Beardaments from Shark Tank

Beardaments shark tank

Beardaments are tiny unisex Christmas ornaments for beards. Inventor and founder Jason McOmber is a bearded man himself. He got the idea for the product at an ugly sweater party, where he started to decorate his beard after a few drinks.

Others started to add ornaments to Jason’s beard and enjoyed the cheerful look of the beard. Jason then decided he wanted to create ornaments for beards to help men decorate their beards and help spread the holiday cheer.

Not long after, he started designing and selling Christmas ornaments for beards. To his surprise, he sold his first lot within a few weeks. He saw how beard decorations were taking off and the high demand for his product in the market.

He launched Beardaments, a beard ornament company that uniquely spreads holiday cheer. Beardaments primarily sold his Christmas beard ornaments and later expanded to include beard oil, glitter, and many other beard decorations and accessories.

He also introduced a light-up beard ornament with LED lights inside, which started selling like hotcakes. You may recognize Beardaments from ABS’s Shark Tank, where Jason pitched his brand to the Shark Tank investors in season 11.

Jason was seeking $150,000 for 10 percent of his company to expand Beardaments with more products for various holidays and celebrations. The Sharks found Jason’s unique product highly entertaining and were surprised by his sales numbers and rapid growth.

Jason told them that he did over $400,000 in sales last year and that Beardaments has grown by around 50 percent yearly. He told them he was currently running the business from his garage, and his projected sales were around $700,000 for the current year.

The Sharks were thoroughly impressed by how Jason grew a simple and quirky idea into a rapidly growing business. Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban touted Jason’s business. Shark Barbara Corcoran advised him not to create new markets for his product because, in her experience, one-hit-product businesses never succeed in new markets.

Ultimately, all the Sharks backed out for various reasons except Kevin O’Leary. Initially, he was hesitant but later offered Jason $150,000 for 25 percent equity in Beardaments. Jason accepted the offer and walked out of the Shark Tank with a smile on his face.

Our Review of Beardaments

We decided to review Beardaments and ordered the Original Beardaments Beard Ornaments and Light Up Beard Ornaments from the Beardaments website. These products are available online on Amazon, but you may find more savings and authentic products from the official website.

Inside the Original Beardaments Beard Ornaments box, you’ll find a 12-piece beard bauble set with a mix of holiday-themed shiny beard ornaments ranging from red, green, gold, and silver. Each ornament is about an inch long and has a small clip at the top.

We found the clip to be firm and safe for use with all types of hair. You can easily clip these ornaments to almost any length, density, or type of hair. Not only are they great for Christmas, but they can be used to spread cheer and beard glory on other holidays and occasions.

The unisex nature of the product means that women can also wear them in their hair and decorate their open hair, ponytails, bangs, or other hairdos. On the other hand, the Beardaments Light Up Beard Ornaments box contains a set of 16 beard ornaments.

There are three red, three green, two gold, and two silver holiday-themed ornaments from the Original, plus three green light ornaments and three red light ornaments. They are all similar in size and feature the same small clip at the top for convenience, but the light ornaments also include a tiny on/off switch to toggle the lights.

They come with built-in batteries, so there is no need for wires, but they aren’t rechargeable. We tested the battery life and found that these light-up Beardaments can stay lit up for up to 2 full days.

All in all, the quality of these Beardaments products is fairly decent, and the clips are easy to use. They work well with any hair, can be used in many ways, and offer a unique way to express your beard and hair while bringing holiday cheer to everyone around you.

Pros of Beardaments

  • Unique beard accessories and decoration items
  • Holiday-themed ornaments with bright and vibrant colors
  • Fun to look at and a unique way to spread holiday cheer
  • Great products for gifting
  • Easy to clip on any type, length, or density of hair
  • Unisex products with versatile applications
  • Excellent conversation starters
  • Accentuate beards and hairstyles
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Built-in battery for wireless Light Up Beard Ornaments
  • LED lights have a toggle switch and can stay lit for up to 2 full days

Cons of Beardaments

  • Not the highest quality materials, but good for the price
  • Light Up Beard Ornaments are not rechargeable

Who Is Beardaments For?

Beardaments is an excellent novelty product for men with beards, especially around the holidays. It is also great for women who want to add some holiday cheer or uniqueness to their hairstyles. These decorative ornaments also make for unique gifts, especially on holidays like Christmas.

Beardaments are also fun for parties, where guests can enjoy the novelty of the ornaments and get a kick out of decorating each other’s beards and hair. It is an excellent product for anyone who wants to spread holiday cheer, men who want to bring attention to their beards and mustaches, and women who want to bring attention to their hairstyles.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no real alternatives to Beardaments. However, the rapid growth and success of Beardaments have resulted in some knock-offs. However, these low-quality fakes do not come close to the authentic product.

We recommend you only purchase original products from the official website or authorized online sellers like Amazon to avoid low-quality fakes and knock-offs.

Our Final Thoughts

Beardaments offer unique beard ornaments that are surprisingly fun and cheerful. They provide men and women an inexpensive way to easily “light up” any holiday, party, or occasion. Even the Original Beard Ornaments are great to spread cheer and bring a smile to the faces of anyone who sees you wearing them.

We highly recommend that everyone get Beardaments for any upcoming holidays, especially bearded men open to decorating their beards to spread joy.