What Companies Does Todd Boehly Own: A Guide to His Business Empire

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Todd Boehly is a prominent figure in the business world, known for his vast portfolio of companies and investments that span across various industries. He made significant strides while at Guggenheim Partners before co-founding Eldridge, a holding company with a diverse set of assets. Boehly’s reach extends into sports, where he is recognized for his ownership stakes in esteemed franchises, including the Chelsea Football Club and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Aside from sports, Boehly’s interests are well-diversified, including investments in digital technology, entertainment, media, and real estate. His striking growth in the finance sector can also be seen through his involvement in companies offering financial services, insurance, and healthcare solutions. Boehly’s influence is not just limited to the business sphere; he also actively participates in philanthropic endeavors and community work, leading initiatives that resonate with his broader commitment to innovation and societal advancement.

Key Takeaways

  • Todd Boehly holds ownership in sports teams and has a stake in Chelsea Football Club.
  • His business ventures are diverse, encompassing technology, media, and entertainment.
  • Boehly’s impact extends beyond business with his commitment to philanthropy and innovation.

Todd Boehly: The Individual

Todd Boehly is an American billionaire with a knack for entrepreneurship and investments. His career trajectory reflects a self-made success story primarily shaped through his strategic insight and diversified business interests.

Education & Origins: He possesses a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, a credential that laid the groundwork for his prosperous ventures. Hailing initially from the East Coast, specifically Darien, Connecticut, Boehly’s ambition drove him to influential financial centers in New York and ultimately to California, where he furthered his business operations.

Business Acumen:

  • Real Time Net Worth: As of late November 2023, Forbes lists Boehly’s net worth at $6.1 billion.
  • Notable Entities: He co-founded Eldridge Industries, a holding company with a diverse portfolio, including media, finance, and sports.
  • Forbes 400: Boehly’s success has secured him a spot among the prestigious Forbes 400, a testament to his substantial impact on the business world.

Geographic Influence: While based in California, Boehly’s influence spans across the nation to his roots in New York, underpinning his status as a bi-coastal business power player.

His contributions go beyond just financial success; Boehly is also known for his philanthropic efforts supporting a range of causes from education to health research. This multifaceted individual continues to shape industries and serve as an example of the heights one can reach with a solid foundation and a willingness to take strategic risks.

Business Ventures Overview

Todd Boehly’s portfolio encompasses an array of industries from finance to sports. Eldridge Industries, a holding company he co-founded, is a central part of his business interests. Eldridge operates across various sectors including technology, insurance, real estate, and media.

Before Eldridge, Boehly’s business acumen was evident at Guggenheim Partners. His leadership there, particularly in expanding the credit business, laid the groundwork for his later ventures.

Sector Companies/Interests
Finance Guggenheim Partners, Eldridge Industries
Media The Hollywood Reporter
Sports Los Angeles Lakers, Chelsea Football Club
Real Estate Cain International
Insurance Security Benefit
Technology Investments in technology firms

His work at Guggenheim not only showcased his skill in finance and investments but also set the stage for acquiring and nurturing assets which would become part of Eldridge Industries. Under his guidance, significant investments have been made in technology and real estate sectors, exemplified by stakes in companies like Cain International and various technology startups.

The scope of his influence in the sports world is significant, with ownership stakes in esteemed teams such as Los Angeles Lakers and the Chelsea Football Club. His venture into insurance is marked by his acquisition of Security Benefit, positioning Eldridge as a notable player in the industry.

Sports Franchises Ownership

Todd Boehly is a prominent figure in the sports industry, with ownership stakes in several high-profile sports franchises. These include prestigious teams in football, baseball, basketball, and women’s basketball, highlighting his diverse interest and investment in the world of sports.

