What Companies Does Tony Hawk Own: A Look Into the Skate Legend’s Business Ventures

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Tony Hawk, affectionately known as “Birdman,” is not only a legendary figure in skateboarding but also a successful entrepreneur. With his groundbreaking skills, Hawk has taken the act of skateboarding and turned it into a highly profitable enterprise. A critical aspect of his business acumen is reflected in the ownership of various companies, which extend well beyond the skateboarding scene. His keen understanding of branding and marketing has translated into a wide array of business ventures, inclusive of a well-known skateboard company, a video game series, and a number of other investments.

Beyond shredding in skateparks, Hawk has been skillful in turning his passion for skateboarding into a sustainable business model. He founded Birdhouse Skateboards, which has become one of the leading brands in the industry. His influence in skateboarding culture is monumental, and through his business efforts, he has played a significant role in popularizing the sport globally. Tony Hawk’s reach as a professional skateboarder, celebrity, and entrepreneur exemplifies the potential for sports figures to leverage their fame for successful business enterprises.

Key Takeaways

  • Tony Hawk is recognized for both his skateboarding prowess and business enterprises.
  • His company, Birdhouse Skateboards, is a prominent brand in the skateboarding industry.
  • Hawk’s entrepreneurial efforts have significantly influenced skateboarding’s global popularity.

Early Life and Skateboarding Beginnings

Tony Hawk was born on May 12, 1968, in San Diego, California to Frank Peter Rupert Hawk and Nancy Elizabeth Hawk. His journey into skateboarding began at a young age, leading him to become one of the most recognizable figures in the sport.

Rise to Fame

The path to stardom for Tony Hawk started early; he attended Jean Farb Middle School and Torrey Pines High School, where his exceptional skill and passion for skateboarding became evident. By the age of 14, Tony Hawk had turned professional, and his older brother, Steve Hawk, who was an influential editor in the skateboarding industry, also supported his early career.

Influence on Skateboarding

Hawk’s influence on skateboarding cannot be overstated. From his San Diego roots, he revolutionized the sport with his innovative tricks and intense competitive spirit. His groundbreaking completion of the “900” trick in 1999 cemented his legacy as a pioneer in modern vertical skateboarding. Throughout his career, Tony Hawk has inspired countless individuals to take up skateboarding, greatly expanding its popularity and acceptance as a mainstream sport.

Tony Hawk Foundation and Philanthropy


Tony Hawk’s dedication to philanthropy is exemplified through his nonprofit organization, initially known as the Tony Hawk Foundation, which focuses on fostering skateboarding by creating public skateparks in underserved communities.

The Skatepark Project

The Skatepark Project, previously the Tony Hawk Foundation, has been pivotal in advocating for and funding public skateparks. This organization aims to provide youth with a safe and dedicated space to pursue skateboarding, which aligns with Hawk’s own experiences in finding a positive community and challenge within the sport. With over $10 million awarded to 637 communities across all 50 states, the impact has been substantial.

Community Impact

The efforts of The Skatepark Project reach far beyond the creation of skateboarding venues. These public skateparks serve as invaluable communal spaces that promote physical activity, creativity, and social interaction. Grant assistance and guidance provided by the organization has enabled many low-income areas to overcome financial hurdles and realize their dream of having a local skatepark. Through these endeavors, Tony Hawk’s philanthropy fosters both individual growth and community development.

Birdhouse Skateboards and Business Ventures

Tony Hawk, a celebrated name in the world of skateboarding, transformed his athletic prowess into a thriving business empire. Through his company Birdhouse Skateboards and a variety of business ventures, Hawk has made an indelible mark on the skateboarding industry and beyond.

Skateboard Company Growth

Birdhouse Skateboards began as a venture between Hawk and fellow skateboarder Per Welinder in 1992. Originally named Birdhouse Projects, it has evolved into one of the premier brands in the skateboarding world. Offering a wide selection of skateboard decks and wheels, Birdhouse has extended its product line to incorporate apparel and accessories. Hawk’s legendary status garnered the company significant credibility and boosted its growth.

