What Companies Does Drake Own: Unveiling the Music Mogul’s Business Empire

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Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known as Drake, is not just a multi-award-winning artist but also a shrewd businessman with interests that extend well beyond the microphone. From the early days of his career, Drake has been making strategic moves into various industries, leveraging his fame and business acumen to build an impressive portfolio of companies. The Toronto-born rapper’s business ventures are as diverse as his musical influences, ranging from his own record label to clothing lines and even food franchises.

Among Drake’s key business ventures is October’s Very Own (OVO), a brand that spans his record label OVO Sound and a clothing line, showing his influence in both the music and fashion industries. Furthermore, his keen sense for investment has led him into partnerships with tech and sports entities, solidifying his status not just as an artist but as an entrepreneur. Drake’s foray into the food sector, including his stake in Dave’s Hot Chicken, marks another territory where the artist’s golden touch is apparent.

Key Takeaways

  • Drake’s business interests span a wide array of industries from music to fashion.
  • Strategic investments and partnerships have fortified Drake’s presence in various business sectors.
  • Alongside his artistic career, Drake’s entrepreneurship contributes significantly to his net worth.

Early Life and Music Career

Before achieving global stardom, Drake began his journey in Toronto, balancing his early love for music with acting. He gained initial fame on the television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” before turning his focus to launching a music career that would soon pace the charts and earn him prestigious awards.

Rise to Fame

Drake’s journey from a teen actor to a renowned rapper commenced when he pivoted his attention from acting on Degrassi to pursuing music full-time. His smooth transition was marked by the strategic release of mixtapes that garnered significant attention, culminating in the release of his debut studio album “Thank Me Later”. A Toronto native, Drake’s unique sound quickly resonated within the music industry, securing him a spot on the Billboard 200 and establishing him as a significant figure in rap.

Notable Albums and Awards

Drake’s music career boasts a number of critically-acclaimed albums, with “Take Care” standing out as a pivotal work that underscored his versatility and artistic depth. This album not only topped the Billboard 200 but also earned him his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, among other accolades. His discography includes multiple chart-toppers, reinforcing his stature in the music world and his impact as a Grammy-winning artist.

OVO Sound and Other Business Ventures

Drake’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond music into a variety of successful business ventures, particularly his flagship enterprise, OVO Sound. Founded as a record label, OVO has expanded to encompass clothing and lifestyle branding.

Record Label Origins

OVO Sound was co-founded by Drake alongside his friends and business partners, Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib, in 2012. As a record label, October’s Very Own reflects Drake’s personal ethos and connection to his birth month. This business venture emerged out of Drake’s ambition to create a platform for nurturing talent and developing artists under his own brand.

Artists and Releases

OVO Sound boasts a roster of talent that includes acts like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and dvsn. They’ve each released music that has resonated with fans worldwide, contributing to the label’s reputation as a purveyor of cutting-edge R&B and hip-hop. The label’s strategic releases and management have ensured that each artist maintains a distinct musical identity, further solidifying OVO Sound’s impact on the music industry.

Fashion and Clothing Lines


Drake has ventured beyond music into the world of fashion, bringing his unique style to the industry through his own clothing line and collaborations with major brands. These endeavors not only showcase his creative vision but also incorporate his OVO brand into the global streetwear culture.

October’s Very Own Clothing

October’s Very Own (OVO) is a clothing brand co-founded by Drake, encompassing a blend of streetwear and high-end fashion. It’s known for owl-branded apparel and maintains a significant place in urban style. According to Celebrity Owners, the OVO clothing line represents Drake’s foray into fashion through a meticulously curated selection of clothes, establishing a consistent presence in the industry.

Collaborations with Major Brands

Drake’s influence in fashion extends beyond his own brand, as he’s also collaborated with well-known names like Nike and Jordan. These partnerships have resulted in limited edition sneakers and clothing that often sell out rapidly. He has managed to create high-demand products merging the signature OVO style with the iconic designs of these legacy sports brands. Details of these prosperous collaborations suggest a strategic blend of Drake’s personal brand with mainstream sportswear giants, as highlighted by 33rd Square.

