What Companies Does Toro Own: A Comprehensive Breakdown for Your Understanding

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Curious about the corporate landscape of Toro? You’re not alone. The Toro Company, primarily recognized for its dominance in landscaping and irrigation products, has a diverse portfolio under its umbrella. It’s an industry titan that’s been shaping outdoor environments since 1914.

However, you might be surprised to learn how extensive this company’s reach truly is. With ownership over several subsidiaries, Toro has firmly planted its roots across various sectors of the outdoor product industry. Let’s delve into which companies are owned by this pioneering entity.

From lawn mowers to snow blowers, irrigation systems to professional turf maintenance equipment, there’s more than meets the eye when discussing what falls under Toro’s ownership. Understanding these connections can help you gain a fuller picture of this powerhouse corporation and how it impacts your own world.

A Brief Overview of Toro Company

Ever wondered about the powerhouse behind your favorite landscaping tools? Well, you’re in luck! That’s Toro Company, a leading worldwide provider of outdoor maintenance products and services.

Founded over a century ago in 1914, Toro has been making waves in the industry with its innovative solutions. From golf course equipment to irrigation technologies, they’ve got it all covered. They’re not just about selling products, though. At their core, they’re about creating environments that are easier to manage and more beautiful to behold.

Originally starting as The Toro Motor Company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota this company has grown into an international force. Their expansion didn’t come without smart strategic moves – one significant aspect being acquisitions.

Here’s a sneak peek at some companies under the Toro umbrella:

  • Exmark Manufacturing: Acquired in 1997, Exmark specializes in commercial mowers for landscape professionals.
  • Hayter Limited: A UK-based company known for its high-quality lawnmowers joined Toro’s team in 2005.
  • BOSS Professional Snow & Ice Management: BOSS enhances Toro’s presence in the snow and ice management segment since 2014.
  • Venture Products Inc: This acquisition from 2020 added Ventracs compact tractor product line to Toro’s portfolio.

Each acquisition brought unique strengths to the table enhancing Toro’s overall output quality and range of services offered.

Over time, these strategic acquisitions have helped position Toro as an industry leader offering diverse solutions for end-to-end outdoor maintenance across different segments – residential, commercial or professional markets.

In terms of numbers? Let’s take a look at some figures:

Year Revenue (in billion USD)
2019 $3.14
2020 $3.38

Impressive growth isn’t it? So next time when you spot a piece of impressive landscaping equipment around you chances are it could be one from the extensive arsenal that is the Toro Company!

Understanding Toro’s Acquisition Strategy

Let’s delve into Toro’s acquisition strategy. You’ll find it’s not just about buying companies, it’s a strategic move for growth and expansion.

Toro, the industry-leading landscape maintenance company you may know, has some impressive names under its umbrella. These include popular brands like BOSS Snowplow and Exmark Manufacturing. But how did they come to own these companies? It all boils down to their smart acquisition strategy.

Over the years, Toro has pursued an aggressive yet calculated approach towards acquiring other businesses in related fields. This strategy allows them to diversify their product portfolio while also strengthening their position in the market.

It works like this: Toro identifies potential targets that are leaders in their niche markets or offer unique technology or products that complement Toro’s existing offerings. They then negotiate purchases that make sense financially and strategically.

Here are a few examples of Toro-owned companies:

  • BOSS Snowplow: Acquired by Toro in 2014.
  • Exmark Manufacturing: Came under Toro ownership back in 1997.
  • Ventrac: A recent addition to the Toro family as of 2020.
Company Year Acquired
BOSS Snowplow 2014
Exmark 1997
Ventrac 2020

This strategic maneuvering is crucial for ensuring continuous growth by tapping into new customer segments and expanding product ranges.

However, keep in mind acquisitions aren’t without risk. There can be challenges with integrating different organizational cultures or managing financial aspects post-acquisition. That said, judging from its successful acquisitions so far, it appears that Toro has mastered these complexities rather well!

So there you have it! An inside look at how one company grows through calculated acquisitions—adding value to itself while broadening its reach across various sectors within the landscaping industry.

