Bev Buckle from Shark Tank

Bev Buckle shark tank

There are some crazy products out there, but the Bev Buckle is in a league of its own. You are probably wondering why we didn’t ease you in with an introduction, right. Well, the Bev Buckle speaks for itself.

It’s a belt buckle that holds your beer! Yes, you read that right. This small accessory gives a whole new meaning to hold on to your drink. Bev Buckle has been voted as 2022’s most viral product. The buckle opens into a small tray with a ring holding the beer. That’s it! That’s the product. How genius is this invention?

Are They Still An Active Company?

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Bev Buckle made more than $40K overnight. Jay was able to arrange a deal with Twisted Tea and Urban Outfitters and even appeared on the race track of NASCAR in 2012. Although there has been no activity on their page for some years, the buckles are still sold through the official website. The Bev Buckle is no longer sold on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Jay Kriner stepped on the stage of Shark Tank in Season 4 with his product Bev Buckle, looking for $50,000 in investment for a 5% stake in the company. His opening didn’t impress the sharks because he made lofty claims, such as the Bev Buckle being America’s most interesting invention. He talked about the buckle’s usefulness and demand in places, such as concerts or sporting events.

To demonstrate how the buckle worked, he picked up a beer bottle, unlatched the buckle and placed it on the little tray, and shouted Ba-Bam. This made all the Sharks laugh. Kevin said he liked the product, which increased Jay’s hopes of securing the investment. Though the product was unusual, Jay said everyone knew someone who would love this buckle.

Jay told the Sharks that the buckle was customizable and customers could email pictures for the logo. Mark was interested in knowing how Jay came up with the idea, to which Jay replied that he often visited bars and would rest his beer bottle against the belt buckle, and the rest was history.

Jay passed around buckles to each Shark so that they could get the feel of the product. Barbara noticed the buckle was standalone and did not come with a belt. Kevin asked Jay if he had any sales, and Jay said that so far, he had sold 4,000 pieces in 4 years at festivals and other places. The Sharks didn’t like the numbers. However, it got their attention when Jay told them he had the patent for his product.

After Jay explained to Mark how the cost for his product was done, everyone was impressed. Once Jay had laid all the cards on the table, Robert asked him what he would do with the investment. That’s when Jay handed the Sharks two envelopes. He told then that in one envelope was the list of all retailers that had approached him for Bev Buckle, and the second envelope contained a list of all major racetracks that wanted the product to be sold trackside.

Though none of the companies had written him a check, he was still hopeful that everything would be on track once he got his manufacturing process under control. Jay also shared his overseas manufacturer had damaged 1/4th of his merchandise. All the Sharks were in disbelief. When Barbara asked why Jay hadn’t accepted offers from any retailers who had approached him, he said that he didn’t have the capital to start manufacturing. Daymond looked at the list again and then tore it in front of Jay, saying that if no one had written him a check, the list was useless. He was the first one who backed out. Mark asked about the inventory, and when he heard that Jay only had 62 units, he backed out too.

Robert agreed to invest in the company, but he wanted a 75% stake because the business had too many uncertainties. Kevin chastised Robert saying that he was trying to steal Jay’s company. He made an offer for 12% in royalties on the sale of every unit.

Finally, Barbara said she was ready to loan him $50,000, but she wanted a 51% stake. Jay now had three offers. He took some time to decide and, in the end, chose Barbara. Jay exited the stage with Bev Buckle’s catchphrase Babam.

Our Review of Bev Buckle

The competitor market for Bev Buckle is quite low. Since Jay has patented the design, a new product such as this might never be introduced to the public unless another company comes up with a new design.

Other than that, the product itself is phenomenal, and since the manufacturing is done overseas, Jay can ensure the buyers of the quality.

Pros of Bev Buckle

  • One-of-a-kind product
  • The buckle’s design can be customized
  • Will make you and your buckle the talk of the party

Cons of Bev Buckle

  • People assume the buckle comes attached to a belt
  • The buckle won’t hold a koozie can

Who Is Bev Buckle For?

While Bev Buckle might seem like a weird product, its recent sales prove that people love it. It has a coolness factor that will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. So, if you are a beer person, this buckle is definitely for you.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Bev Buckle is a unique product and has no competitors. Although many companies have tried to work around the idea, only one company was able to come close to making something similar yet different, which also appeared on Shark Tank.

Muff Waders offers Beer Cooler Overalls. These men’s overalls have multiple pockets that can hold beers.

There’s one pocket on top of the left breast that holds the beer you are drinking and a large pocket that covers the entire front from waist-above and can be used to stash drinks.

Our Final Thoughts

Bev Buckle is truly an exceptional product. It has got the potential to make the wearer a superstar. Yes, it has a quirky factor. Standing in a bar with a bottle placed on a small tray attached to your waist might not sound so attractive. However, once you try the buckle, you will understand its appeal.