What Companies Does Ferrero Own? A Quick Guide to the Confectionery Giant’s Brands

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The Ferrero Group, known for producing the beloved chocolate spread Nutella, has expanded far beyond its original creation to own a variety of companies and brands that have become household names. Founded in 1946 in Alba, Italy, Ferrero is a company that has grown from a small pastry shop into a global confectionery powerhouse. Its impressive growth can be attributed in large part to strategic acquisitions and a diverse product portfolio that caters to taste buds around the world.

Over the decades, Ferrero has significantly widened its reach by incorporating a range of subsidiaries and acquired brands. This expansion reflects the company’s commitment not only to growth but also to innovation, quality assurance, and sustainability. As the third-largest chocolate confectionery in the world, Ferrero operates with a strong sense of responsibility, evident in its social initiatives, responsible sourcing, and marketing practices that emphasize thoughtful enjoyment of its products.

Key Takeaways

  • Ferrero owns an array of popular confectionery brands and has a rich history that dates back to post-war Italy.
  • The company has a substantial global presence with a commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.
  • Ferrero’s growth includes strategic acquisitions, ensuring a diverse and high-quality product range.

History of Ferrero


Ferrero’s rich history began in Alba, Italy, and through a blend of innovation and tradition, the company grew into a household name worldwide. The story of Ferrero is one of family, commitment, and a passion for confectionery perfection instilled by its founders.

The Founding of Ferrero

It all started in the small town of Alba, Italy, when Pietro Ferrero, a confectioner and a small bakery owner, founded Ferrero in 1946. Pietro’s vision was brought to life with the creation of a new confectionary product, which later became famous as Nutella. His son, Michele Ferrero, continued his father’s legacy, transforming a local business into a respected global empire. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to Michele’s innovative spirit and dedication to quality.

Expansion and Milestones

Ferrero’s first major expansion took place in 1956 when it crossed the Italian border and established a large plant in Germany. This move signified the company’s transition into an international player in the confectionary sector. Under the leadership of Michele Ferrero and his brothers, who joined the company in the 1950s, Ferrero launched many products that would become beloved worldwide, such as Kinder and Ferrero Rocher.

Giovanni Ferrero, the grandson of Pietro, has continued the family-oriented vision for the company, ensuring Ferrero adapts to changing markets while staying true to the values and quality that set Ferrero apart. This dedication to tradition and innovation has forged Ferrero’s enduring legacy.

Ferrero’s Global Presence

The Ferrero Group, renowned for its high-quality confectionery products, has established a solid global footprint. With a journey from a small town in Italy to a presence in over 50 countries, Ferrero’s operations highlight a successful expansion and integration into various cultures and markets.

Operations Worldwide

Ferrero’s operations span across multiple continents, making its products accessible in more than 170 countries. This impressive network is supported by 31 manufacturing plants and a dedicated workforce that reflects the company’s commitment to growth and sustainability. The chocolate confectionery company has managed to win over hearts globally, maintaining a balance of tradition and innovation.

Ferrero in Alba, Italy

Alba, Italy, is not just the birthplace of Ferrero; it remains the heart of its identity and operations. Starting as a modest pastry shop, Ferrero has grown to become synonymous with Italian craftsmanship in confectionery. The headquarters in Alba continue to be a center for culinary excellence and innovation.

Ferrero in Germany

The German market holds a special place in Ferrero’s European operations. As one of the company’s key locations, Ferrero in Germany represents a strong sector that upholds both tradition and Ferrero’s high-quality standards. The brands under Ferrero in this region are tailored to the tastes and preferences of the local people, ensuring Ferrero’s place in family traditions throughout Germany.

Ferrero’s global presence demonstrates not just an entrepreneurial success story, but also the company’s ability to connect with people around the world through their beloved brands and products.

Ferrero’s Product Portfolio

Ferrero’s expansive product portfolio is a testament to its success in the confectionery market. With a range of beloved chocolate and confectionery brands, they have established a significant presence worldwide.

Iconic Chocolate Brands

Ferrero is renowned for its signature chocolate creations that have been a mainstay in the industry for years. The luxurious, gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates are synonymous with the company, offering a unique blend of creamy chocolate, a whole hazelnut, and delicate wafer. Another household name includes Nutella, the Italian sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread that has transformed breakfast tables around the globe.

The company’s chocolate portfolio is further enriched by Kinder, a diverse product line that ranges from the playful Kinder Joy eggs to the indulgent Kinder Chocolate bars. The Kinder brand is also notable for promoting shared family moments.