Acquisition Case Study: BOSS Snowplow by Toro

Let’s delve into a prominent example of Toro’s strategic acquisitions, BOSS Snowplow. This case study provides an insight into how Toro, a leading company in outdoor maintenance and landscaping equipment, expanded its product range and market presence.

In 2014, Toro acquired BOSS Snowplow, a recognized leader in the snow and ice management segment. BOSS was known for its high-quality, state-of-the-art snowplows, salt spreaders and other accessories designed to tackle harsh winter conditions. The acquisition cost Toro approximately $227 million – a significant investment demonstrating the company’s commitment to expand its offerings in all weather-related landscape maintenance markets.

The following table shows key details of the acquisition:

Year Company Acquired Cost (USD)
2014 BOSS Snowplow $227 Million

This acquisition proved advantageous for both companies. For Toro, it meant gaining access to new products that complemented their existing portfolio perfectly. Additionally, it allowed them to tap into a seasoned team with extensive knowledge about snow and ice management – invaluable during product development phases.

On the other hand, being part of Toro provided BOSS with vast resources to enhance product innovation while maintaining its strong brand identity. It also opened up opportunities for expansion into new markets where Toro already had established networks.

  • Key benefits included:
    • Diversified product portfolio
    • Expanded market presence
    • Access to experienced personnel
    • Enhanced resources for innovation

Therefore, this acquisition was not just about adding another brand name under Toro’s umbrella; it was about integrating complementary products and leveraging shared expertise for mutual growth.

So there you have it! A peek into one of the many strategic moves by Toro as they continue their journey towards building an all-encompassing portfolio serving various outdoor maintenance needs across different climates worldwide.

Exploring Exmark Manufacturing – Another Toro Ownership

Let’s dive into the world of Exmark Manufacturing, another company that falls under Toro’s umbrella. You might not be familiar with Exmark, but it’s a major player in the turf care industry.

Founded in 1982, this Beatrice, Nebraska-based powerhouse specializes in manufacturing professional turf care equipment. They’re known for their innovative mowers and turf management tools used by landscape professionals across the globe.

It was back in 1997 when Toro saw potential in this growing brand and decided to acquire it. The acquisition expanded Toro’s reach into markets previously untapped, cementing its position as a one-stop solution provider for all things lawn care.

Here are some quick facts about Exmark:

  • Headquarters: Beatrice, Nebraska
  • Year Founded: 1982
  • Acquired by Toro: 1997

Since its acquisition by Toro, Exmark has continued to thrive and innovate within the green industry. Its product line includes walk-behind mowers, zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers and much more – each designed with cutting-edge technology that helps landscapers deliver pristine results efficiently.

Product Line Description
Walk-Behind Mowers Easy-to-use machines perfect for small yards
Zero-Turn Mowers High-speed mowers ideal for larger landscapes
Stand-On Mowers A blend of maneuverability and performance

The combination of Exmark’s unwavering commitment to quality products and service with Toro’s resources has proven to be quite successful over the years. So next time you see that perfectly manicured lawn or sports field, remember there’s a good chance an Exmark mower — part of your trusted Toro family — played a role!

Ventrac’s Influence in Expanding the Toro’s Portfolio

You may wonder, who played a significant role in expanding Toro’s portfolio? The answer is Ventrac. Acquired by The Toro Company in 2020, Ventrac has been instrumental in bolstering Toro’s standing within the turf maintenance market.

Why did Toro acquire Ventrac? It’s simple. Ventrac’s line of articulated utility vehicles and attachments brought with it an impressive range of capabilities. These aren’t just any utility vehicles; they’re designed to operate over diverse terrains and withstand varying weather conditions. An acquisition like this one was a strategic move for Toro – strengthening its product offering and enhancing its appeal to customers across various sectors.

As you can imagine, this kind of diversification wasn’t without its challenges. Integrating Ventrac into the broader framework of the company required careful planning and execution. Yet, despite these hurdles, the merger has proven beneficial for both entities.

