What Companies Does Shaq Own: JCPenney and the Big Man’s Business Ventures

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Shaquille O’Neal, commonly known as Shaq, is not only a retired professional basketball player, but also a notable businessman. His entrepreneurial ventures extend across various industries, including fashion, food and beverage, and technology. One of his more surprising business moves was becoming the second largest individual investor in Authentic Brands Group, a company that owns several prominent retail brands, among them JCPenney. Shaq’s involvement with this brand has sparked interest in his extensive portfolio of investments and his role in the business world.

In addition to his stake in Authentic Brands Group, O’Neal has put his mark on multiple franchises and real estate ventures, showing a diversified approach to entrepreneurship. His successful transition from sports to business illustrates his ability to leverage his fame and sports acumen into a lucrative career beyond the basketball court. His investments reflect a wider strategy encompassing endorsements, partnerships, and personal branding, which continues to evolve and expand Shaq’s presence in various sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • Shaquille O’Neal’s business interests extend beyond the court, including ownership in Authentic Brands Group.
  • His business portfolio showcases a variety of ventures, such as franchise ownership and real estate investments.
  • O’Neal’s strategic approach to entrepreneurship involves endorsements, partnerships, and leveraging his personal brand.

Shaq’s Business Ventures


Shaquille O’Neal, renowned for his impressive NBA career, is also a giant in the business world with a myriad of investments. He has expanded his portfolio to include a range of franchises and establishments that reflect his entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Five Guys Burgers: O’Neal has owned stakes in 155 Five Guys Burgers restaurants, bringing the famous burger chain closer to fans nationwide.
  • Car Washes: Not limiting himself to food, Shaq has also sunk his hands into the cleaning business with multiple car washes.
  • 24-Hour Fitness Centers: Fitness, a natural extension of his athletic background, finds Shaq with ownership in several 24-hour fitness centers.
  • Shopping Center: He understands the value of real estate and has invested in a shopping center to diversify his portfolio.

When it comes to dining establishments, O’Neal doesn’t shy away from popular franchises. He has secured his place in the food industry with these ventures:

  • Papa John’s: O’Neal serves on the board of directors for Papa John’s and holds ownership in nine stores.
  • Big Chicken: He gets personal with his very own restaurant, Big Chicken, which showcases his love for the flavorful fowl.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts: Sweets are on the menu as well, with Shaq owning a historic Krispy Kreme store in Atlanta.

His involvement with JCPenney is another stride in his sizeable investment footwear. Each business reflects a strategic choice, demonstrating his acumen and directly connecting Shaq with consumers in multiple ways. With his name and business mindset, Shaquille O’Neal continues to score big in the corporate world.

Sports and Entertainment Involvements

Beyond his stellar playing career, Shaquille O’Neal is recognized both within the NBA and the wider world of entertainment. He is not just a cherished former basketball player for teams such as the Sacramento Kings; his personality has transcended the sport, making him a popular figure in various media avenues.

Post-basketball, O’Neal has been an analyst on Inside the NBA, providing insights with a blend of humor and expertise. His charm and wit have contributed to the show’s success, endearing him to fans who appreciate his transition from the court to the commentator’s table.

In the realm of entertainment, Shaq has made his mark on the silver screen and various reality TV shows. He has acted in films, participated in wrestling, and even headlined his own reality TV show, bringing his larger-than-life persona into households across the globe.

Importantly, O’Neal’s enthusiasm for entertainment is matched by his entrepreneurial ventures. He’s involved with a movie theatre chain, giving fans a space to enjoy films in an environment inspired by his vision of entertainment.

Engagement Role/Involvement
NBA (Sacramento Kings and others) Former player, part-owner
Inside the NBA Analyst, commentator
Movie Theatres Business venture
Reality TV Shows Star, guest appearances

While O’Neal may have earned his rings on the basketball court, he continues to garner accolades for his off-court contributions to sports entertainment. His sustained presence in the public eye demonstrates Shaq’s versatility as an entertainer and businessman.

Endorsements and Partnerships

Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, is not just a retired basketball legend; he’s also a prominent businessman with a wide array of endorsements and partnerships. Known for his friendly and relatable demeanor, Shaq’s business ventures reach various industries from sports apparel to technology.

  • Sportswear Support

    • Reebok: O’Neal has had a long-term relationship with the brand, contributing to its visibility.
  • Beverage Industry

    • Pepsi: He has been involved in campaigns that promoted their products.
    • Vitaminwater: Again, O’Neal has lent his persona, helping the beverage company to tap into sports enthusiasts.
  • Insurance and Security

    • The General: His endorsements include humorous ads for car insurance.
    • Ring: Home security is another field where Shaq’s influence is evident.
  • Tech and Fitness

    • Google & Apple: Shaq has also been part of promotions embracing the latest in tech innovations.
    • Fitness: He champions a healthy lifestyle, often endorsing fitness-related products and services.