Diversification of Interests

Beyond the skatepark, Hawk has exhibited a keen eye for diverse investments. He backed the growth of high-end Nest home products, showcasing his foresight in tech trends. Always one to grind into new territories, he invested in the upscale Blue Bottle Coffee chain, tapping into the burgeoning specialty coffee market. Hawk’s business acumen goes beyond physical products; he has steered his entrepreneurial instincts into the digital realm by engaging with various tech companies, further diversifying his vast portfolio.

Professional Skateboarding Highlights

Tony Hawk is renowned for his significant contributions to professional skateboarding, not just for his aerial feats but also for his impact on skateboarding’s acceptance as a mainstream sport. The legend has won numerous titles and performed historic tricks that reshaped the world of skateboarding.

900 Achievement

In 1999, during the X Games, Tony Hawk made history by landing the first-ever 900, a trick involving two-and-a-half mid-air revolutions (900 degrees of rotation) on a skateboard. This achievement at the X Games was groundbreaking and cemented his legacy as a pioneer in vert skateboarding.

X Games Triumphs

Tony Hawk’s association with the X Games, an annual extreme sports event hosted by ESPN, is legendary. He has claimed numerous medals at the X Games, showcasing his dominance in vert skateboarding. Hawk was pivotal in propelling skateboarding into the spotlight and in the process, earned the title of World Champion multiple times through events orchestrated by organizations like the National Skateboard Association. His performances in various skateboarding competitions have inspired countless individuals to take up the sport.

Entertainment and Media Engagements

Tony Hawk has expanded his reach from the half-pipe to screens big and small, including founding his own production company and creating content that reaches millions.

Television and Films

Tony Hawk’s influence in entertainment has been significant, with appearances in various television series and films. He’s not only been featured in skateboarding-focused media but has also made memorable appearances in a broad range of genres. Notably, he played a small role in Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, and his skating skills were highlighted in the cult classic Gleaming the Cube. Moreover, his animated cameo in the iconic series, The Simpsons, introduced him to an even wider audience, showcasing his versatile appeal beyond the skateboarding community.

900 Films and Ride Channel

In 1999, Hawk founded 900 Films, a production company named after his groundbreaking 900-degree aerial spin, which allows him to create skateboarding films and other projects. This endeavor demonstrates his dedication to promoting skateboarding culture through various forms of media. Additionally, Tony Hawk’s collaboration with Complex Media led to the creation of the Ride Channel, a platform on YouTube dedicated to skateboarding videos and culture, attracting an audience of enthusiasts and aspiring skateboarders alike. His work with these entities underscores his dual commitment to excellence in both his sport and media production.

Tony Hawk Video Game Series

Tony Hawk’s video game series, launched with the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in 1999, grew to become a defining part of the action sports video games genre. This series combines immersive skateboarding experiences with the influential persona of Tony Hawk.

Partnership with Activision

Tony Hawk partnered with Activision, a major video game publisher, to develop and distribute the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. This collaboration has produced one of the most successful video game franchises, with releases spanning over two decades.

Cultural Influence

The franchise has had a tremendous cultural influence, shaping how skateboarding is perceived in mainstream culture. These video games have introduced the sport to a wider audience and have kept pace with its evolving style through various installments and remastered editions.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Tony Hawk is not just a skateboarding legend, he’s also known for his lucrative brand endorsements and sponsorships which have bolstered his financial success and business empire.

Major Partnerships

One of Tony Hawk’s major partnerships include an official brand ambassador role with Vans. He is not merely the face of the brand but also active in producing professional vert skateboarding competitions, raising the profile of both the brand and the sport. Another prominent partnership was with Quiksilver, a brand synonymous with the surf and skate lifestyle, through which Hawk has promoted apparel and accessories.

  • Vans: Official Brand Ambassadorship and event production
  • Quiksilver: Apparel and accessory promotion

Leveraging Fame

Capitalizing on his fame, Tony Hawk has also endorsed a variety of products outside the skateboarding industry. Notably, he appeared in campaigns for Bagel Bites and conducted promotions with McDonald’s, extending his reach into the food industry. Additionally, his image has been used to sell numerous products, earning him substantial royalties over the years. Most recently, Hawk partnered with the water brand Liquid Death to further expand his diverse portfolio of sponsorships.