Chelsea Football Club

In May 2022, Boehly led a consortium that acquired Chelsea Football Club from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. This acquisition, influenced by geopolitical circumstances, was significant as Chelsea is a leading club in the Premier League and has a storied history in the Champions League.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Boehly holds an ownership stake in the Los Angeles Dodgers, a storied franchise within Major League Baseball (MLB). The Dodgers have a rich history of success, including multiple World Series titles, and have become a marquee team within the league under the group’s ownership.

Los Angeles Lakers

In addition to his baseball interests, Boehly is part of the ownership group for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most successful and well-known teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Lakers’ legacy includes numerous championships and a reputation for attracting high-profile athletes.

Los Angeles Sparks

Todd Boehly’s investment in sports extends to women’s basketball, where he has an ownership stake in the Los Angeles Sparks. The Sparks play in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and have made significant contributions to advancing the presence of professional women’s sports in the United States.

Investing in Entertainment

Todd Boehly is a significant figure in the entertainment industry, with a portfolio encompassing a range of media companies. His investments span various facets of the industry, including print, film, television, and live events.

Media Holdings

Boehly’s influence in media is substantial, with stakes in several high-profile entertainment publications. He is connected to Penske Media Corporation, which owns and operates renowned names like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Billboard. These publications are pillars in entertainment journalism, covering film, television, music, and more. Todd Boehly has also played a part in managing the financial interests of Rolling Stone and Vibe, cultural touchstones for music and pop culture enthusiasts.

Film and Television

Boehly’s ventures in film and television are marked by a mix of high-stakes investment and strategic partnership. In television, his involvement with Dick Clark Productions hints at his interest in live event programming. This company is behind several iconic award shows and broadcasts. Similarly, Boehly’s connection with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization responsible for the Golden Globes, further demonstrates his pull in the television industry. On the film side, A24, an independent entertainment company known for its library of critically acclaimed movies, is another facet of his entertainment portfolio, as is Fulwell 73, a production company with a reputation for creating popular content across various platforms.

Media and Communications

Todd Boehly’s involvement in the media and communications sector is significant, particularly through his ownership of iconic entertainment industry publications. Eldridge Industries, co-founded by Boehly, plays a pivotal role in this domain. The holdings in his portfolio include several influential media entities that have been at the forefront of entertainment journalism and industry reporting for decades.

One notable entity under Boehly’s ownership is The Hollywood Reporter. This publication has been a staple in entertainment news, offering in-depth coverage of film, television, and music. It’s renowned for its exclusive interviews, industry analysis, and comprehensive reports on trends shaping the entertainment world.

Another eminent brand in his portfolio is Variety. Known for its diverse multimedia content, Variety covers all facets of the show business, from breaking film reviews to international media news. It’s a trusted source for entertainment executives and professionals.

Billboard magazine, with its rich history dating back to 1894, is also part of Boehly’s media collection. Famed for its music charts, including the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, Billboard stands as an authority in music industry metrics and success indicators. This publication continues to be an essential resource for artists, record labels, and music fans alike.

He has strategically positioned these publications to adapt to digital trends, ensuring they remain influential voices in an evolving media landscape. Together, these entities play a critical role in reporting and shaping public discourse within the media and communications industry.

Real Estate and Property Investments


Todd Boehly is significantly involved in the real estate sector, primarily through holdings that represent a diverse range of properties and investment opportunities. His foray into real estate includes involvement with prestigious firms such as Kennedy Wilson, a prominent global real estate investment company. Kennedy Wilson focuses on multifamily and office properties and has a pronounced presence in the Western U.S., and the U.K.

Kennedy Wilson Investments:

  • Multifamily units: Acquisition and management of residential properties.
  • Office spaces: Investing in commercial buildings catering to various business needs.

The company’s strategic approach often involves targeting properties in California, a region known for its lucrative real estate market. This includes both residential and commercial investments, allowing for a balanced and robust real estate portfolio.

Another aspect of Boehly’s engagement in the real estate sector is the managing and growing portfolio of diverse properties, including those aimed at both living and working spaces. His investments are characterized by a focus on sustainability, strategic development, and value creation across the real estate spectrum.

