Marz Spray from Shark Tank

marz spray shark tank

Farther, Keith Marz and his son, Brandon Marz, are no strangers to the health and wellness business. Their family has owned and operated a chain of weight loss and nutrition clinics across Hollywood, California, for over 20 years.

When they found out there are around 150 million Americans who have trouble swallowing supplement pills and these pills only have a 10% – 20% absorption rate, they jumped at the opportunity to find a better way for people to take their supplements.

They banded their team of scientists together to create the oral supplement spray.

What Does Marz Spray Make?

Marz Spray makes a series of scientifically developed oral supplement sprays that are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and clinically approved. They contain extracts that support health and wellness and can be sprayed directly into the mouth or water.

Studies have shown that this method of oral administration increases absorption to 95%. They have five varieties:

  1. The C Spray: a megadose of vitamin C equivalent to 114 oranges
  2. Sleep Spray: an anxiety-reducing spray that promotes drowsiness using  GABA, melatonin, and valerian root
  3. Slim Spray: an appetite suppressing spray that doctors developed to aid in weight loss
  4. ReBoot Spray: a megadoseof vitamin B12
  5. Kids Spray: a multivitamin for children

Is Marz Spray Still Active?

Marz Spray is still in business and has rebranded the company to Marz+. Their sprays are available on their website.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The father-son duo came to Shark Tank with their oral health spray and an ask of $200K for 10% equity. This valued their company at a cool 2 million dollars.

Keith started with the research by telling the Sharks how the multi-billion dollar supplement industry did not cater to the 40% of Americans who had trouble swallowing pills. There is no market leader in oral supplement sprays.

This information was too much for Mark to swallow. He could not believe the wellness industry was so stupid they didn’t see this missed opportunity and couldn’t figure out they just had to spray nutrients into their mouth. He told the other Sharks it was a scam.

The Marz men didn’t let Mark’s comments faze them and went ahead showing their products. Robert, Kevin, and Mark all took a hit of the ReBoot Spray, which they all said tasted disgusting, but it seemed to have some effect because all three said they felt more excited.

Brandon told them they had been in business for only nine months and had sold $125,000 worth of sprays. The Sharks were not impressed and were losing interest. Then Kieth told them about the fantastic response at the largest wellness and supplement world conference and how Nature Made was interested in working with them.

This name jolted the Sharks back into the pitch because Nature Made is ranked the #1 pharmacist recommended supplement brand in America.

Also, Marz Spray had pending purchase orders totaling 1 million dollars. They were with international retailers in seven different countries but took time due to registration and approval delays.

Daymond did not like the sound of that, as he had dealt with this type of situation in the past, and it was like registering with seven different FDA organizations. It was too much red tape for him. He was out.

On the other hand, Lori was on the edge of her seat. This whole business was right up her alley, and she wanted in. Her offer was $200K for 30% equity on the contingency that the Nature Made deal went through. Kevin wanted to join Lori and suggested they go in on it together, but Lori refused, saying she wanted to do it independently.

Mr. Wonderful did not like her response, so he put down a separate offer of $200K for 25%.

Brandon was sweating bullets. Daymond even joked, “I have never seen a man sweat so much in my life.”

Then Lori came back and said she would outdo Kevin’s bid.

Brandon asked if she was willing to put a redemption plan to buy back half the equity at three times the investment. She countered that if they believed in their product so much, they better make it four times the investment.

Brandon and Keith took the deal. Marz Spray and Lori were in business.

What Happened To Marz Spray After Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank in 2012, Marz Spray gained a lot of exposure and was able to close deals with their international buyers. They even found their way onto Walmart’s shelves.

After the Sharks’ feedback, they refined the flavor and reduced their spray series to the three best-selling oral sprays: Slim Spray, Shine Spray (previously known as the ReBoot Spray), and the Sleep Spray.

The company has an active and professional online presence and has added a blog section to its site where they regularly post health-related content.

Our Review Of  Marz Spray

These sprays tick all the right boxes. They are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free and all the ingredients are ethically sourced. This is the perfect combination for the health conscious. It has an FDA approval that seals the deal.

Unfortunately, they stopped making their multivitamin for kids due to the wide selection of fruity vitamin gummies that kids enjoy eating.

Pros Of Marz Spray

  • Plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free
  • Better absorption as compared to pills
  • No harsh chemicals like binders, glue, and fillers that are found in pills
  • Comes in a TSA-approved size spray

Cons Of Marz Spray

  • The fruity taste will not appeal to everyone
  • No longer has a multivitamin option

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Garden of Life has near replicas of the Marz Spray’s ReBoot Spray and C Spray and even offers vitamin D3 spray. Marketed as myKind Organic Sprays, they are all vegan, naturally flavored, sugar-free, and certified USDA Organic. They are available on their Amazon store and their website at
  • Mary Ruth’s has a series of Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free vegan supplement sprays. It’s a mother-daughter company also based in California. You can find Vitamin B12, D, and D3 + K2. They are available at their Amazon Store and their website at

Final Thoughts

Marz Spray is a Shark Tank success story for the books. They knew their market and did their research.

That’s how they got a Shark to bite.  Lori still has a 12.5% stake in the company further proving Marz Spray is a successful business.

Their current rebrand has them aiming for stars and we wish them the best of luck.