  • Bagel Bites: Skateboard-themed marketing campaigns
  • McDonald’s: Promotional collaborations
  • Royalties: Earnings from licensed products and video games
  • Liquid Death: Brand partnership

Legacy and Influence in Skateboarding

Tony Hawk, often referred to as the “Birdman,” has left an indelible mark on the world of skateboarding, not just through his groundbreaking tricks but also by inspiring countless athletes and fostering the sport’s growth. His contributions have established him as a stalwart figure within the skateboarding community.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame

In recognition of his monumental impact and achievements in skateboarding, Tony Hawk was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. This honor is a testament to his pioneering spirit and the iconic moves that he popularized in the sport, particularly in vert skateboarding. Hawk’s legacy is cemented by his inclusion in this prestigious group, which celebrates the most influential figures in skateboarding history.

Impact on Future Generations

Tony Hawk’s influence extends far beyond his competitive days. Through his association with the Bones Brigade, an iconic team known for their skill and influence in the skateboarding world, Hawk inspired future generations to pick up a board and pursue the sport. The breakthrough skills he introduced and the style he embodied continue to resonate with young skateboarders, many of whom revere Hawk as a pivotal figure who shaped the trajectory of modern skateboarding.

Personal Life of Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, also known as “The Birdman,” is not only a legendary skateboarder but also a dedicated family man and astute businessman. His personal life is a tapestry of close familial relationships and ventures beyond the skatepark.

Family and Relationships

Tony Hawk has been married to Catherine Goodman, marking his fourth marriage. Together, they navigate life’s complexities as a blended family. Hawk is a father of four children, including Riley Hawk, who has followed in his father’s professional skateboarding footsteps.

  • Wife: Catherine Goodman
  • Children: Riley Hawk, Kadence Clover Hawk, and two others

Riley Hawk stands out not only as Tony’s son but also as a successful skateboarder in his own right, carving a name for himself in the sport’s world. The youngest of Hawk’s children is his daughter Kadence Clover Hawk, whom he adores deeply.

Life Beyond Skateboarding

Beyond executing 900s on the halfpipe, Hawk has transformed his passion for skateboarding into a diverse portfolio consisting of his personal brand and investments. He owns the skateboard company Birdhouse and has developed a highly successful line of video games, expanding his influence beyond the skateboard industry.

  • Personal Brand: Advocacy, video games, and Birdhouse
  • Investor: Various philanthropic activities and business ventures

Hawk utilizes his brand for advocacy, supporting causes that foster the growth of skateboarding and aid underprivileged communities through The Skatepark Project. As an investor, Hawk demonstrates his business acumen across different sectors, backing innovative ideas that resonate with his brand values and personal interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers the most common questions about Tony Hawk’s business pursuits, covering his diverse array of companies and his impact outside the skateboarding world.

What are some of the business ventures owned by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk has expanded his entrepreneurial wings beyond the skatepark. He owns Birdhouse, a prominent skateboard company, along with a production company known as 900 Films, which is involved in creating action sports content. Additionally, he has ventured into the tech industry with investments.

Can you list companies that are associated with Tony Hawk’s brand?

Apart from Birdhouse, Tony Hawk’s brand is tied to the successful video game series Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He has also been involved with various tech companies like DocuSign through his investments.

Which skateboard company does Tony Hawk currently have ownership in?

Tony Hawk is the owner of Birdhouse Skateboards, a company recognized for its quality skateboards and gear, which caters to both novice and professional skateboarders.

Has Tony Hawk established any charitable organizations or foundations?

Yes, Tony Hawk is the founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation, an organization focused on funding public skateparks in low-income areas to promote active, healthy lifestyles among youth.

What partnerships or endorsements does Tony Hawk have with major brands?

He has a longstanding relationship with major brands for endorsements, notably including partnerships with Hawk Shoes and appearances in the popular Activision video game series.

In addition to skateboarding, what other industries has Tony Hawk ventured into through business?

Beyond the skateboarding industry, Tony Hawk has made investments in various industries, including a coffee chain, and has extended his influence into technology and content production through his involvement in companies like DocuSign and his own 900 Films.