Diverse Range of Confectionery

Besides their chocolate products, Ferrero boasts a variety of confectionery items. Tic Tac is one of these; the small, hard mints are instantly recognizable and available in a multitude of flavors. They offer a refreshing taste experience in a tiny package.

Beyond individual brands, the Ferrero Group’s portfolio embodies a broad spectrum of products that cater to different tastes and occasions, reflecting their agility in the confectionery space. These products range across numerous forms, from biscuits and snacks to seasonal treats. Each brand under the Ferrero umbrella maintains its unique identity and continues to be a part of consumers’ lives, cultivating loyalty and tradition in over 170 countries.

Subsidiaries and Acquired Brands

Ferrero is a global confectionery group known for its diverse portfolio of subsidiaries and brands. From cookies to candy, their acquisitions have broadened their presence in the sweet packaged food market.

Keebler and Famous Amos

Ferrero, through its Ferrero-related companies, has expanded its cookie segment by owning Keebler, famous for its wide variety of cookies and snacking options. The acquisition also included Famous Amos, a brand well-loved for its distinctive bite-sized chocolate chip cookies.

Ferrara Candy Company

The Ferrara Candy Company became part of Ferrero’s extended family, enhancing their product range with a variety of candy delights. Ferrara is known for creating popular candies such as Butterfinger and Baby Ruth, which are mainstays in Ferrero’s chocolate confectionery offerings.

Kellogg’s Cookies and Ice Cream Business

In a strategic acquisition, Ferrero took over the cookies and ice cream portfolio from Kellogg’s. This move enriched Ferrero’s dessert and snacking selections with baked goods and frozen treats that people have enjoyed for generations.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Ferrero demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and responsibility through various initiatives that touch upon environmental protection, ethical sourcing practices, and community support. These efforts are not only focused on the present but are aimed at creating long-lasting positive effects.

Environmental Commitments

Ferrero takes climate action seriously, incorporating sustainability to help protect the planet. They are focused on minimizing environmental impacts, with measures that include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and prioritizing eco-friendly packaging solutions. Ferrero’s dedication to these initiatives can be observed in their annual sustainability reports, which detail progress and goals in their environmental commitments.

  • Key Actions:
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Implementation of sustainable packaging practices

Sustainable Sourcing

They recognize the importance of sustainable sourcing, particularly regarding key ingredients like palm oil. Ferrero is committed to utilizing 100% RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil, ensuring their practices do not harm the environment or local communities. Ferrero’s sustainable sourcing efforts include the use of other high-quality ingredients that are produced with respect for the environment.

  • Ingredients focus:
    • Palm oil
    • Cocoa
    • Hazelnuts

Community Engagement

Ferrero values local communities, reflecting these values through their social responsibility endeavors. Their initiatives foster support for local communities and strive to contribute positively to society. This includes promoting responsible consumption, ensuring product quality, and engaging in activities that lead to societal development.

  • Key Pillars:
    • Support for local communities
    • Promotion of active lifestyles and responsible consumption

Innovation and Quality Assurance

Ferrero’s commitment to innovation and quality assurance is integral to their success. They actively ensure that their chocolate and confectionery products meet high standards of excellence, utilizing premium ingredients like top-tier cocoa and hazelnuts.

Maintaining Product Excellence

Quality: Ferrero emphasizes quality control at every stage of production. They employ rigorous safety procedures to make certain that their confectionery items are safe and of the highest quality. Their portfolio of products, which includes notable brands like Kinder and Ferrero Rocher, relies on a consistent supply of fine ingredients, such as quality cocoa and prized hazelnuts, to maintain their standard of product excellence.

Research and Development

Innovation: The company dedicates considerable resources to research and development with the aim of improving product quality and developing new products. Their R&D efforts span across new flavor profiles, production methodologies, and ingredient sourcing to ensure that innovation is coupled with consumer safety and satisfaction. With a focus on the selection of premium ingredients, Ferrero continues to develop confections that set industry benchmarks for taste and quality.

The Ferrero Foundation and Social Initiatives

The Ferrero Foundation fundamentally embodies the company’s dedication to social responsibility, focusing on the well-being of its community and retired employees. Through its programming, the Foundation empowers individuals and upholds a legacy of care and commitment.

Promoting Social Responsibility

The Ferrero Foundation is known for its deep commitment to social responsibility, emphasizing the importance of human rights and diversity. Its mission includes not only elevating retired workers but also fostering an environment of equity and inclusion. Through various benevolent activities, the Ferrero Foundation exemplifies the company’s passion for caring for people, particularly those who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the company.

