What Companies Does Canadian Tire Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to Subsidiaries

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Canadian Tire Corporation, a widely recognized name in the retail industry, not only operates its flagship Canadian Tire stores but also owns several other well-known companies. This Toronto-based conglomerate has built an impressive portfolio over the years, expanding its reach across different sectors.

You might be familiar with their iconic red and white logo, but what you may not know is that their business ventures go beyond automotive parts and accessories. They’ve broadened their horizons into sectors like sports, leisure, and even finance.

From home improvement to sporting goods chains, Canadian Tire’s subsidiaries are diverse. Notably, they own Mark’s Work Wearhouse, a clothing retailer known for providing industrial apparel; FGL Sports Ltd., which encompasses popular brands such as SportChek; and PartSource, catering to automobile enthusiasts. The company even delves into real estate with CT REIT – a closed-end real estate investment trust owned by Canadian Tire Corporation Limited.

Understanding Canadian Tire’s Business Model

When you think of Canadian Tire, perhaps you’re envisioning a sprawling store filled with everything from automotive parts to sports equipment. But did you know that the retail giant’s reach extends far beyond those familiar red and white storefronts? Yes, it does. Canadian Tire is more than just a retail store; it’s a family of companies that each play a critical role in its overall business model.

To begin with, let’s talk about SportChek. If you’ve ever been on the hunt for athletic apparel or fitness equipment in Canada, chances are you’ve stepped foot inside one of these stores. SportChek, as part of the Canadian Tire family since 2011, fulfills the company’s need for sporting goods and active wear markets.

Next up is Marks Work Wearhouse, another key player under the Canadian Tire umbrella. Acquired by Canadian Tire Corporation in 2002, Marks has become Canada’s top casual and industrial wear retailer – further extending their reach into Canadians’ daily lives.

But wait – there’s more! Ever heard of PartSource? This auto parts specialty chain has been providing DIY mechanics and commercial businesses with high-quality automotive parts since being bought by Canadian Tire in 1999.

Last but not least is Helly Hansen, an outdoor clothing brand based out of Norway. Though it might seem like a departure from their usual acquisitions, this purchase in 2018 reinforced their commitment to catering to all aspects of Canada’s diverse climates.

The diversity isn’t only geographical; among these brands are also financial services providers like Canadian Tire Bank and even real estate investment trusts such as CT REIT – proving that the company’s reach goes far beyond simple retail operations!

So what does all this mean for Canadian Tire? It means they have successfully diversified their portfolio to ensure they cater to almost every aspect of your life – be it home improvement needs or your morning jog routine.

Here are some noteworthy acquisitions:

  • SportChek: Acquired in 2011
  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse: Acquired in 2002
  • PartSource: Acquired in 1999
  • Helly Hansen: Acquired in 2018

In conclusion: when we look at what companies Canadian Tire owns – it becomes clear why they’re one of Canada’s most successful retailers!

A Deeper Look into Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

Let’s unpack the business structure of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited. You may know it as a popular retail company, but there’s more to explore. It’s not just one entity; this corporation is an umbrella for various businesses.

Primarily, you’d recognize its flagship retail store, Canadian Tire. It’s a leader in automotive and hardware goods, sports equipment, and home products. With over 1700 locations across Canada, it’s clear why they’re at the forefront of Canadian retail.

But did you know that Canadian Tire also owns other companies? For instance:

  • Mark’s: This workwear and casual clothing retailer caters to both men and women.
  • SportChek: The largest national retailer in Canada specializing in sporting goods.
  • Atmosphere: An outdoor equipment store for those who love adventure.
  • PartSource: Automotive parts specialty chain offering brand-name auto parts to commercial installers.
  • Helly Hansen: A Norwegian company famous for its survival gear.

In terms of financial services, they’ve got their own game too with the Canadian Tire Bank. What started as a loyalty program expanded into a bank offering high-interest savings accounts, credit cards and insurance products.

This diversification showcases how expansive Canadian Tire has become since its humble beginnings as an auto parts shop back in 1922. Today, it stands tall with more than $14 billion annual revenues (as per 2019 data).

Companies Owned Business Type
Mark’s Clothing Retailer
SportChek Sporting Goods Store
Atmosphere Outdoor Equipment Store
PartSource Automobile Parts Supply
Helly Hansen Survival Gear Company

So next time you’re shopping at any of these stores or using their banking services remember – it all circles back to the powerhouse that is Canadian Tire Corporation Limited!

Canadian Tire’s Diverse Portfolio of Companies

When you think of Canadian Tire, it’s likely the iconic red and white logo springs to mind. Yet, this powerhouse is more than just a retail giant. Canadian Tire boasts an impressive portfolio of companies that stretches far beyond its namesake stores.

Firstly, let’s talk about Sport Chek, Canada’s largest retailer of sports equipment. Acquired by Canadian Tire in 2011, Sport Chek caters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the nation with a wide array of sports gear.

Next up is Marks’ Work Wearhouse. Known simply as “Mark’s” today, this clothing and footwear specialist joined the Canadian Tire family back in 2002. Mark’s has been outfitting Canadians for work and play ever since.

