Caffeindicator from Shark Tank

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Caffeindicator is a product that works exactly as the name suggests. It is used to indicate the presence of caffeine in a product. It works like a litmus test and is part of the sweetener packaging used. Since a lot of people prefer decaf instead of regular caffeinated coffee, this helps them check for caffeine before consumption.

The idea of Caffeindicator was pitched on Shark Tank by Michael Schiavone. He came up with this invention when he was traveling for business, accompanied by his wife.

After a long day, he decided to get a cup of coffee late at night. Schiavone placed an order for decaf coffee, but the barista made a mistake and gave him regular caffeinated coffee instead. He felt the coffee’s effects the whole night and was unable to sleep. This led to him coming up with the idea of Caffeindicator: a product that tells the consumer if their beverage contains caffeine.

The unique selling point of Caffeindicator is that it is very helpful for people who feel the effects of caffeine dramatically. There are a lot of people who face a mix-up of orders and end up with caffeinated coffee instead of the decaf they ordered. This results in them being jittery, anxious, and unable to focus on their work. With this product, they’ll easily be able to find out if their drink contains caffeine.

Before coming to Shark Tank, Michael Schiavone had been working on Caffeindicator for around 18 years. Through Shark Tank, he needed the capital required to kickstart it.

Are They Still an Active Company?

No, Caffeindicator was discontinued and never hit the market.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Michael Schiavone went to Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for a 25% stake in the company from the Sharks. He led the pitch by saying that there are many people with a sensitivity to caffeine.

Schiavone further explained that since this is a litmus test for caffeine, customers will find this fascinating and want to see how it works even if they don’t use sweeteners in their coffee. His goal was to take a market share of $500,000,000 and increase it up to $1,000,000,000. In response to the Sharks’ question of whether he has presented his product to sweetener manufacturers, he replied that he wants to wait and see how negotiations will take place after the demand for Caffeindicator increases.

Overall, Caffeindicator did have some potential. It managed to secure a deal by Kevin Harrington of $200,000 for a 50% stake in the company. However, this deal wasn’t finalized and Caffeindicator never went ahead, despite receiving a lot of attention in the initial stage. No sweetener company was willing to partner with them. Therefore the idea died before we could even judge its popularity.

Our Review of Caffeindicator

Keeping in mind that there are a huge number of people in the world that consume coffee on a daily basis, Caffeindicator had a lot of potential. Not only that, but it was also pretty affordable and easy to use. The test came within the packet of the sweetener so all we had to do was dip it into our coffee to check. The litmus test was pretty fun to use and we enjoyed the experience.

This product is perfect for anyone with medical concerns and individuals who want to avoid caffeine at certain times such as before a meeting or at night. We had high hopes for this product and wanted to see how it would fare on the market.

The bad news is that this doesn’t tell you the level of caffeine in your drink. It just indicates whether there’s caffeine in your drink or not. A lot of consumers check their food or drink for the amount of sugar, and similarly, they will prefer if this test also lets them know how much caffeine there is.

Pros of Caffeindicator:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Indicates the presence of caffeine
  • Comes with the sweetener packet

Cons of Caffeindicator:

  • Doesn’t indicate the amount of caffeine

Who Is Caffeindicator for?

Caffeindicator is perfect for people who like coffee but also have a sensitivity to caffeine. Baristas are mixing up orders daily given the volume of coffee that is consumed. Caffeindicator ensures that consumers are getting the decaf they ordered.  They are not surprised by getting jittery later. Their sleep schedule will not be affected due to the caffeine and they enjoy a nice cup of coffee without any consequences.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Caffeindicator was unique at the time it was pitched and to date there is still no product like it on the market.

However, if you are looking for a product with less caffeine, Bang Caffeine Free Candy Apple Crisp Energy Drink is a good alternative. Although it is not a tester, it is a good caffeine-free option for anyone looking to get an energy boost but wanting to avoid caffeine. Not only does it contain zero calories, but it is also a great option for vegans.

This energy drink also has great taste and enhances your focus after consumption. There is no gluten or carbs so you don’t have to worry about an increase in blood pressure.

Our Final Thoughts

While some people may wonder about the usefulness of Caffeindicator, it does come in handy. If you are someone who loves coffee but has concerns about caffeine, then this product is just right for you. This is also pretty easy to use and comes within the sweetener packet so you don’t have to worry about how this test will work. All you need to do is dip it.

Overall, this product is pretty simple and convenient, but sadly, it’s no longer available. If a product like this does come into the market, we recommend trying it out. You might just be surprised at how useful it is.