What Companies Does Cigna Own? A Guide to the Healthcare Giant’s Subsidiaries

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Cigna Corporation, a stalwart in the health services industry, operates a vast array of companies that extend beyond its core offerings of health and dental insurance. The conglomerate is renowned for its expansive portfolio of subsidiaries that provide an extensive range of health services. These entities work in conjunction to support Cigna’s mission of improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those it serves by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable.

Understanding Cigna’s business involves exploring the various subsidiaries that form the fabric of its operations. These subsidiaries are instrumental in fortifying Cigna’s market position as they specialize in different aspects of healthcare and related services. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to innovation, Cigna ensures a customer-centric approach while fostering a resilient and engaging employee environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigna owns a diverse group of companies focused on health services.
  • Subsidiaries enhance Cigna’s offerings and market presence.
  • Strategic innovation and customer focus underpin Cigna’s operations.

Cigna Corporation Overview


Cigna is renowned in the healthcare industry not only for its vast array of health services but also for its leadership and global presence. With a mission focused on improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those it serves, the company has cemented itself as a key player on the international stage.

Company Profile

Cigna is a health services organization that operates globally, offering medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance and related products and services. Established through a merger reflecting its historic roots—Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG) and Insurance Company of North America (INA)—Cigna’s lineage reaches back over two centuries, anchoring it firmly in the industry. Their head office is located in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

  • Founded: 1982 (from merger)
  • Headquarters: Bloomfield, Connecticut
  • Markets: Operates in over 30 countries
  • Fortune 500 Ranking: Consistently listed

Cigna’s Management

At the helm of Cigna is David Cordani, serving as the CEO. His leadership is marked by a drive towards innovation and healthcare improvement, steering Cigna to be responsive to the evolving demands of the global healthcare market.

  • CEO: David Cordani
  • Leadership Focus: Health Innovation and Expansion

Global Reach

Cigna’s commitment to expanding international health solutions supports its presence in over 30 countries. Their international segment caters to the needs of individuals, employers, and government entities, ensuring a broad impact on health improvement worldwide. This extension beyond borders emphasizes their role as a global health service leader.

  • Countries: 30+
  • Services: International Health Coverage and Services
  • Objective: Expand Global Health and Well-being

Cigna’s Subsidiaries

Cigna’s portfolio includes a diverse array of businesses that enhance its offerings in the healthcare and insurance sectors. Here are some of the key subsidiaries and divisions that operate under the Cigna corporation.

Cigna Healthcare and Subdivisions

Cigna Healthcare is at the core of Cigna’s operations, providing a wide range of health insurance policies to meet the diverse needs of its customers. They offer products through Cigna Group, which is renowned for its comprehensive health plans that cover individuals, families, and businesses. Cigna’s strong commitment to health services is further highlighted by its subdivisions that work synergistically to deliver quality care and coverage.

Express Scripts and Pharmacy Services

Express Scripts is a pivotal part of Cigna’s business, operating as a pharmacy benefits manager that greatly extends Cigna’s reach in healthcare services. This subsidiary plays a crucial role in managing prescription plan costs and medication distribution, ensuring patients receive their medications effectively and affordably. They also own Accredo, a specialty pharmacy division, which provides advanced care for patients with complex and chronic health conditions.

Evernorth Health Services

Evernorth health services represent a recent branding initiative, combining a range of Cigna’s health services under one umbrella to enhance coordination and delivery. This entity illustrates Cigna’s dedication to innovating their service structure to better meet healthcare demands. Evernorth is known for integrating capabilities across the healthcare spectrum, further solidifying Cigna’s position as a leader in the market.

Insurance Products and Services

Cigna is recognized as a comprehensive health benefits provider. They offer a broad range of insurance products catering to different stages of life and healthcare needs.

Healthcare Plans

Cigna’s portfolio includes various healthcare plans designed to support wellness and preventative care. They offer Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, which often encourage policyholders to utilize healthcare providers within a set network. Additionally, Cigna provides Point-of-Service (POS) and Open Access (OA) plans, expanding the flexibility of care for individuals. For more details on the types of healthcare services they provide, one can refer to the company’s offerings through their insurance plans and products.