Drake’s ventures into fashion demonstrate his ability to leave a mark on the clothing industry, just as he has done in music. His OVO clothing line appeals to those seeking both the exclusivity of limited releases and the familiarity of globally recognized brands like Nike and Jordan. Through these smart partnerships, Drake reinforces OVO’s reputation in the realm of modern streetwear.

Drake’s Investments in Sports and Esports


Drake has smartly diversified his portfolio with investments in the sports world, including a partnership with an NBA team and a co-ownership stake in an esports brand. These endeavors show his deep involvement in both traditional sports and the burgeoning field of esports.

Toronto Raptors Partnership

Drake has forged a significant path in sports, specifically through his relationship with the Toronto Raptors. He became the team’s Global Ambassador in 2013 and has been a fixture at games, promoting the Raptors’ brand and boosting their profile on a global stage.

100 Thieves and Esports Involvement

Moving into the digital arena, Drake took a strategic position in esports by becoming a co-owner of 100 Thieves, a lifestyle, apparel, and esports company. 100 Thieves competes in various gaming leagues, including hit titles like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Valorant, attracting both competitive players and audiences alike.

Involvement in the Entertainment Industry

Drake has diversified his involvement in the entertainment industry beyond his successful music career. He has made significant strides as both an actor and a producer, marking his territory in film and television.

Production Companies

DreamCrew is a production company co-founded by Drake that has become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. It functions not only as a management entity for artists but also as a key player in content production. They have been involved in producing television hits like Euphoria, which showcases their expertise in crafting compelling narratives for the small screen.

Acting and TV Productions

Before his music career took off, Drake was well known as an actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation. His acting roots have stayed nurtured through his continued involvement with television series such as Top Boy, a British drama for which Drake not only helped revive but also serves as an executive producer. His early experiences on Degrassi have informed his approach to television production, prioritizing authentic storytelling and character development.

Alcoholic Beverage Ventures

Drake’s journey into the world of alcoholic beverages is marked by the distinct blend of glamour and smooth taste embodied in Virginia Black Whiskey.

Virginia Black Whiskey

Virginia Black Whiskey is a collaborative effort between Drake and entrepreneur Brent Hocking, known for creating the original DeLeón Tequila. Established as a decadent, rich bourbon, Virginia Black aims to redefine the traditional whiskey experience. The internationally acclaimed rapper ventured into the bourbon whiskey market to offer a high-quality product that appeals to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers.

  • Type: American Bourbon Whiskey
  • Founded: In partnership with Brent Hocking
  • Notable Features: A stylish bottle design paired with a smooth finish.

The whiskey has garnered attention for its smooth, rich flavor profile that boasts a unique blend of two, three, and four-year old bourbons. Drake’s foray with Virginia Black reflects his ambition to expand beyond music and fashion, entering the luxury spirits market with confidence. This collaboration has successfully combined Hocking’s experience with Drake’s vision, setting a new standard in a market ripe with celebrity-endorsed products.

Drake’s Real Estate Investments


Drake’s ventures into real estate are reflective of his diverse investment approach, focusing on luxury and strategically located properties. His holdings span across North America, presenting a combination of personal residences and investment properties.

Properties in the United States and Canada

Drake has secured multiple high-value properties, expanding his real estate footprint in major markets. In the United States, he possesses a luxurious estate in Hidden Hills, California. This area is known for its exclusivity and is a favored residential locale for celebrities. His acquisition there underlines his taste for opulence and privacy.

Moving north to Canada, the Toronto native owns an architectural marvel within his hometown, often referred to as “The Embassy.” This property is emblematic of his success and connection to the city. It further enriches his real estate portfolio, displaying a mix of investment savvy and personal affinity to the places he calls home.

Partnerships and Endorsements

Drake’s forays into partnerships and endorsements have bolstered his business portfolio significantly, intertwining his brand with a variety of entities in music, technology, and fashion. Through strategic alignments and ambassador roles, he has extended his influence and commercial reach.

Brand Ambassadors and Media Deals

Global Ambassador:
As the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, Drake has been instrumental in rebranding the team’s image, leveraging his global popularity to elevate the team’s profile in the NBA.

Media Partnerships:
Drake’s deal with SiriusXM showcases his media acumen, providing a platform for OVO Sound, further embedding his influence in the entertainment industry.