Educational and Cultural Programs

Educational enrichment and cultural engagement are central to the Foundation’s purpose. Initiated to empower people, it provides an array of programs such as the Nursery School, Mini Club, Summer Camps, and School Support. Scholarships are also offered, assuring opportunities for continuous learning and growth. These initiatives reflect Ferrero’s dedication to nurturing the potential of individuals within and beyond the company’s walls.

Marketing and Consumer Relationships


Ferrero’s dedication to fostering enduring connections with its consumers is evident through its strategic marketing efforts. They focus on nurturing brand loyalty and endorsing responsible consumption habits.

Building Brand Love

Ferrero’s iconic brands, such as Kinder and Ferrero Rocher, have been integral in building a strong emotional bond with consumers. They achieve this through a commitment to quality, care, and innovation. These elements combine to create a unique experience that encourages thoughtful enjoyment among families and individuals, making Ferrero products a staple in consumer habits and family traditions.

Responsible Marketing

The company recognizes the importance of responsible marketing, particularly in relation to nutrition and diet. Ferrero follows principles that guide commercial communications, aiming to assist consumers in making informed choices. Through transparent and conscientious advertising, they promote responsible consumption and contribute to a positive impact on consumer health and wellbeing. This approach to marketing shows Ferrero’s investment in not only consumer relationships but also in societal well-being.

Careers at Ferrero

At Ferrero, individuals are welcomed into a dynamic workforce that cherishes its employees as family members. The company prides itself on a nurturing culture and offers a breadth of career opportunities for growth and development.

Workforce and Culture

Ferrero values its employees greatly, seeing them as essential contributors to the company’s continuous success. The organization fosters a nurturing culture of empowerment and employee wellbeing, allowing individuals to grow both personally and professionally. Ferrero’s core values are a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence, which is reflected in its leadership team and throughout the entire company. Employees are encouraged to embrace these values, creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

Career Opportunities

Ferrero offers a wide variety of positions for prospective job seekers, ranging from research and development to marketing and sales. This supports a diverse array of career paths for individuals with different skills and interests. Continuous learning experiences and international opportunities promote a long-term career vision. The leadership team is dedicated to supporting and guiding their employees throughout their journey with Ferrero, ensuring that talent is recognized and nurtured.

Press and Media

In keeping readers informed, the Press and Media section offers the latest updates and essential media resources from Ferrero’s family of brands.

Latest News and Stories

Ferrero’s passion for innovation and quality is mirrored in their communication with the public. Journalists and consumers alike can find the most recent announcements and feature stories, ensuring they are up-to-date with Ferrero’s journey and milestones. Their commitment to transparent communication is evident in their regular dissemination of news, which can include anything from product launches to sustainability initiatives.

Media Resources

For members of the press seeking detailed information, Ferrero provides ample media resources. They offer direct media contacts to assist journalists in their inquiries, ensuring accurate and timely responses. The company also maintains a repository of media assets – including high-resolution images and press kits – readily available to support media coverage. Those wishing to access these resources or seeking to reach out with specific requests can visit the Contact Us section on Ferrero’s official websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ferrero Group is renowned for its extensive range of subsidiary companies and popular confectionary brands. This section addresses some of the most common inquiries regarding the company’s ownership and corporate structure.

Who are the subsidiary companies under the Ferrero Group?

Ferrero’s expansive umbrella includes several acquisitions and subsidiary companies, such as Ferrara Candy Company and Fannie May Confections, that have diversified its portfolio beyond its original chocolate confectionery roots.

What recent acquisitions have been made by Ferrero?

In recent years, Ferrero has grown its global reach by acquiring brands such as Thorntons, Delacre, and the cookie businesses of Kellogg’s, including Keebler and Famous Amos.

Can you list some brands that are part of the Ferrero portfolio?

The Ferrero portfolio boasts iconic brands like Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and Kinder, with its revered product Kinder Joy, which have become household names across the globe.

What is the relationship between Ferrero and Nestle?

In a strategic move, Ferrero purchased Nestle’s US confectionery business in 2018, bringing under its wing popular candies like Butterfinger and Baby Ruth, further cementing its position in the confectionery market.

Where is Ferrero’s global headquarters located?

Ferrero’s global headquarters is nestled in the picturesque town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, the birthplace of Ferrero Rocher and the heart of its operations since its inception.

Who is the current CEO of Ferrero?

Currently, the role of CEO is held by Lapo Civiletti, who has led Ferrero through a period of significant global expansion since taking on the position in 2017.