Life and Accident Insurance

Beyond healthcare, Cigna extends its insurance products to include life and accident insurance, ensuring clients are protected against unforeseen life events. This insurance covers a range of circumstances, providing financial stability to individuals and families in times of distress. The scope of life insurance products available through Cigna can provide a reliable source of support for various life stages and needs.

Medicare and Medicaid Services

Furthermore, Cigna is involved in government-funded programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid services. They supply Medicare Advantage plans, appealing to those eligible for Medicare who wish to receive additional benefits. This coverage is crucial for seniors and people with disabilities, granting them access to vital health services. Medicaid plans are also available, aiming to assist low-income individuals and families in getting the healthcare they require. These government-related services underscore Cigna’s role as an integrated health benefits provider.

Financial Performance

Cigna’s financial health is robust, underpinned by steady revenue growth and a strong market position, reflecting its status as a leading insurer in the healthcare industry.

Revenue Growth

For the year 2022, Cigna reported a significant increase in revenue, affirming its growth trajectory within the healthcare sector. Statista highlights that Cigna Corporation generated more than $180 billion in revenue, placing it among the large-scale players on a global scale. This growth is a testament to the company’s expanding portfolio and operational efficiency.

Market Position

Cigna’s market position is reinforced by its financial stability and capability to meet financial obligations, noted by credit agencies that monitor company performance. The Cigna Group – Financials – Financial Strength & Credit Ratings indicates that high ratings from such agencies generally suggest robust financial health and a reliable ability to honor financial commitments. This strong financial standing solidifies Cigna’s reputation as a major insurer in the competitive healthcare industry.

Strategic Partnerships

Cigna’s success can be attributed to its diverse range of strategic partnerships that support its growth and amplify its reach in the healthcare sector. These partnerships enhance Cigna’s capabilities and extend its services to various markets through collaborative endeavors and extensive healthcare provider networks.

Business Collaborations

Cigna fosters numerous business collaborations that drive innovation and expand its market presence. A salient example is the partnership with Oscar, a tech-driven health insurance company. This partnership specifically aims to co-create commercial health solutions, tailoring their offerings to meet the needs of small businesses across select U.S. markets. By pooling their strengths—Cigna’s vast resources and Oscar’s technological edge— they strive to elevate the healthcare experience for small business owners and their employees.

Healthcare Provider Networks

In the realm of healthcare provider networks, Cigna’s approach includes forming alliances that ensure wide-ranging and quality care for its members. These networks are crucial to delivering a robust portfolio of medical services. Cigna’s strategy includes acquisitions and investments in various healthcare providers to establish a more seamless and integrated healthcare system. Building these networks helps Cigna in creating value for both the patients and healthcare professionals involved.

Customer-Centric Approach

Cigna’s dedication to a customer-centric approach is evident in the design of their health services, focusing on accessible solutions and fostering strong customer relationships to enhance patient outcomes.

Individual and Employer Solutions

Cigna remains committed to offering tailored health plans that meet the unique needs of both individuals and employers. They understand that each customer has specific health requirements, which is why individual solutions are crafted to provide personalized coverage. For employers, Cigna’s health plans are designed to support the well-being of their workforce, ensuring that employees have the resources they need to maintain their health and productivity.

Improving Patient Outcomes

In pursuit of improving patient outcomes, Cigna emphasizes the importance of preventative care and managing chronic conditions. By aligning their services with the customers’ health journeys, they strive to not only address immediate health concerns but to also implement proactive strategies for long-term health management. This patient-centered approach aids in achieving better health results and reflects Cigna’s commitment to their customers’ overall well-being.

Innovation and Development

Cigna’s commitment to innovation is evident through its numerous initiatives aimed at transforming the healthcare industry. They focus on leveraging technology and creating programs to improve health and vitality, tailoring solutions that meet the future needs of healthcare consumers.

Healthcare Technology Initiatives

Cigna harnesses technology to advance healthcare by investing in promising startups and growth-stage companies. Through Cigna Ventures, they have allocated $450 million to drive growth and innovation, with the aim of bringing improved care quality, affordability, and simplicity to customers. The initiative underscores their strategy to remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation, giving them the capabilities to address evolving consumer demands.