By maintaining a foothold in such a dynamic part of the economy, Todd Boehly has positioned himself as a key player in real estate, exploring a variety of assets designed to maximize growth potential while also contributing to the development of vital infrastructures.

Philanthropy and Community Work

Todd Boehly’s commitment to philanthropy and community work is evident through his active support and establishment of initiatives aimed at enhancing education and improving health outcomes. His efforts primarily focus on the development of financial knowledge and resources, as well as backing significant research in medical fields.

Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance

The Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance was founded with significant contributions from Todd Boehly at the College of William & Mary’s Mason School of Business. This institution serves as a hub for finance education, engaging students with hands-on experiences in financial markets and fostering connections between professionals and students. The Center also aims to elevate the academic rigor and industry relevance for those pursuing careers in finance.

Todd Boehly’s philanthropic approach extends to prestigious institutions like the London School of Economics, where his support bolsters financial education.

Beyond finance, Boehly contributes to health and well-being through his involvement with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, both of which undertake groundbreaking research to combat life-threatening diseases. His support facilitates advancements in medical treatments, impacting the global community positively.

Education is a cornerstone of Boehly’s philanthropic efforts. In the realm of secondary education, institutions like the Brunswick School have benefited from his generosity, enhancing the educational landscape for future leaders. Through giving, Boehly demonstrates a sustained commitment to shaping an informed and healthy society.

Financial Services and Insurance

Todd Boehly’s endeavors in the financial services sector are substantial, with a focus on both credit and insurance operations. By strategically positioning his companies within these markets, he seeks to influence various aspects of the financial landscape, from managing significant assets to offering diverse insurance products.

Credit and Insurance Operations

At the heart of Boehly’s portfolio in financial services is Guggenheim Partners, a global investment and advisory firm with over $325 billion in assets under management. Offering a blend of advisory, investment management, and insurance services, the firm is key to Boehly’s impact in finance.

Other pivotal assets include Security Benefit, a leader in the U.S. retirement market. Under Boehly’s ownership, Security Benefit focuses on providing comprehensive life insurance policies and innovative retirement products that cater to a wide range of financial needs, ensuring clients can confidently navigate the complexities of planning for the future.

In terms of loan services, Boehly has made significant inroads as well. The acquisition and management of such operations enhance his presence in credit markets, granting businesses and individuals access to necessary capital.

By skillfully leveraging these entities, Boehly continues to shape the financial services and insurance industries to offer advanced, client-centric solutions.

Healthcare and Biotech Involvements

Todd Boehly’s investments span various sectors, including significant strides in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. His involvement reflects a commitment to innovative medical solutions and advancements.

Novocure stands out as one of the companies in Boehly’s investment portfolio. Novocure is a global oncology company that has pioneered the unique therapy of Tumor Treating Fields, which uses electric fields to disrupt cancer cell division.

In addition to Novocure, Boehly has stakes in Molecular Partners, a biotech firm working on creating proprietary therapeutic proteins known as DARPin® molecules, which have the potential for application in addressing a multitude of diseases.

Here’s a brief overview of Boehly’s noted biotech involvements:

  • Synthes: Though not directly mentioned in the search results, if Boehly owns a stake in Synthes, it would indicate an interest in the medical device sector given the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of orthopedic surgical tools and implants.
  • Medical Device Manufacturer: The category implies an investment in companies that produce medical technology, reinforcing his positioning in the healthcare innovation space.
Company Focus Area
Novocure Tumor Treating Fields technology
Molecular Partners Therapeutic proteins development

Boehly’s healthcare portfolio demonstrates not just a keen business sense but also a recognition of the importance of cutting-edge technology in advancing human health.

Technology and Innovation Investments

Todd Boehly’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his investment in various technology and innovative companies. He shows a keen interest in pushing the digital boundaries by financially backing enterprises that are at the forefront of technological advancement.

