BeardBrand from Shark Tank

Beardbrand shark tank

Imagine dressing up to nine, throwing on a pair of designer footwear, and being in the mood to charm people with your suave elegance. Sounds appealing – as long as your facial hair cooperates. Brittle and wild beards seem unkempt, unappealing, and unsatisfying.

It’s lackluster for your overall debonair vibes. Plus, running a hand through the beard to feel its rough texture can affect your mood. Trust us; no one wants that, especially when you’ve got an important event where you must look graceful and professional to charm your clients or a date night with your significant other.

Thankfully, digitalization and globalization have worked wonders to enhance awareness and the importance of self-grooming. Today, you can find a range of personal and beard-care products at your service, just a click away. So, the next time you’re stressing about dehydrated facial hair and looking for effective remedies to notch up their snazziness, you know what to opt for:

High-quality facial hair-care and styling products from a reputable brand.

This brings us to Beardbrand, an initiative established in 2012 to help every individual accomplish well-groomed facial hair. It was founded by Eric Bandholz, who wanted to break the stigma that men with a beard were too lazy to shave and facial hair could never look classy. Bandholz offered a platform to assist swanky men in looking even more terrific as they flaunted their healthy, aesthetic, and neat facial hair like pros.

Another factor that urged Eric to come up with his range of beard-care essentials was his personal experience. He worked as one of Merrill Lynch’s financial advisors, a place with a strict no-facial-care policy. Eric LOVED his beard and felt it unfair, as if not being true to himself and his preferences, just because of the generally negative perspective of facial hair. He thought of how many beard-loving men this policy may affect worldwide and launched Beardbrand to help remedy that.

Eric began his journey with the development of Urban Beardsman, an online magazine that gained a substantial following base after gaining the support of several Tumblr and YouTube accounts. He visited the West Coast Beard & Mustache Championship, after which Eric finally took the step to begin operations at Beardbrand to sell premium-quality beard products. Sales didn’t rise until the founder appeared as a beard expert in one of the New York Times articles on the rising fame of facial hair. This way, Eric promoted his brand and soon began garnering more audience. But a shortage of funds caused several operations issues, making the entrepreneur pitch his business for investment in front of the Sharks.

Eric appeared in Shark Tank’s sixth season, looking for $400,000 for 15% of his equity’s worth (at that time, valued at $2.6 million). He began his pitch by addressing his vision and aim of making a beard a sign of stylish and signature looks. Eric also showed the essentials for beard grooming, including beard oils, combs, wax, and trimming scissors.

Kevin inquired whether Beardbrand had earned sales till now or not, which it did. But he wanted more financial information because of being wary about the $2.6 million valuations, considering the business nature. Eric then outlined all financial milestones achieved yet, and the impressive figures impressed the Sharks.

Overall, Kevin still had issues believing that Beardbrand was worth $2.6 million regardless of the sales, and Mark wasn’t sure if the business could expand after a certain point. Scalability into a bigger market was the issue, and even though he loved the products, he wasn’t charmed by the numerical data. Ultimately, they were both out. Robert didn’t like beards and so did see the appeal in becoming Beardbrand’s investor. Therefore, he was out too.

Daymond was restrained due to the high valuation even though he liked Eric and thought the business had the potential of generating a couple of million worth of revenue soon. Lori didn’t think the brand would have a larger market. So, the remaining two sharks were out, and Eric had to leave the show without entering any deal with the sharks.

Thankfully, Beardbrand is still in business, having designed a user-friendly and high-end website. His online community keeps extending, having over one hundred thousand subscribers and views on YouTube. He’s an active Reddit user, offering advice to fellow businessmen to help them with lifestyle and brand building.

Our Review of Beardbrand

We ADORE Beardbrand. Access to facial care items like oils, beard washes, softeners, grooming kits, and styling balms is a dream come true for every beard enthusiast, after all! The products are made using high-quality ingredients to bring healthy glossiness to the facial hair, making them look neat, elegant, and exquisite. And the cherry on top: they’re pocket-friendly and wouldn’t cause dents in our bank accounts!

Pros Of Beardbrand

  • A comprehensive range of personal care products (even including deodorants and shampoos)
  • Affordable
  • Simple and hassle-free exchange and return policies
  • Pure ingredients to ensure nourishing results
  • Exclusive discounts on buying bundles
  • Custom Kits to buy products that suit your grooming routines

Cons Of Beardbrand

  • Some products are infused with fragrances that can be irritating for sensitive skins

Who is Beardbrand For?

Beardbrand is a match made in heaven for every individual who loves growing and flaunting their facial hair. This brand was established to help people style and groom their beards into immaculately soft and silky neatness. Additionally, Beardbrand is your go-to firm if you’re a fan of pocket-friendly personal care items that offer desired results and intense hair conditioning.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Proraso’s Beard Oil for Men is among the best alternatives. It works to smoothen brittle beards with rough ends, making beards manageable and protecting them against dehydration and easy breakage. The product is truly a miracle worker in accomplishing long and thick beards.

Our Final Thoughts

Beardbrand is an excellent business that targets everyone interested in growing out their facial hair and keeps it well-groomed and charming. Beardbrand is a one-stop platform for all the beard-care essentials you need. Be it styling waxes, beard washes, perfumes, conditioners, styling tools, or grooming kits. It’s even more intriguing that the formulas are infused with wholesome and nourishing ingredients and extracts to ensure sophisticated and smartly-kempt facial hair.