Shaq’s open, friendly approach has resonated well with the public, making his endorsements effective. His partnerships not only show his business acumen but also help brands reach diverse audiences through his broad appeal.

Shaq’s Role in Authentic Brands Group


Shaquille O’Neal, a renowned basketball legend, has a significant stake in the success of various retail brands through his position as the second-largest individual shareholder in Authentic Brands Group (ABG).

JCPenney Acquisition

O’Neal’s investment in ABG has led to his indirect involvement in the acquisition of JCPenney. ABG, coupled with the help of mall owners Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners, purchased JCPenney, contributing to the company’s revitalization strategy.

Brand and Retailer Acquisitions

Under the leadership of CEO Jamie Salter, ABG has been responsible for acquiring numerous brands and retailers. These include prominent names like Forever 21, Barneys New York, and others. O’Neal’s investment not only includes apparel retailers but extends to the legacy of icons like Marilyn Monroe, gaining from ABG’s strategic moves to manage and bolster the brands they encompass.

Investments in Food and Beverage

Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend, has made notable strides in the food and beverage industry, highlighting his diverse investment portfolio. He expands his empire by owning a variety of popular franchises that cater to a wide range of tastes.

  • Five Guys Burgers: Shaq has added this famous burger joint to his list of investments. Renowned for their handcrafted burgers and fries, Five Guys provides a staple American comfort food option.

  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Delicious hand-rolled pretzels make Auntie Anne’s an irresistible spot for many. Shaq owns a slice of this comforting, pretzel-loving joy, further sweetening his investment pot.

  • Krispy Kreme Franchise: Satisfying sweet tooths everywhere, Shaq has included the iconic doughnut company in his array of chosen food ventures.

  • Papa John’s: Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, and Shaq has recognized this universal love by investing in Papa John’s. He doesn’t just endorse; he is an active franchisee, bringing his business acumen to the pizza table.

  • Big Chicken: His love for chicken made its way into his portfolio with Big Chicken, a restaurant that serves up a variety of chicken dishes aligned with O’Neal’s larger-than-life personality.

These investments showcase his ability to diversify and contribute to the food and beverage industry, bringing delight to consumers and solid returns to his business endeavors.

Franchise and Real Estate Ownership


Shaquille O’Neal has diversified his portfolio significantly since retiring from professional basketball. His foray into business and franchise ownership spans several industries, which includes notable investments in both franchises and real estate properties.


  • Food and Beverage: He owns a number of Krispy Kreme Donuts franchises, satisfying the sweet tooth of consumers nationwide.
  • Fitness: Shaq has recognized the importance of health and fitness, investing in 24-Hour Fitness locations.
  • Personal Care: His array of investments also extends to Car Washes, combining convenience with quality service.

Real Estate

  • Shopping Center: Venturing into the retail sector, he holds ownership in a shopping center, branching into a variety of retail experiences.
  • Properties: He has invested in a portfolio of Real Estate properties. This not only diversifies his assets but also contributes to the communities by providing commercial and residential spaces.

Through these ventures, Shaquille O’Neal continues to demonstrate his acumen in selecting a range of businesses to cultivate steady revenue streams and support future growth.

Tech and Innovation Interests

Shaquille O’Neal has a well-diversified investment portfolio that indicates his strong inclination towards technology and innovation sectors.

Google: He made an early investment in Google pre-IPO which has paid off significantly, showcasing his foresight in the tech industry.

Lyft: He jumped into the ridesharing business by investing in Lyft, further diversifying his assets into innovative transportation solutions.

NRG Esports: Displaying his interest in the gaming industry, Shaq owns a stake in NRG Esports, aligning with the rapidly growing sector of competitive gaming.

Authentic Brands Group (ABG): While he does not own JCPenney, Shaq’s holdings include a substantial number of shares in ABG, which is a brand development, marketing, and entertainment company with a strong focus on customer engagement through technology.

This keenness towards innovation is not just limited to his investment choices, but also reflects in his active involvement with these companies, often helping to push them towards new frontiers. From pioneering investments to ongoing support for cutting-edge industries, Shaq demonstrates a savvy understanding of the potential within the tech and innovation landscape.

Fashion and Retail Involvement


Shaquille O’Neal has made a significant mark in the fashion and retail industry through his investment endeavors. The former NBA star is known to have interests in various companies through his stakes in Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a brand management company. O’Neal is not just a prominent figure in sports, but also a savvy investor in retail giants.

ABG owns a myriad of entertainment and lifestyle brands, and O’Neal, as their second-largest individual shareholder, is associated with those acquisitions. This includes popular fashion retailers like Forever 21 and department store chain JCPenney, each known for their wide range of apparel and accessories catering to diverse consumer demographics.

  • Forever 21: A trendsetting fashion retailer offering the latest designs at affordable prices.
  • JCPenney: A long-standing department store providing a variety of goods including clothing and home products.

Besides modern retail involvement, O’Neal through his ties with ABG, is connected to the legacy of cultural icons such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. These names carry substantial value and historical significance, creating a bridge between classic appeal and contemporary marketability.

