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Alpha M Consulting is a men’s grooming service started by Aaron Marino. Marino also runs a popular YouTube channel where he guides men regarding fashion, fitness, and relationships. This consulting service was created by Marino when he started noticing that men need all kinds of help regarding grooming themselves.

If you look at his YouTube videos, you’ll know that Marino didn’t grow up rich and had to work hard to get where he is today. The primary purpose behind starting his professional grooming services was that he wanted men to know all sorts of tips and tricks he wished someone had told him when he was growing up.

Marino believes that men can quickly go from looking average to being their best selves, as long as there’s someone to guide them in the right direction. Alpha M Consulting services don’t just deal with men’s fashion, but Marino also helps men understand the importance of manscaping and how it can affect their romantic lives.

Aaron Marino will be there for you, whether it’s something as simple as picking out the right underwear. He believes he was born for this job, as that’s precisely what he said during his visit to Shark Tank. Marino developed a six-part DVD series where men would be taught how to style and present themselves in the best way possible.

Fashion can undoubtedly be tricky, especially if one isn’t aware of their style. Many men style themselves, thinking they’re pulling it off, but that may not be the case.

Luckily for men, Marino is the big brother they all needed in their lives. He helps men understand what suits them and what doesn’t. After all, self-awareness is key to knowing one’s true self.

Marino openly preaches about being comfortable while looking your best. He intends to help men learn how they can look like complete rockstars and, at the same, look effortless and comfortable. His grooming services have transformed many men, as Marino has helped them build confidence while allowing them to come into their own.

You don’t have to look ordinary just because you don’t have a few simple fashion hacks. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be a problem since Marino will teach you all of them. Fashion and grooming take effort; nobody’s born a sophisticated gentleman. You’ll always have to work hard on your appearance to prevent people from taking you lightly.

Marino entered Shark Tank, hoping to get more resources and exposure from the show. He asked for $50,000 for a 10% stake in his business. Marino entered the stage by telling the sharks about his business and further elaborated by demonstrating his business model. He continued his presentation while turning an average dresser into a stud.

However, Daymond thought the work would be too much to handle, resulting in him not investing. Kevin thought the business was fascinating but couldn’t find a leveraging opportunity. Mark claimed to like dressing averagely, immediately dropping out of the race of potential investors. Finally, Barbara and Robert thought the price was too high for a DVD product, not offering a deal.

This quickly ended Aaron Marino’s stay at Shark Tank, and he left the stage without booking any deal from none of the sharks.

Our Review of Alpha M Consulting

The idea behind this business undoubtedly seems interesting, as many men worldwide require a professional consultant who would guide them about fashion and grooming. Some men may not like to admit it, but they need a lot of help regarding style and grooming.

This consultation service started by Marino will surely help plenty of men understand how to pair a specific piece of clothing with another. Since fashion isn’t just about clothes, it’s also about understanding them and how they affect your overall personality. The DVDs contained videos on tips and tricks for men from Marino, helping them know what route they could take when styling themselves.

Apart from fashion, these consultation services also educate men about hygiene and grooming. This significantly includes manscaping and its importance. Manscaping is a big deal (or at least should be) in a man’s world. Marino, through his services, helps men understand how crucial it can be to manscape now and then.

Even though it’s entirely a personal choice (or preference), it’s still essential to manscape to ensure better health. Marino is also big on dating advice, so he insists men be more considerate about their grooming, as it significantly affects their dating lives. The more men look after themselves, the more attractive women will find them.

In our opinion, these consultation services are much required for many men. They help them understand several things about fashion, style, grooming, and well-being, eventually helping them much better versions of themselves.

However, the DVDs developed by Marino couldn’t do much for him, as he couldn’t get a deal from the sharks. Since then, Marino has achieved quite a bit; he created his eyewear line, opened up a salon in his hometown, developed a skincare line, and continues to advise men on all kinds of things on his YouTube channel.

Pros of Alpha M Consulting

  • It helps men understand themselves.
  • It transforms sloppy-Joes into hunkier studs.
  • Provides excellent tips regarding fashion and grooming.
  • It helps men build self-confidence and become better versions of themselves.

Cons of Alpha M Consulting

  • Some might say it focuses on superficial things.
  • Encourages that you need to change yourself to look good.

Who Is Alpha M Consulting for?

Alpha M Consulting is for all those men seeking help regarding fashion tips. If you want to change your look and overall appearance, these consultation services would’ve undoubtedly been for you.

Alternatives to Alpha M Consulting

Consultation services regarding men’s fashion and grooming have become official, as several services have emerged worldwide. The perfect competition to Alpha M Consulting is another consulting service, Pivot. You may check their website out if you wish to know more about what Pivot offers.

Our Final Thoughts

Alpha M Consulting was undoubtedly an excellent idea, as many men seek help to upgrade their style. However, the DVDs developed by Marino were a bit too expensive. Regardless, Marino has been doing pretty well, as he continues fulfilling his purpose through his social media handles and YouTube channel, which already has almost seven million subscribers.