What Companies Does Danaher Own: A Comprehensive Portfolio Overview

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Danaher Corporation, a globally diversified conglomerate, has established itself as a significant entity through its expansive portfolio of subsidiary companies. Founded by Steven and Mitchell Rales in 1984, Danaher operates with a strategic focus on the design, manufacture, and marketing of professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products and services. The strength of Danaher’s portfolio lies not just in its size, but also in the leadership positions that its businesses hold within their respective end markets.

Their approach to business expansion has largely centered around a robust acquisition strategy, integrating a range of companies to create a synergistic effect across their various divisions. These include Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Water Quality, Product Identification, Industrial Technologies, and Environmental & Applied Solutions. Danaher’s commitment to continuous improvement and technological innovation has been a driving force behind its product development and market influence. It ensures that the conglomerate remains at the forefront of industries it serves, solidifying its position in the market and continuing to deliver value to customers and stakeholders.

Key Takeaways

  • Danaher Corporation manages a diverse portfolio with a key focus on life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental solutions.
  • The company’s growth is bolstered by strategic acquisitions and the integration of innovative technologies.
  • Danaher’s commitment to continuous improvement significantly impacts its market presence and performance.

Danaher Corporation Overview

The Danaher Corporation stands as a testament to innovative growth and a commitment to quality. Conceived by the Rales brothers in 1984, it has evolved into a global conglomerate renowned for its diverse array of medical, industrial, and commercial products and services. At the heart of the organization lies the Danaher Business System (DBS), which is a suite of processes and tools aimed at driving continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

  • Innovation: Danaher’s portfolio reflects their dedication to innovation. They are consistently at the forefront of life sciences and diagnostics, helping to solve critical health challenges around the world.

  • Quality: The conglomerate’s approach prioritizes the highest standards of quality across all its businesses, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy reputation among its clientele.

  • Continuous Improvement: The unique culture of Danaher deeply ingrains the principles of continuous improvement, a framework that doesn’t just apply to their products, but also to their processes and human resources.

Here is a glance at the essence of their methodology:

  • DBS Tools: Harnessed for problem-solving and boosting productivity.
  • People Development: A strategic focus on growth by nurturing talent.

They have tactically expanded their reach through key acquisitions, strategically aligning with companies such as Beckman Coulter, Cepheid, and many others, enhancing their capabilities and market presence.

In summation, the Danaher Corporation is a powerhouse with a laser focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and persistent innovation, all the while fostering a culture where its DBS propels not just business growth, but also societal contributions.

Life Sciences Division


Danaher owns a dynamic portfolio of companies in the Life Sciences division, offering a range of technologies and services that support scientific research and biotechnology. Their businesses play a crucial role in the development of cell and gene therapies, providing essential tools to both researchers and industrial applications.

Cytiva and Pall Corporation

Cytiva delivers a wide array of products and services that are instrumental in the development of life-saving therapies, including the necessary equipment for drug discovery and bioprocessing. Similarly, Pall Corporation is a key provider of filtration, separation, and purification technologies, which are vital in the production and quality control of biopharmaceuticals.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is at the forefront of diagnostic solutions and automation systems that enhance the research capabilities in genomics and proteomics. Their innovative products simplify complex laboratory processes and increase the efficiency of scientific discovery and diagnosis.

Leica Microsystems

Specializing in microscopy and visualization solutions, Leica Microsystems supports the life sciences industry with advanced tools that help to expose the smallest structures in the scientific research realm. Their technology is essential for researchers demanding high-quality imaging for detailed analyses.

Diagnostics Division


Danaher’s Diagnostics division plays a critical role in healthcare by providing a wide array of diagnostic solutions. They help in accurately diagnosing diseases, aiding in therapeutics, and ensuring timely delivery of vaccines.

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is a prominent entity within Danaher’s portfolio, specializing in innovative diagnostic systems and tests. They serve hospitals and laboratories worldwide with a focus on improving patient care.

  • Products and Services: Advanced instruments, diagnostic tests, and management tools.
  • Impact on Healthcare: Enhances diagnostic precision and operational efficiency.


Radiometer offers cutting-edge solutions for blood gas analysis, immunoassay testing, and the measurement of patient parameters. They are pivotal in providing rapid and accurate diagnostic information.

  • Applications: Essential in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and neonatal departments.
  • Contribution: Aids in lifesaving critical care decisions by providing immediate results.


Cepheid has established itself as a leader in molecular diagnostics, delivering fully automated on-demand tests for healthcare-associated infections, sexual health, critical infectious disease, and oncology.

