheat.

The trouble with ordinary play doughs is that they are often wheat-based. Hence, children who are allergic to wheat feel left out. Soy-Yer-Dough is designed to evoke creativity and provide stimulation for the minds of growing children in the form of a gluten-free play substance. Hence, this is a modeling compound that gluten-sensitive kids can have a go at without fearing an allergic reaction.

Using Soy-Yer-Dough, kids can make dinosaurs, animals, and all kinds of objects without feeling left out.

Soy-Yer-Dough is free from the following allergenic and/or toxic substances.

  • Kerosene
  • Tree nut
  • Peanut
  • Gluten
  • Egg
  • Dairy
  • Latex
  • Borax

The brand behind this play dough also offers soy-free alternatives to customers who demand it.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Soy-Yer-Dough founder Sawyer Sparks sought a $125,000 investment in return for a 25 percent stake in the business.

After negotiations, Robert, Kevin, and Daymond jointly agreed to an investment of $300,000 in return for a 51 percent share in the business to which the founder agreed.

However, according to reports, the deal did not close.

Our Review of Soy-Yer-Dough

Soy-Yer-Dough has been rebranded as Yer-Dough. Not only is it wheat-free, but it is also soy-free. It’s good to see that the company has removed another potential allergen from its play dough to make it even more inclusive. In addition to gluten sensitivity, soy sensitivity is another real issue that concerned parents have to look out for to keep their kids safe. Hence, removing soy is a pragmatic move.

It looks quite safe but question is, how well does it perform? Will kids have a good time with this play substance?

The dough is soft enough to be easily molded into all kinds of creative designs that will stimulate the mind of a curious playful toddler. One thing to note is how good it feels in your hands. It is soft and highly malleable. Just holding it in your hands is comforting and fun. Thanks to the softness of this substance, playing with it is an enjoyable experience. Your kid will naturally have a good time with it.

It does not feel as sticky as other kinds of dough. Your hands are left clean and soft when playtime with the dough is over.

Yer-dough does a good job retaining its shape when you make something out of it. Since it is a safer variety, you might notice that its colors are not as vibrant and flashy as others.

The scent too is quite light. If you did not intend to smell the dough, you could easily miss its mild scent. However, this may be an advantage for people who have a sensitivity to strong scents.

You may note some residue left on your hands when you handle the dough. Another thing to note is that the dough does seem to harden a bit when you have left it for some time outside or in its container. You just need to add a few drops of water to your hands and rework it till it gets soft.

There are 11 different colors to choose from which makes for a good choice.

Soy-Yer-Dough Pros

  • Non-Toxic
  • Soy and gluten-free
  • Very soft and malleable

Soy-Yer-Dough Cons

  • Can harden, needs moistening

Who is Soy-Yer-Dough for?

Soy-Yer-Dough is for parents who want a wheat-free play dough alternative for their children. Yer-Dough is an improved iteration of this play dough which is free of soy – another common allergen. So-Yer-Dough is good for steering clear of wheat and soy allergies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to Soy-Yer-Dough available on the market.

Here are some of the best that your kids can play with.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Cookie Creations Play Food Set for Kids 3 Years and Up with 5 Non-Toxic Play-Doh Colors

This play-dough kit has a lot of slick tools for crafting tasty-looking play-dough cookies and sweet treats. This makes it ideal for the budding toddler who yearns to bake delicious cookies someday. Till that time comes, the aspiring little baker of yours can play around with this.

Open up a charming little bakery with the kids using tools provided like 4 cutters, a rolling pin, and a tray. There is even Play-dough icing to decorate these cookies. Let your kids’ imagination run free by making fantastic-looking candies using the molds provided. They can make all sorts of colorful candies, sprinkle play-dough choco-chips and make multicolored layers.

Play-Doh Play Date Party Crate Arts & Crafts

Your kids will feel proud of the fine works of art that they can craft with the tools provided in this play-dough kit. Unleash the artist within your little ones by giving them this play dough set to boost their creativity.

There are more than 40 tools with which kids can craft funny animals, wacky faces, mouthwatering pizzas, irresistible foods and so much more. Kids’ parties and play dates will be something extra special courtesy of the 4 themes that this kit supports – jungle, farm, facial expressions, and picnic.

There is also a large mat provided on which kids can keep their proud creations. With this play set, there is no right way of working with the play dough. Just let your imagination run wild and have lots of fun in the process.

Our Final Thoughts

The Soy-Yer-Dough review gave you an idea of what to expect with this play dough. If you seek play dough variety then you can well, play around with lots of other alternatives shown above.