Consider this:

Benefits Description
Extended Reach Ventrac’s niche products expanded Toro’s reach to markets previously untouched such as agriculture, landscape contractors, golf courses etc
Increased Sales Potential The addition of a respected brand like Ventrac boosted sales potential considerably
Broadened Product Range Now under one roof, customers have access to an even wider array of high-quality turf maintenance equipment

So how does all this fit into your understanding of what companies does toro own?

  • Firstly, remember that Toro is not just about mowers anymore thanks to acquisitions like Ventrac.
  • Secondly, note that while Toro owns several companies – each brings something unique to the table.
  • And lastly but importantly,acquisitions are key growth strategies for corporations such as The Toro Company.

In essence, with each new addition like Ventrac comes an opportunity for expansion and growth – making them vital components in understanding the composition and direction of The Toro Company’s portfolio.

Toro and Irritrol: A Partnership Flourishing in Irrigation Sector

When you’re exploring the world of irrigation, it’s impossible not to stumble upon two major names: Toro and Irritrol. These two companies, both owned by Toro Co., have been thriving together in this industry for many years.

So what makes their partnership so successful? It’s a combination of shared values, complementary product lines, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Together, they offer a wide range of residential and commercial sprinkler systems, controllers, valves, sensors, and other irrigation equipment.

Let’s delve a little deeper into each company:

  • Toro: Founded over 100 years ago, Toro is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for outdoor environments including turf maintenance, snow management, landscape rental equipment and more.
  • Irritrol: Known for its reliable products that stand the test of time. This brand has built its reputation on trustworthiness since it was established in 1967.

The partnership between these two powerhouses means you can enjoy top-tier technology that gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Both companies are dedicated to conserving water through advanced design techniques that minimize waste while maximizing performance.

In fact,Toro’s Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles, which reduce water usage by up to 30%, are just one example of how this partnership is driving sustainable practices in the sector.

So when you choose products from Toro or Irritrol brands, you’re choosing quality backed by decades of experience. You’re investing not only in your landscape but also in a sustainable future – all thanks to this flourishing partnership under the umbrella ownership of Toro Co.

The Role of Pope and Perrot Within Toro’s Structure

Understanding the Toro Company’s structure isn’t complete without considering the roles of its subsidiary companies, Pope and Perrot. These two entities contribute significantly to Toro’s overall operations and market share. Let’s delve deeper into how these two powerhouses function within the Toro framework.

Pope, an Australian-based company owned by Toro, is a force to be reckoned with in the domestic irrigation industry. You’ll find it hard not to appreciate their innovative products designed for efficient water management, which are key contributors to Toro’s portfolio. They specialize in garden watering products, micro irrigation systems, and professional equipment for agricultural use.

As for Perrot, they’re a Germany-based firm that specializes in producing high-quality irrigation systems used primarily in agriculture and sports fields. Their range includes pop-up sprinklers as well as large-scale irrigators tailored for commercial use on golf courses or football pitches. When you think about Perrot’s contributions to Toro, consider their expertise in water conservation technology – it adds substantial value to the parent company.

Linking these subsidiaries back to Toro’s overall structure:

  • Pope thrives under the wing of Toro due its innovation-driven approach towards residential irrigation solutions.
  • Perrot, on the other hand, enhances Toro’s standing in professional turf maintenance sphere with its specialty products.

Toro Subsidiaries Table:

Subsidiary Country Specialization
Pope Australia Residential Irrigation Systems
Perrot Germany Professional Turf Maintenance

In essence, both Pope and Perrott serve essential roles within The Toro Company’s structure while also enjoying substantial autonomy over their respective product development processes. This synergy helps make Toro a global leader across various markets – from residential lawn care to commercial landscaping applications.

How Hayter Ltd Bolsters Toro’s Presence in the UK Market

Toro’s acquisition of Hayter Ltd has been a strategic move that significantly bolsters its presence in the UK market. Here’s how:

Hayter Ltd, known for its high-quality lawnmowers and garden products, holds a strong position in the UK market. Its reputation for producing durable, reliable equipment aligns well with Toro’s own brand values.

The merger provides Toro with wider access to Hayter’s extensive network of dealers and customers. This gives them an increased reach across the UK, allowing Toro to penetrate deeper into this lucrative market.

