All33 Chairs from Shark Tank

All33 Chairs shark tank

Most people are used to the typical chair design dating back to more than 3000 years ago. While labor work was prevalent during those years, chairs were a luxury. No matter the design, chairs weren’t necessarily furniture found in every household for comfort.

Fast forward to today’s era, and you’d find that chairs are a basic necessity nowadays as most people have moved into the digital realms and are tied to their chairs for typical working hours. Even after work, chairs are constantly required for sitting to perform various tasks. However, sitting for long hours without proper support for your back can cause backache issues prevalent today globally.

All33 chairs bring its customers ergonomically designed chairs to provide comfort and support to its users. The company uses a patented sit-in motion technology that allows users to move their pelvis in an up and down motion to cause movement while sitting. As a result of this movement, all 33 vertebrae engage in the activity, similar to the effects of walking.

Dr. Dennis Colonello, an expert chiropractor, and Jim Grove, a renowned designer, are the founders of All33. All33 was the next big thing in an industry that hadn’t seen many revolutions and was still in dire need of an update. To make All33 chairs blow up, the company sent Bing Howenstein, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and the company’s 5% owner, to Shark Tank.

Bing Howenstein appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $500K in exchange for 2.5 equity in his company. The high ask put his company at a valuation of $20 million, which Bing had to explain later. Bing wanted to revolutionize the industry and make All33 the next household name.

Bing started his pitch with what he was seeking. He then explained the difference between everyday chairs and All33 chairs while expertly breaking a wooden chair he had brought as an example. He also shared an endorsement video from famous singer and social media celebrity Justin Bieber who showed how well All33 chairs worked.

Sharks were quite impressed with the new technology. Kevin tried out the chair to see how it differed from other products in the market. Since Kevin had recently had an injury from playing squash, he was perfect for trying out the chair, which he found interestingly functional for his back muscles and relieving his backache.

Like other sharks, Kevin was skeptical of the $20 million valuation. However, Bing couldn’t expertly back his claims in that regard. That made the sharks question Bing’s credibility.

Mark was the first to announce he was out as he wasn’t interested in investing in a chair business. Lori was next to go out as she didn’t find Bing credible, especially this early on in the business. Daymond was already an investor in another renowned desk chair company which made All33 a conflict of interest; he was out.

Barbara somewhat insulted Bing by calling him a salesman, which Bing took to heart but politely replied while confirming his stance as a dedicated company member. However, Barbara wasn’t interested in investing in the business. Kevin applauded the product for its merit, but he wasn’t a fan of the valuation; he was out.

Bing didn’t receive any offers and left the show empty-handed.

Our Review of All33

All33 has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base or community in a short period. Since the company was already reputable before its Shark Tank appearance, not scoring a deal didn’t impact much on the sales. The company has $4 million in annual revenue.

The ergonomic design and endorsement from numerous celebrities have made All33 a favorite office product for the masses. The patented sit-in motion technology has gained much traction from everyday office workers constantly looking for better technology to support their backs during long hours of sitting. Since All33 has major industry players involved in the design and framework of the chairs, the results show that the demand for these chairs rose exponentially.

Pros of All33

In a short time, All33 has found a community of office workers and individuals who are tired of sitting for long hours and need a sustainable solution. The company’s ergonomic and patented design and mind-blowing customer service have gotten All33 a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • All33 chairs are designed to make sitting for long hours comfortable with their motion technology.
  • The motion technology allows customers to move their pelvis, which causes similar effects in the vertebrae that walking does.
  • The engagement of all 33 vertebrae improves the posture and keeps the back in shape.
  • The swivel underneath the chairs allows customers to rotate 360 for better movement.
  • The armrest can fold away to give customers a choice in the design of their ideal chair and make exercising in the chair easy.
  • The height adjustment feature allows customers to reduce the chair’s height or elevate it as per their convenience.
  • The vegan leather used for the design of All33 chairs makes it environmentally friendly.
  • All33 are also designed to relieve back pain, whether from an injury or long sitting hours.
  • All33 chairs improve blood flow in the back, allowing oxygen to reach back muscles efficiently.
  • All33 chairs engage core muscles and allow more flexibility while improving back shape.
  • The sit-in motion technology also works well for the improvement of the digestive process in individuals.
  • All33 chairs also contour the individual’s natural spine shape to allow comfort and support.
  • Customers can set up All33 chairs for use within 10 minutes.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of All33

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of All33:

  • All33 chairs have armrests designed lower than the average typing surface, making it harder to type.
  • Constantly reaching over to ensure efficient typing while sitting on All33 can cause an ache in the shoulders.

Who Is All33 For?

For all the individuals whose jobs require long hours of sitting, All33 is the perfect chair for them. The chair is designed to provide comfort and posture improvements. It offers movement so you can indulge all 33 vertebrae like you do when walking. Your pelvic movement turns sitting into a silent exercise which improves the blood flow in the area.

All33 chairs are also perfect for relieving pain, so if you have a bad back, All33 is all you need.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you’re looking for another chair design company that’d be perfect for office hours, you can shop at the popular chair design brand Herman Miller. With years of experience and a great reputation in the market, you aren’t getting not only an aesthetically pleasing chair but also a comfortable one for your bottoms and back. The chair’s flexible framework guesses when you’re tilting back to adjust itself accordingly.

All33 would remain a better choice in pelvic movement as it’s better at relieving pain, whereas Herman Miller chairs do not offer such features.

Our Final Thoughts

All33 has proven to be profitable. The company has shown promising growth, ensuring that the business will continue to make waves in the future. The company may not have been able to get a Shark Tank deal, but the business is progressing well on its own, and the deal made the profits skyrocket. The incredible service of All33 and an ergonomically designed product have kept the business in demand for individuals nationwide.

All33 will progress in the future, and we’d see more of the business transforming the art of sitting, a tedious task people indulge in daily.