BedJet from Shark Tank

BedJet shark tank

In the history of the show Shark Tank, there have been many people who have shown up with innovative inventions. Sometimes they come from humble backgrounds. Sometimes they are student pairs when the design idea hits them, and sometimes, they are casually at the NASA headquarters working as an engineer. Shocked? Well, yes, you read that right.

Mark Aramli is a former world-class NASA engineer. He was behind the infamous NASA space suit creating primary life support design formations before he came up with a design for his now record-breaking invention, BedJet. Mark says he was tired of doing patents for other companies and businesses and wanted to do something of his own, for his own company.

Hence, it was only a matter of time when he came with BedJet – an all-encompassing climate control system for household beds. He designed it to be quick and efficient, with both heating and cooling temperature changes promised within three minutes so that nobody has to ever get into a cold bed on a freezing winter night ever again.

The handy device sits alongside your bed and uses an air nozzle to regulate the temperature of your bed simply from a remote or a smartphone app. It allows you to heat up the sheets and covers on a winter night for a cozier feel while turning up the cooling system when the hot summer doesn’t have any mercy. All in all, it was indeed a very cool idea.

However, Mark was sure that some marketing and distribution would be aided with a bit of funding, so he went ahead with a Kickstarter campaign. Naturally, it was a success, and he was able to raise almost $60,000, clearly going over his mere goal of $38,000 by a whopping $20k. This clearly proved to be a great way for him to realize the worth and demand of his creation.

However, alongside this realization, he knew very well that a consequent next step in order to take his product and put it really out there in the market would have to get to a more prominent figure. So the doors of Shark Tank opened for him, and he made his appearance with an investment pitch worth $250,000 for a simple 10% stake in his business venture.

He got to explaining the product almost immediately and conjoined his product reveal with the smartphone app. He then proceeded to invite Mark and Lori to try it out as he continued explaining the “dual-zone” feature. As Mark returned to his seat, Robert was next in line to crawl into the bed. Mark then continued to explain how he is in the pre-production stage with a current price of $499.

Kevin was the first to think of the price as too high, but Mark quickly told him that he was already talking with an Australian manufacturer for $1.4 million. That is when Mark, Lori, and Kevin all kept chiming in but unfortunately, to no avail. Lori felt she was ignored, so she was the first one to step down, followed by all others for one reason or another.

So much to the disappointment of Mark and the audience, it was a no-deal. But one that didn’t result in the product being shut down. Instead, the Shark Tank appearance was just another milestone in the journey that BedJet was on. And Kevin couldn’t have been more wrong when he said, “You will never sell this device; it will never happen; the product is dead already.”

As of May 2022, BedJet and Mark Aramli are still very much in business, which is also exceptionally successful. After the Shark Tank appearance, he went on to earn record-breaking sales to make a name for his brand. Amounting to $30 million in lifetime sales, it is safe to say BedJet is synonymous with comfort and can be seen with a third-generation version going strong.

Our Review of BedJet

Probably one of the most iconic products of Shark Tank that resulted in a no-deal and smack talk from judges, it couldn’t have done any better than it has to give it back to them the best way. In December 2020, BedJet sold its 100,000th unit and announced a third-generation device which we were fortunate to get our hands on. It is safe to say there is no going back now.

The BedJet truly is an engineer’s invention because the attention to detail with everything it promises to do is insane. It suits any bed size, type, mattress type, etc., and promises the comfort that you so expect when you first buy it. It is available in a similar price range as Mark acknowledged on Shark Tank, and you can easily buy it in installments.

Pros of BedJet

  • Number one best selling
  • The third generation is new and improved.
  • Ultra-comfort.
  • Amazing temperature setting.
  • Suitable for all beds.
  • Suitable for all mattresses.
  • Powered ventilation for cooling.
  • Sauna feel in heating mode.
  • Biorhythm sleep technology.

Cons of BedJet

  • Connections with iOS devices via Bluetooth can have issues.
  • It’s not a replacement for a ceiling fan.

Who Is BedJet For?

BedJet is for anyone and everyone who would like a more temperature-controlled environment for their bed to sleep in. It is best for people who sleep uncomfortably due to body temperature changes and fluctuations during the night. It makes for a great welcome home present also. You can easily purchase it under warranty too.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although BedJet is a very unique, one-of-a-kind product, you can never take it as a replacement for ceiling fans and air conditioners. Therefore, people with a traditional mindset may never find it useful or do anything different than what their fans and AC units do. Hence, addressing this mindset via marketing and advertising is essential to increase new-age sales.

Our Final Thoughts

BedJet may not have earned a deal on Shark Tank, made Lori mad, and made Kevin say factually incorrect things – but it sure found its way to take an act of much-acquired revenge from all those incidents. Today the sales and revenue figures speak for themselves and for Mark, who is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle as the proud CEO of BedJet.