Crooked Jaw from Shark Tank

crooked jaw shark tank

In the 102nd episode, Craig French showed the Sharks the Crooked Jaw clothing line he had produced and offered it to them for purchase. After fracturing his jaw while playing lacrosse in college, French established the crooked jaw corporation.

The injury caused him to have a twisted jaw for the rest of his life. While he was still a student, he thought of the collection and started selling it while he was still a student via direct web sales and a local shop. He did all these things while he was still a student.

French was under the impression that for his company to be successful, it required the expertise and access to resources that the Sharks could only provide. He had dedicated a significant amount of his time and attention to developing a clothing line that would appeal to those interested in various types of sports, most notably those who were enthusiastic about mixed martial arts.

What is a Crooked Jaw?

Crooked Jaw Clothing’s primary areas of concentration are streetwear, action sports, and mixed martial arts; these are the company’s three key areas of business (MMA). 2005 was the year that marked the commencement of the company’s operation.

Craig French, the firm’s creator, spent his childhood on Long Island in the state of New York. It was decided to name the firm after French.

His crooked jaw, which he received as a result of an accident that occurred while he was still a student at the university, served as the inspiration for him to think of a name for his firm and register a trademark for it.

It was reassuring to see that he started progressing on it while still a student since it meant that he was putting in the effort. He started selling his gear through regular retail locations in addition to selling it online, where it was previously only available.

To give Crooked Jaw his whole focus, French gave up the job he had been doing before. During that period, Michael Prahalis and Deniz Tanbasi were his working partners in the company. French believed that the knowledge and connections held by the Sharks were essential to his organization’s growth and considered them critical for its success.

He invested considerable time and attention into developing a clothing line that would appeal to those who are enthusiastic about sports, particularly those involved in mixed martial arts.

Our Review of the Crooked Jaw

Even though the company had already sold around 1,500 pieces of clothes, the other Sharks shied away from it like the plague because its total sales were only $5,000.

If Crooked Jaw Clothing had done a better job of promoting its items, in our view, the Crooked Jaw Clothing company could have been able to become more successful. The brand and the name were both inspired by a narrative about toughness, and the clothes were a good complement for the image that the brand was giving. The name was memorable.

It’s probable that they never intended for it to become a brand sold in huge department stores. Nevertheless, if it maintained its current course, it could carve out a niche, especially among individuals who partake in extreme sports, bikers, or even the rebellious population.

The firm’s value, which is no longer in operation and had been estimated to be one million dollars at one point, cannot be calculated with absolute confidence since the company is no longer in business.


  • Comfortable clothing for sports lovers.
  • Improved range of motion
  • Durability
  • Protection from the environment


  • The sharks did not find the crooked jaw to be of any good use. The sharks were not impressed with the product because they did not find it authentic, and there are many alternative athletic brands.
  • The Crooked Jaw has been out of business since 2015.

Who Is Crooked Jaw For?

Craig French established the clothing company Crooked Jaw Fashions when he was recovering in the hospital from an injury he had when he was struck in the face by a stray lacrosse ball.

His clothing line, which was marketed at mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts and was sold via his online retail site as well as the local surf and ski stores on Long Island, was created with the intention that MMA competitors would wear it. However, it would be beneficial to everyone who has an interest in sports.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Even though many well-known companies have also launched their athletic clothing lines, many individuals have launched their small businesses in recent years to serve MMA fans and others interested in other sports.

In conclusion, the answer to whether there are any alternatives for crooked jaw fashions is yes!  You can now purchase sportswear from Reebok either online or by going to the most convenient location. Other options include


The Scrappler brand is relatively new and focuses on the inherent struggle and toil in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Boston Brawler

The Boston Brawler is a corporation with origins in the northeastern region that has a special place in the affections of many region residents.

Konflict MMA

Konflict MMA is a brand for people interested in MMA apparel, as well as those who are interested in clothing in general.

Insanity Fightwear

Insanity Fightwear corporation is more than a single brand, and it is renowned mainly for the outstanding mixed martial arts gear it sells at affordable pricing.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the company is no longer in operation, in our opinion, the website should have been kept up to date because it had the potential to perform significantly better than it did. After appearing on “Shark Tank,” the company received the necessary amount of exposure, and the name was appropriate and appealing to the customers directed to it.