Blondie’s Cookies from Shark Tank

blondies cookies from shark tank

Blondie’s Cookies was a company started by Brenda ‘Blondie’ Coffman, and operated in the food industry. Brenda makes and sells about 25 different types of cookies in her retail stores.

The company was started in 1984 when Brenda, then a college student, set up her own small business called the Cookie Cabin.

Her customers at the time were primarily students and faculty members at her own university as well as that of her husband. In 1985, Brenda managed to set up her first retail store with the Simon Property Group.

The cookies’ recipes were developed over seven years, and at the start, there was a variety of only eleven cookies and one brownie. The cookies are baked fresh each day, and the leftover inventory is donated to local charities at the end of the day.

Is Blondie’s Cookies Still Active?

Blondie’s Cookies is still in business, with 7 stores across Indiana. The business is thriving in Indiana, and though they had expanded to Florida for a while, their success there was questionable. Soon after, they closed their Florida stores, but are still very much operational in Indiana.

As of March 2021, Blondie’s Cookies had an annual revenue of about $8.9 million. In 2021, Blondie’s received about $150,000 in funding.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Brenda Coffman came onto the Shark Tank show in 2012, with the hopes of getting an investment that would help her cover her $800,000 outstanding loans. She wanted a $200,000 investment in return for 3% equity.

Like any other food entrepreneur, Brenda brought samples of her cookies for tasting. While the cookies were well received, the Sharks were skeptical about the $800K she had in loans. They also didn’t take too well to the fact that the loans were being used for expansion in Florida, where the new stores were actually losing money, and suggested that Brenda stick to her business in Indiana.

The Sharks didn’t think too well of Brenda’s valuation and current goals for the business, though they did love the cookies.

In the end, Blondie’s Cookies did not make a deal with the Sharks, but Brenda continued to be successful all these years after her appearance on the show. Though there was no deal at the end, the Shark Tank episode did manage to provide the publicity Brenda needed to grow more.

Our Review of Blondie’s Cookies

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Blondie’s Cookies does exactly what you’d want from a cookie: be satisfying. The cookies are delicious, as is evidenced by the success Blondie’s Cookies has seen since its inception in 1985.

There is a large variety of cookies and brownies to select from, allowing you to pick the kind of cookie you want. The cookies are also more than just the standard type, with flavors like Red Velvet and Pumpkin Spice to stand out from the generic chocolate chip and iced cookies.

For people who like to stick to the safe options, there are plenty to choose from. Other, more adventurous people will also find what they’re looking for.

If you’re not a cookie person and prefer brownies, there are also some brownie options to pick from.

The company also makes cookie cakes, which are jumbo-sized cookies that are decorated and personalized like cakes are otherwise. The cookie cakes can also be made in any of the available flavors and have two sizes you can select from, according to the occasion you need it for.

All the products sold at Blondie’s Cookies are made fresh that day, and any leftovers are donated to charity so you won’t get a stale cookie in your purchase.

Blondie’s Cookies also has the option to select gift baskets and seasonal specials for when you want to celebrate an occasion.

The cookies are, however, a bit expensive and may not fit everyone’s budget.

Pros of Blondie’s Cookies

  • Freshly bake
  • Large variety to pick fro
  • Taste goo
  • Seasonal option
  • Options for sizes

Cons of Blondie’s Cookies

  • Expensive

Who is Blondie’s Cookies For?

Blondie’s Cookies is great for any cookie fan – or any sweet tooth, really. Because the business has a lot of variety, it works great for picky eaters as well. Because there are gift baskets and season’s specials available, you can also get Blondie’s Cookies as a present, rather than for yourself. The cookie cake options also make it a good option for someone looking for a good dessert for their party if regular cakes don’t have the same appeal.

The store locations are mostly in malls, which would make them a good snack to munch on as you walk around while shopping.

However, since the cookies are a bit expensive, they may not fit everyone’s budget.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are plenty of alternatives to Blondie’s Cookies, just like any food business. There is no scarcity of food manufacturers to act as competitors for any business, and Blondie’s is no different.

Besides the many options in food businesses to act as competitors, store-bought cookies can also act as an alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

There is also the option to simply make your own cookies.

Our Final Thoughts

Blondie’s Cookies have a pretty stable product holding the business up – which would be evident from their success. However, they are a bit limited by their geography. They are fairly popular in Indiana for their cookies, but have little name outside of the state, which is likely why their Florida stores didn’t do so well. Perhaps if Brenda had not been trying to expand to Florida, she may have seen success on the Shark Tank show as well.

However, the business has a very decent offering and can surely grow more successful over time.