Start-Ups and Tech Firms

Todd Boehly is actively involved with several start-ups and tech firms, bringing forth new technologies and platforms into the marketplace. He has put his investment prowess into companies that range from financial services to gaming and AI.

  • DraftKings: An industry leader in daily fantasy sports, DraftKings stands out in Boehly’s tech portfolio as a notable player at the intersection of sports and technology.
  • Truebill: With a focus on personal financial health, Truebill provides a service to help users manage their subscriptions and bills.
  • Seek: Not explicitly stated in the search results, but if Seek refers to a tech firm, it is likely within Boehly’s scope of innovation-focused investments.
  • Cloud9: As an esports organization, Cloud9 ventures into the digital sporting realm with Boehly’s backing.
  • Blueco: While not detailed in the search results, Blueco may represent an investment in technology if it’s related to Boehly’s portfolio.
  • CAIS: An alternative investment platform, CAIS benefits from Boehly’s strategic vision for technological integration in financial advising.
  • PayActiv: An example of Boehly’s commitment to fintech, PayActiv offers an earned wage access platform to improve financial wellness for employees.

Each of these entities showcases Boehly’s strategic eye for promising ventures in the tech sector, with his investments fostering innovation and driving the industry forward.

Challenges and Controversies

When exploring the business ventures of Todd Boehly, it is imperative to acknowledge that his journey has not been devoid of challenging moments and debates that accompany high-stakes ownership deals.

Ownership Transitions and Disputes

Todd Boehly’s acquisition of Chelsea FC marked a significant transition in the ownership of the club. The club was previously under the ownership of Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch. The UK government’s sanctions against Abramovich amidst geopolitical tensions forced a change in ownership. The transition was a complex process given the high profile nature of Chelsea FC and the involvement of foreign investments during a period of intense scrutiny of Russian assets in the West.

Furthermore, the consortium led by Boehly, which included Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and others, faced its own share of challenges. They navigated through competitive bidding and had to satisfy both the UK government’s regulations and the expectations of Chelsea fans and stakeholders. Despite these hurdles, they successfully secured the club, aiming to usher in a new era.

Complications arose after the acquisition when Thomas Tuchel, then manager of Chelsea FC, was dismissed. This move by the new ownership led to discussions in sports and business circles regarding the strategic direction Boehly intended for Chelsea FC, as managing transitions in leadership can often be contentious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Todd Boehly is a prolific investor with a diverse portfolio. This section addresses the common inquiries about the scope and nature of his business interests, providing a glimpse into his professional undertakings and personal life.

What sports teams are included in Todd Boehly’s portfolio?

Todd Boehly owns a significant stake in the Los Angeles Dodgers. His sports-related investments reflect a keen interest in expanding his impact within the industry.

How did Todd Boehly accumulate his wealth?

He made his fortune through strategic investments in the finance sector and is known to be a self-made billionaire. His career spans various leadership and entrepreneurial roles that have contributed to his substantial wealth.

Can you list some major companies or industries that fall under Eldridge Industries?

Eldridge Industries, co-founded by Todd Boehly, has significant investments in over 70 businesses, including media companies like The Hollywood Reporter, music industry staples such as Billboard, and insurance, technology, and entertainment ventures.

Is it true that Todd Boehly has a stake in the LA Lakers, and if so, what is his role?

Yes, Todd Boehly has a stake in the LA Lakers. He holds ownership shares and plays an influential role, illustrating his active participation in major sports franchises.

What other significant investments does Todd Boehly have outside of sports teams?

Beyond sports teams, Todd Boehly has invested in various digital technology industry leaders and emerging companies focused on consumer and financial services.

Could you provide information on Todd Boehly’s family background, such as his spouse and children?

He is married and has three children. Todd Boehly’s family resides in Darien, Connecticut, where they maintain a personal life away from the public eye.