Collaborative Projects

Fashion and Retail:
His collaboration with iconic brands such as Nike reflects a savvy merging of music and fashion, resulting in highly sought-after apparel and shoe lines.

Technology and Music:
Strategic endorsements with tech giants like Apple not only amplify Drake’s music distribution through Apple Music but also align him with one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Additionally, his alignment with Universal Music Group has been essential for publishing and distributing his music on a global scale, showcasing a partnership that thrives on mutual growth in the music industry.

Philanthropy and Social Impact


Drake’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond his music career, exhibiting a strong commitment to giving back, particularly within his hometown of Toronto, Ontario. His contributions inspire many and create a significant social impact.

Community Initiatives and Donations

  • Toronto’s Well-being: Drake has focused on improving the lives of those in Toronto, making donations that enhance the infrastructure and community services. His efforts include financial support to local schools and recreational centers, aiming to build better social environments.

  • Education and Inspiration: In Toronto, he has funded educational programs and scholarships, investing in the future of young people. Drake’s belief in the power of inspiration is evident in his contributions toward art and music initiatives, encouraging creativity and ambition in Ontario’s youth.

  • Support to the Underprivileged: His concern for individuals facing economic hardships is seen in his generous donations to shelters and community programs. These commitments help meet immediate needs and foster long-term growth opportunities.

Drake’s philanthropy demonstrates that his influence goes beyond entertainment, impacting Toronto’s social landscape by focusing on community development and individual empowerment.

Net Worth and Revenue Streams

Drake’s financial landscape is characterized by his substantial net worth and the diverse channels through which he generates revenue. His investments and business ventures complement his music earnings, cementing his status as a savvy entrepreneur.

Earnings from Music and Diversified Portfolio

Music Industry Success: He has amassed significant wealth through his music career, with earnings from album sales, streaming rights, and live performances. His albums have consistently topped charts, contributing to a considerable portion of his income.

Business Ventures: Outside of music, Drake has a reputation for diversifying his investments. He co-founded the clothing line October’s Very Own (OVO), which embodies his personal style and extends his brand beyond music. This clothing line is a source of revenue and brand equity.

Investments and Endorsements: Beyond his own brand, his portfolio includes investments in technology, real estate, and sports. He is also well-known for lucrative endorsements and partnerships with global companies that have further increased his net worth.

Record Label: He owns the record label OVO Sound, which represents a strategic expansion into music production and talent development, creating additional streams of revenue.

By strategically expanding his brand into various industries, Drake ensures a robust financial foundation that complements his music success. The interplay between his music and his business acumen has established him as a key figure in both industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries about Drake’s business pursuits, detailing his involvement in various companies and industries, which augment his income and influence beyond music.

What are the businesses and ventures that contribute to Drake’s wealth?

Drake’s financial success stems not just from his music career but also from his savvy business investments, including his ownership stake in October’s Very Own (OVO), his role in tech startups, and his involvement in the spirits industry with brands like Virginia Black.

What is OVO Sound, and what is Drake’s relationship with the company?

OVO Sound is a record label co-founded by Drake in 2012, representing part of his broader brand October’s Very Own which also includes a clothing line. Drake established the label alongside his trusted collaborators and holds a significant ownership stake.

Has Drake ventured into the spirits industry with a brand like Virginia Black?

Yes, Drake expanded his entrepreneurial pursuits by launching a spirits brand called Virginia Black, which specializes in high-quality whiskey, thereby marking his entry into the lucrative spirits market.

Does Drake have ownership over his musical masters?

The specific details of Drake’s ownership over his musical masters are not publicly disclosed and can vary by contract; typically, ownership of masters is a critical aspect for artists looking to control their work and revenue streams.

Can you tell me about ‘Air Drake’ and what it entails?

‘Air Drake’ refers to a private Boeing 767 jet that Drake has reportedly customized and uses for personal and professional travel. It stands as a symbol of his affluent lifestyle and status in the entertainment industry.

Aside from music, what other industries is Drake involved with through his companies?

Apart from music, Drake has diversified his portfolio with investments in tech companies like Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, and Omni, a storage startup, signifying his interest and influence in the technology sector.