Programs for Health and Vitality

They also concentrate on promoting whole-person health through personalized programs. With a focus on preventive and predictive solutions, Cigna emphasizes the significance of health and vitality. The Innovation Hub at Cigna is devoted to supporting their goal to become a life-long health partner. Aligning with consumer needs for tailored health solutions, they innovate across various programs and services to provide a personalized health experience.

Cigna’s International Operations


Cigna, a prominent player within the health services realm, leverages a vast network of entities to serve a global clientele. Their operations extend well beyond U.S. borders, offering international health solutions and coverage to individuals around the world.

Global Health Services

Cigna has a significant footprint in the realm of global health services, addressing the diverse health needs of expatriates, travelers, and global citizens. They offer a comprehensive portfolio that includes medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance. Cigna tailors these services to cater to a global audience, ensuring clients have access to quality care wherever they are stationed.

Presence in Various Jurisdictions

Cigna’s reach is truly global, with operations in multiple jurisdictions, such as Belgium and China. They are part of the larger Cigna Group, which operates in many countries with a focus on delivering tailored health services adapted to the unique legal and cultural environments of each location. Their strategic presence in these areas demonstrates Cigna’s commitment to being a worldwide health service provider.

Employee and Workforce Relations

Cigna’s approach to employee and workforce relations is rooted in fostering growth and enabling its employees. This focus on development and empowerment is essential in maintaining a robust and dynamic workforce.

Workforce Development

At Cigna, workforce development is taken seriously. They invest in training programs and professional development opportunities tailored to the unique needs of their employees. By providing access to education and skill-building resources, Cigna ensures that their workforce remains competitive and well-prepared for the evolving demands of the healthcare industry. Advanced training sessions and leadership workshops are examples of their commitment to employee growth.

Empowering Employees

Cigna recognizes the importance of empowering their employees. They achieve this by creating an inclusive work environment where feedback is encouraged and valued. This empowerment is also reflected in their support for a healthy work-life balance, understanding that employee satisfaction directly impacts customer satisfaction. Additionally, Cigna’s initiatives to involve employees in decision-making processes demonstrate a trust in their workforce’s insights and capabilities.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility


Cigna’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility is integral to its mission. The company focuses on enriching the lives within the communities it serves through healthcare outreach and corporate citizenship initiatives.

Healthcare Outreach Programs

Cigna’s healthcare outreach programs are at the heart of its community support efforts. They provide health services and education to underserved populations. This ongoing commitment demonstrates a collaboration between healthcare professionals and community partners, aiming to improve access to healthcare and foster healthy living.

  • Key Initiatives:
    • Medication Management: Collaborative projects like with Express Scripts ensure that individuals can manage their medications and reach better health outcomes.
    • Senior Health: Through HealthSpring, efforts are made to offer seniors more comprehensive Medicare Advantage benefits.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship at Cigna involves a proactive approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. The organization places a strong emphasis on responsible business practices and inclusivity, aligning their operations with their core values and broader mission.

  • Sustainability Efforts:
    • Environmental Sustainability: Initiatives are set to reduce the carbon footprint and promote environmental health.
  • Inclusion and Diversity:
    • Workforce Inclusion: There’s a focus on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the community it serves.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions cover the specifics about Cigna’s business structure, outlining its subsidiaries and recent corporate growth.

What subsidiaries fall under the Cigna corporation?

Cigna owns a number of subsidiaries, including Express Scripts, a prominent pharmacy benefit manager, and HealthSpring, a provider of Medicare Advantage plans.

How is Evernorth related to Cigna?

Evernorth operates as an umbrella brand under Cigna, encompassing services such as health services, pharmacy benefits, and other wellness solutions.

Has Cigna made any recent acquisitions?

There have been speculations about a potential merger suggesting that Cigna may unite with Humana to expand its reach in the Medicare Advantage market.

Can you list the companies that are part of the Cigna family?

Some of the companies that are part of the Cigna family include Tel-Drug, Inc. and several state-specific entities like Cigna HealthCare of Arizona and Cigna HealthCare of Illinois.

What is the relationship between Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company and Cigna Corporation?

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company operates as a subsidiary under the larger Cigna Corporation, offering various insurance products and services.

Is Cigna the parent entity of any other health companies?

Yes, Cigna serves as a parent entity to several health companies, including those offering health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, and pharmacy benefit management.