By aligning with ABG’s diverse portfolio, Shaquille O’Neal demonstrates a keen eye for investment in retail and fashion. His role helps in steering these brands towards a future of growth and continued relevance in the fast-paced retail space.

Entertainment Ventures

In the realm of entertainment, Shaquille O’Neal, often known as “Shaq,” has made significant inroads with a variety of ventures. His interests span from Las Vegas nightclubs to movie theaters, showcasing his deep involvement in the entertainment industry.

Cityplex12 Movie Theatre is a notable addition to Shaq’s portfolio. This Newark-based venue offers the community a modern space to enjoy the latest films. Its ownership reflects Shaq’s commitment to entertainment and community involvement.

Shaq’s ventures in Las Vegas have led him to delve into the nightlife scene. He’s been linked to exciting nightclub projects in the city that never sleeps, catering to those seeking a premium entertainment experience under the glitzy lights of Vegas.

Moreover, the former NBA star’s influence reaches into the homes of many through his reality show, “Shaq Life,” which provides a closer look at his day-to-day activities beyond basketball.

  • Entertainment Endeavors by Shaquille O’Neal:
    • Las Vegas Nightclubs: Involvement in club projects.
    • Cityplex12: Ownership of modern movie theater in Newark.
    • Shaq Life: Reality series featuring the star’s dynamic lifestyle.

He leverages his fame to create memorable, vibrant spaces and content that entertain and bring people together, a testament to his diverse interests and ability to entertain.

Philanthropy and Community Work

Shaquille O’Neal, renowned for his towering presence on the basketball court, has also established himself as a significant philanthropist following his retirement. Shaq’s philanthropic efforts center on improving the lives of children and strengthening the community at large.

His dedication to young people is evident through the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation. This foundation supports underserved youth, not only in his hometown but across the country. The initiatives include:

  • Youth Mentorship Programs: Matching young individuals with mentors to guide and encourage them.
  • Educational Grants: Providing financial assistance to help children access better educational opportunities.

In his philanthropic journey, Shaquille O’Neal emphasizes direct involvement with communities. He partakes in:

  • Back to School Events: Equipping kids with necessary supplies for their academic year.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Sponsoring events to spread cheer among children during festive seasons.

O’Neal’s compassion is not limited to structured programs. He’s known for his spontaneous acts of kindness, such as funding funerals for families affected by unexpected tragedies and serving as an advocate for children’s healthcare initiatives.

He continues to serve as an inspiration, showing how athletes can leverage their influence for community betterment. His endeavors reinforce the message that success is not just measured by personal achievements but also by the impact one has on the lives of others.

Media Presence

Shaquille O’Neal is not only known for his impressive NBA Career, but he has also carved out a significant presence in the media. As an analyst, Shaq contributes his knowledgeable insights on the show “Inside the NBA,” where his charisma and expertise allow him to dissect the game for the audience.

Additionally, O’Neal has expanded his media influence through his own reality TV show, which showcases his life off the court and his business pursuits, including his investment in various companies. His personality shines through in every episode, making him a favorite among viewers.

His shoe line, “Shaq Attaq,” hasn’t just stayed on the shelves as a product but has also been a part of his media narrative, intertwining with his brand and feeding into his public image.

Awards won throughout his NBA career have added to his credibility, making his transition to a media personality a natural progression. Here’s a snapshot of Shaq’s media involvement:

  • Television: Host and analyst on “Inside the NBA”.
  • Endorsements: The face of “Shaq Attaq” sneakers.
  • Reality TV: Star of his own reality shows.
  • Business Investment Analysis: Featured in media for his significant stake in companies like JCPenney.

Through these various outlets, Shaquille O’Neal maintains a friendly and engaging media presence that complements his business ventures and keeps him connected with fans and consumers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about the business ventures and ownership stakes of the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.

What businesses does Shaquille O’Neal have ownership stakes in?

Shaquille O’Neal is a business-savvy individual with a diverse portfolio. He has been reported to have ownership in various companies ranging from food franchises to technology startups.

How many Papa John’s franchises does Shaquille O’Neal own?

He owns a significant number of Papa John’s franchises, with investments expanding his presence in the food industry.

Is Shaquille O’Neal an owner of Forever 21?

Shaquille O’Neal holds an ownership in the clothing brand Forever 21 through his second-largest investment in Authentic Brands Group.

Does Shaquille O’Neal have a stake in any of Authentic Brands Group’s properties?

Indeed, Shaquille O’Neal is the second-largest investor in Authentic Brands Group, which entails a stake in various properties including Reebok and other well-known brands.

Has Shaquille O’Neal invested in any historical estates or trademarks such as Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley?

His investment in Authentic Brands Group also means he has a stake in the intellectual property rights associated with iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Does Shaquille O’Neal have any ownership in major clothing retailers like JCPenney?

Shaquille O’Neal has indeed expanded his investment portfolio to the retail sector, including holding an ownership stake in JCPenney.