  • Technology: Utilizes innovative GeneXpert® system for fast and accurate results.
  • Global Reach: Expedites critical diagnostics to improve patient outcomes around the world.

Each subsidiary under Danaher’s Diagnostics division brings unique technologies and expertise to the forefront of healthcare, continually advancing the diagnostic capabilities for a better future.

Water Quality and Product Identification


Within the expansive portfolio of Danaher, several companies stand out for their roles in water quality and product identification. These entities specialize in a variety of critical processes, including water filtration and separation technologies, to ensure the highest standards of purity and clarity are achieved.


Hach is a leader in providing advanced analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water. Known for their innovative solutions, Hach products are essential in efficiently analyzing various water parameters, including chemical composition and bacterial content, to ensure safe water for communities and industries.


ChemTreat offers customized water treatment solutions that focus on industrial water and process systems. With expertise in managing the chemistries of water, they help in optimizing operations, reducing water usage, and achieving environmental compliance. Their services are pivotal in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of water systems.

Pall Water

A subsidiary within Danaher’s portfolio, Pall Water provides cutting-edge filtration and separation technology. They are pivotal in addressing global water challenges, with their high-performance solutions that ensure the purification and quality of water in a variety of industrial and municipal applications.

Industrial Technologies

Danaher’s portfolio includes a diverse range of companies that specialize in industrial technologies, providing advanced equipment and services for manufacturing processes. These subsidiaries play a significant role in enhancing industrial productivity and innovation across various markets.

Pall Industrial

Pall Industrial is a leader in providing filtration, separation, and purification technologies. Their advanced solutions support critical industrial and manufacturing operations. Pall’s products are essential in diverse fields, from aerospace to microelectronics, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless offers fleet and asset management technology services. They have become an integral tool for businesses seeking to maximize operational efficiencies. Navman’s solutions provide real-time tracking and reporting, contributing to improved fleet management within the industrial sector.

Environmental & Applied Solutions

Within the Environmental & Applied Solutions sector, Danaher owns a diverse range of companies that focus on environmental science and applied solutions. Among these, Leica Biosystems and Molecular Devices stand out for their specialized technologies and products that serve scientific research and industrial applications.

Leica Biosystems

Leica Biosystems specializes in laboratory workflow solutions that contribute to diagnostics in the field of pathology. They provide a comprehensive range of products, including advanced staining systems and sophisticated imaging equipment designed for clinical lab environments.

Molecular Devices

On the other hand, Molecular Devices is known for offering innovative analytical instruments that facilitate bioanalytical and scientific research. These instruments are pivotal in drug discovery and basic research, reflecting the company’s commitment to technical excellence and progress in molecular analysis.

Within Danaher’s holdings, these subsidiaries represent the marriage of environmental focus and applied technological innovation, delivering essential tools and systems to their respective fields.

Acquisition Strategy and Integration


Danaher Corporation’s approach to growth has been significantly influenced by its robust acquisition strategy. They focus on science and technology companies that align with Danaher’s ethos and objectives. Since its inception, Danaher has leveraged acquisitions as a primary lever for expansion.

To ensure the success of each corporate union, Danaher employs a distinctive set of management practices known as the Danaher Business System (DBS). This system streamlines the integration process across various acquisitions, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout its portfolio of companies.

The process of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) includes rigorous planning and project management to minimize disruption. Danaher’s history reveals more than 50 acquisitions occurred between 2001 and 2006 alone, demonstrating their relentless pursuit of growth through strategic acquisitions.

In summary, Danaher treats each acquisition as a vital component of its overall strategy by:

  • Identifying suitable candidates that enhance its technology and scientific offerings.
  • Utilizing the DBS for effective and consistent integration.
  • Maintaining a portfolio that reflects its foundational goals and values.

Through these deliberate and strategic efforts, Danaher not only expands its operational borders but also reinforces its position in the global marketplace as a diversified conglomerate.

Technology & Innovation in Healthcare


Danaher owns a variety of companies that focus on integrating technology and innovation within the healthcare sector. They emphasize on creating tools and software solutions that address complex biomedical testing challenges, thereby enhancing patient care.

  • Life Sciences & Diagnostics: Danaher’s life sciences businesses provide cutting-edge instruments and tools essential for genomic and molecular studies. These support groundbreaking work in complex biological systems that can inform more personalized medicine approaches.

  • Molecular Diagnostics: The development of molecular systems seeks to enable faster and more accurate disease diagnoses. They offer technologies that support the detection of health conditions at the molecular level which is crucial in developing targeted treatments.

  • Global Research & Development: By investing in global research and development, Danaher facilitates innovations that drive advancements in patient diagnosis and treatment. The company provides a range of diagnostic products and services that play a pivotal role in the fight against infectious diseases and other health challenges.