Moreover, by adding Hayter’s product range to their portfolio, Toro can cater to a broader spectrum of customer needs. This includes everything from small electric mowers for domestic use to large ride-on mowers for commercial applications.

Here are some key statistics highlighting the impact of this acquisition:

Metric Pre-acquisition Post-acquisition
Toro’s market share in the UK (percentage) 10% 15%
Number of Toro dealers in the UK 200 300


  • With Hayter now under its wing, Toro has greater control over pricing strategies, helping it stay competitive.
  • The combined R&D capabilities mean improved product innovation, leading to more advanced and efficient gardening tools.
  • It offers better after-sales services due to combined resources and expertise.

So there you have it. Through acquiring Hayter Ltd., Toro doesn’t just gain a stronghold on another reputable brand but also gets a significant boost in expanding its footprint within the UK market.

Impact of Unique Lighting Systems on Toro’s Success

Toro’s success isn’t just credited to their well-known lawn equipment; another significant player in the game is Unique Lighting Systems. This lighting company, owned by Toro, has been an integral part of Toro’s portfolio since its acquisition. It’s brought a different facet to Toro’s business model and contributed significantly to its growth.

Unique Lighting Systems specializes in outdoor lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. They’ve been able to leverage this expertise, enabling Toro to expand beyond traditional lawn care into landscape aesthetics. You might be wondering how much impact can a lighting system company really have? Well, let’s break it down.

In today’s market, homeowners are increasingly looking at landscaping as an extension of their living space. A beautifully lit garden or a perfectly illuminated pathway not only adds aesthetic value but also increases property security and safety. By acquiring Unique Lighting Systems, Toro tapped into this growing demand seamlessly.

Here’re some impacts that Unique Lighting Systems had on Toro:

  • Expanded product offerings: With Unique Lighting Systems under its wing, Toro was able to provide customers with a more comprehensive range of products.
  • Increased market reach: The acquisition enabled Toro to tap into new customer segments which were previously out of reach.
  • Enhanced brand image: Offering high-quality outdoor lighting solutions improved the overall perception of the brand among consumers.

Let’s bring numbers into play here:

Before Acquisition After Acquisition
Product Range Limited (Primarily Lawn Equipment) Diversified (Lawn Equipment + Outdoor Lighting Solutions)
Market Reach Primarily Residential Customers Both Residential & Commercial Customers

So there you have it! Owning Unique Lighting Systems has undeniably played a substantial role in bolstering Toro’s success over the years by diversifying its offerings and expanding its customer base. It proves that sometimes stepping outside your traditional scope can lead you towards brighter horizons!

In a Nutshell: The Diversity of Companies Owned By Toro

You might know Toro as a leading provider of innovative solutions for outdoor environments, but you’re about to understand the true breadth and diversity of their portfolio. Let’s walk through the companies owned by this global powerhouse.

First off, there’s BOSS Snowplow. Acquired in 2014, BOSS designs and manufactures snow removal equipment that operates with precision. They offer an extensive line-up including truck-mounted snowplows, salt and sand spreaders, and box plows built for heavy-duty operations.

Next up is TYCROP Manufacturing Ltd., which became part of Toro’s family in 2019. TYCROP specializes in designing innovative mobile equipment solutions for on-course aeration needs.

Last but not least is Venture Products Inc., better known as Ventrac. Joining the Toro fold in 2020, Ventrac is renowned for high-quality compact tractors catering to golf courses, municipalities, schools, and landscape contractors.

Let’s summarize them:

Company Acquisition Year Specialization
BOSS Snowplow 2014 Snow removal equipment
TYCROP Manufacturing Ltd. 2019 On-course aeration solutions
Venture Products Inc. (Ventrac) 2020 Compact tractors
  • BOSS Snowplow: Truck-mounted snowplows and other snow removal gear
  • TYCROP Manufacturing Ltd.: Mobile equipment designed for on-course aeration
  • Venture Products Inc.(Ventrac): High-quality compact tractors

Toro has diversified its holdings over time through these strategic acquisitions. Each one brings unique expertise to the table while maintaining Toro’s commitment to delivering top-notch outdoor environment solutions to customers around the globe.