AVA The Elephant from Shark Tank

ava the elephant shark tank

Are you worried about your toddler fearing or getting intimidated while taking oral medicine? As a parent, we are sure you can relate to your experiencing difficulty while giving medicine to your baby.

Tiffany Krumins was motivated to find a solution to this problem. Hence, she came up with her unique product for kids called Emma The Elephant, which was later renamed and was given the name AVA The Elephant. Let us take a closer look at what this product is.

AVA The Elephant is an alternative to traditional medicine droppers that tend to scare kids and make them cry. It is shaped like an elephant, and the elephant’s trunk is used to dispense the medicine.

AVA The Elephant is talking and singing medicine dispenser meant to distract your child and put a smile on their faces while taking medicine. It helps make medicine taking time less stressful for both the child and the parents.

AVA The Elephant has sweet and encouraging music and comes with a two-teaspoon (10mL) medicine dispenser. It allows you to dispense the medicine with one hand. Moreover, this product is BPA-free and safe for children. The sound unit runs with batteries.

Tiffany worked as a nanny for a long time and came up with this idea as she was caring for a small child who refused to take medicine. As she attempted to give the baby boy his medication, he became very fussy and anxious, and it was a difficult experience for them both.

AVA The Elephant makes it easy to dispense medicine in a droplet concealed in the trunk of a cute elephant that talks and sings.

Due to a lack of expertise, capital, and patenting issues, Tiffany decided that she needed external help and thus made an appearance on Shark Tank, hoping to seek an investment of 50,000 dollars in exchange for a 15 percent ownership of her company.

Tiffany started her pitch by explaining how her idea was driven by her desire to reduce stress and anxiety for both parents and their kids during medicine time. She then handed out samples of the AVA The Elephant prototype to the Sharks and showed them how it worked.

Tiffany further emphasized how children are not always intimated by the bitterness of the medicine but by the process of taking it. AVA The Elephant encourages and congratulates the child in a sweet singing voice for taking medicine.

The Sharks, however, were concerned about the product idea not being substantial enough to be a lucrative business opportunity. Tiffany impressed Barbara, who loved the concept and was ready to invest. She offered to invest 50,000 dollars in exchange for a 55 percent ownership of the business, which would give her majority control.

Tiffany then made an effort to negotiate a deal that would allow her to retain control of her business. However, Barbara did not see it that way and remained firm on the initial offer. Tiffany took a moment to think and decided that she could benefit from the capital, expertise, and contacts that Barbara would bring to her business and hence accepted the offer.

Final deal: Tiffany accepted Barbara’s offer for an investment of 50,000 dollars in exchange for a 55 percent owner of the business.

Eventually, Barbara ended up investing 285,000 dollars in getting AVA The Elephant on the market as it was more expensive than they had initially anticipated. After its initial launch. AVA The Elephant’s dropper was rendered useless by a pharmaceutical, forcing Barbara and Tiffany to rethink its design.

Together as a team, they made the perfect product, which was a huge success. Tiffany also expanded into a wide range of other child care products.

AVA The Elephant is still in business and is available in the market. You can be found in thousands of retail stores across the US. You can also purchase this product at a discounted rate on Amazon. You can also preorder this product via Better Family.

Our Review of AVA The Elephant

Medicine time is often very stressful for the parents and children. With AVA The Elephant, you can make this time fun and easy for your child. We highly recommend using AVA The Elephant, a medicine dispenser shaped like an elephant. The best part about his product is that it is a singing and talking elephant that congratulates the child for taking medicine.

AVA The Elephant also allows you to administer the medicine dosage on the first try while making it a stress-free and pleasant experience for the child. The latest version of AVA The Elephant comes with a 10mL syringe, allowing you to administer dosages.

Pros of AVA The Elephant

  • Makes medicine time fun and exciting for your child.
  • Allows administering medicine dosages on the first try.
  • It comes with a 10mL medicine dropper.
  • The talking and singing elephant gives positive reinforcement to the kids for taking their medicine.
  • BPA-free and durable.
  • AVA The Elephant is well designed and easy to use.

Cons of AVA The Elephant

  • Slightly on the pricey side.
  • Some customers find it annoying having to wash the syringe after each use.
  • Required a frequent change of batteries.
  • Not all kids are amused by it, and some customers have stated that their children showed little or no interest in AVA The Elephant.

Who is AVA The Elephant for?

AVA The Elephant is meant for babies and children who feel anxious or cry while taking medicine.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We have not found any alternatives for AVA The Elephant, and it seems to be a one-of-a-kind product in the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Using AVA The Elephant, you can make medicine time easy for your child. This product is super cute and easy to use. Parents no longer have to struggle to give medicine to their kids on time with this unique product which is painless and easy to use.

Your kids will smile at the song and focus on it while you are dispensing the medicine. So try out this cute singing and talking elephant with a hidden medicine dropper in its truck.