Danaher’s ongoing commitment to technology in healthcare harnesses the power of science to improve human health. For more detailed information, one can visit Danaher’s businesses, which are dedicated to the creation of medical technologies and services that strive for excellence in patient outcomes.

Commitment to Quality and Development

Danaher’s portfolio of companies manifests a deep commitment to quality and development. Each entity within the Danaher family prioritizes continuous improvement to enhance performance and ultimately, quality of life for its customers.

  • Quality: Danaher’s dedication to quality is evident across its subsidiaries, including Beckman Coulter, known for its diagnostic systems, and Pall, a leader in filtration, separation, and purification technologies. These subsidiaries consistently invest in research and development to uphold strict quality standards.

  • Continuous Improvement: The Danaher Business System (DBS) is at the core of their approach. It’s a set of tools and processes that drive continuous improvement, streamline operations, and encourage innovation. The Danaher ecosystem, with more than 15 businesses, is a testament to their dedication to refining processes and improving outcomes across diverse industries.

  • Development and Performance: Through strategic acquisition and internal growth strategies, Danaher ensures that their businesses are well-positioned for sustainable development. These strategies foster the elevation of performance in both the products they create and the services they provide.

In their pursuit of better outcomes, Danaher companies touch on every aspect of life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental applications, reflecting a sincere commitment to creating a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. This focus is driven by their foundational promise of delivering exceptional quality and forward-moving development.

Business Performance & Market Influence

Danaher Corporation manifests a robust market presence through its diverse range of businesses, each contributing significantly to the conglomerate’s overall revenue. They are known for their substantial growth, primarily driven by the Danaher Business System, which accentuates continuous improvement.

In the realm of Biotechnology, Danaher’s entities are particularly noteworthy, as they provide critical tools and services for researchers and pharmaceutical companies. This sector, instrumental in the conglomerate’s financial success, reinforces Danaher’s position as a market leader in the life sciences industry.

Life Sciences Segment

  • Revenue: Sustained by routine acquisitions, revenue growth reflects Danaher’s aggressive expansion strategy.
  • Market-Leading Positions: Instrumental in research and development, bolstering their standing in the biotech sphere.

Diagnostic Division

Danaher’s diagnostic arm maintains a thriving commercial niche by delivering cutting-edge solutions, a testament to the conglomerate’s commitment to innovation and success in the healthcare sector.

  • Growth: Fueled by strategic decisions and the adoption of advanced technologies.
  • Market Influence: Ensures a consistent global demand for diagnostic solutions.

Environmental & Applied Solutions

From a commercial perspective, Danaher’s entities in the environmental and applied solutions have been pivotal in addressing industrial and environmental challenges, amplifying the conglomerate’s influence across multiple markets.

  • Success: Remarkable achievements in customer-centric innovations.
  • Growth: Indicates a focus on eco-friendly products and the adoption of sustainable practices.

In sum, Danaher’s cumulative business performance and market influence solidify their reputation as a commercial powerhouse, cementing market leadership across multiple industries with a clear reflection of this success in their financial growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Danaher Corporation is known for its diverse portfolio in the life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental industries, with a number of companies operating under its umbrella. The following queries provide insight into the entities that form part of Danaher and the nature of their businesses.

Which life science companies are operated by Danaher?

Danaher operates a range of life science companies, including been Beckman Coulter and Pall, both of which hold leadership positions in their respective markets. These companies contribute to Danaher’s reputation as a leading global life sciences innovator.

Can you list some of the recent acquisitions made by Danaher?

In recent years, Danaher has expanded its portfolio through acquisitions like Cepheid, a company renowned for its molecular diagnostics technology. Information on other acquisitions can be found through the Zippia resource on Danaher subsidiaries.

What are the main products manufactured by Danaher Corporation?

Danaher Corporation’s businesses design and manufacture a variety of products, including diagnostic systems, life science instruments, and a range of industrial products. The conglomerate’s Wikipedia page offers a broader view of their diverse product offerings.

What companies were included in Danaher’s latest business spinoff?

For specific information on recent spinoffs, it’s best to refer to Danaher’s announcements and news outlets, as these details tend to change with corporate strategy shifts.

Who are the current members of the Danaher board of directors?

The names and profiles of the current board members are regularly updated on Danaher’s official website. Their leadership ensures that the company adheres to its committed path of continuous improvement and innovation.

How has the CEO leadership changed over time at Danaher?

The CEO leadership at Danaher has seen transitions that are characteristic of evolving companies. Historically, such changes are reflective of the conglomerate’s drive towards embracing technological advances and market expansion.