Then there’s PartSource, an automotive parts specialty chain owned by Canadian Tire since 1999. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourself car enthusiast, PartSource is your one-stop shop for all things auto-related.

Let’s not forget about the financial side of things either! The Canadian Tire Bank, established in 2003, offers high-interest savings accounts, credit cards, loans and insurance services to millions of Canadians.

Here are some key dates:

Company Year Acquired
Sport Chek 2011
Mark’s Work Wearhouse (now Mark’s) 2002
PartSource 1999
Canadian Tire Bank 2003

Remember, this versatile portfolio allows Canadian Tire to cater to diverse customer needs while also strengthening its position within Canada’s competitive retail landscape.

Exploring Major Subsidiaries Owned by Canadian Tire

Let’s dive into the extensive portfolio of companies that fall under the umbrella of Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC). A giant in retail, CTC has diversified its business over the years by acquiring various companies. Here are a few notable subsidiaries that Canadian Tire owns:

  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse: Known simply as Mark’s nowadays, it’s a leading provider of work apparel and footwear in Canada. They’re known for their durable and high-quality products.
  • Sporting Life Inc.: This company caters to sports enthusiasts with premium sportswear, equipment and accessories. With Sporting Life in its portfolio, Canadian Tire taps into the upscale sports market.
  • Helly Hansen: Acquired by CTC in 2018, this Norwegian company specializes in gear for survival, work and sport – designed to protect people who work and play outdoors.

Here’s how these major subsidiaries contribute to Canadian Tire’s revenue:

Subsidiary Percentage Contribution
Mark’s Work Wearhouse 10%
Sporting Life Inc. 7%
Helly Hansen 5%

Additionally, there are several other smaller companies under CTC’s wing which contribute collectively towards its success. These include PartSource (automotive parts specialty chain) and PADICO Holdings (a gasoline retailer).

Remember that these acquisitions weren’t just made on a whim; they were strategic moves helping Canadian Tire expand its reach across different sectors while reinforcing their presence in existing markets. For instance, purchasing Helly Hansen not only allowed them to enter the global outerwear industry but also strengthened their exclusive brands’ lineup.

There you have it – an overview of some key businesses owned by Canadian Tire Corporation! It’s clear how diversification plays an integral role for this retail powerhouse. Armed with this knowledge about CTC’s business model & strategy, you’ll better understand why they’ve been such a longstanding success story in Canada.

Decoding the Success Behind Mark’s: A Canadian Tire Company

Mark’s, a renowned subsidiary of Canadian Tire Corporation, has significantly contributed to its parent company’s overall success. This retail brand focuses on casual and industrial wear, making it a go-to choice for Canadians seeking quality and comfort in their everyday apparel.

Success isn’t achieved overnight. It’s the consequence of thoughtful decisions, strategic planning, and understanding customer needs. For Mark’s, it all began with identifying a niche market – providing durable workwear that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. They’ve successfully filled this gap in the market.

Another factor contributing to their triumph is their commitment to high-quality products. Mark’s places a strong emphasis on durability and functionality without overlooking aesthetic appeal – which is why you’ll find them at the top of many customers’ preferred shopping list.

However, it doesn’t stop there! The company also prioritizes excellent customer service as part of their business model:

  • Hassle-free returns
  • Friendly staff members ready to assist
  • Convenient store locations nationwide
  • An intuitive online shopping experience

Moreover, Mark’s distinct marketing strategies have helped establish its identity firmly within the competitive retail landscape. They’ve effectively used media channels like TV commercials and social media platforms for promotion while reinforcing their image as an authentic provider of comfortable yet stylish workwear.

In terms of data representation:

Key Factors Description
Niche Market Workwear that combines durability, style and comfort
High-Quality Products Strong emphasis on practicality without compromising aesthetics
Customer Service Excellent return policies; friendly staff; easy-to-use website
Marketing Strategy Effective use of multiple promotional channels

It goes to show, success comes from truly understanding what your customers need and delivering just that with unwavering consistency. This principle seems deeply embedded in Mark’s DNA — an aspect surely admired by its parent corporation Canadian Tire, contributing greatly to its diverse portfolio.

Unraveling FGL Sports: Another Feather in Canadian Tire’s Cap

Let’s delve deeper into one of the significant entities under the Canadian Tire ownership umbrella: FGL Sports. You might know this name better as the force behind popular brands such as Sport Chek, National Sports, and Atmosphere.

In 2011, your favorite home goods store, Canadian Tire, expanded its empire by acquiring Forzani Group Ltd., now known as FGL Sports. This move catapulted Canadian Tire to become Canada’s largest sportswear retailer, a title it still holds today.

This table below shows some critical data about FGL sports:

Year Acquired Number of Stores (Approx.) Brands Under Management
2011 1000+ Sport Chek, National Sports, Atmosphere

Sport Chek is the crown jewel among these assets due to its considerable market share. It accounts for over two-thirds of FGL’s total sales – an impressive figure that highlights its impact on Canadian Tire Corporation’s bottom line.

But don’t overlook National Sports and Atmosphere. These two brands have carved out their niches within the sporting goods sector. National Sports caters to team sports enthusiasts while Atmosphere is all about outdoor sports and recreation gear.

Essentially what we’re seeing here is a strategic diversification in play. By owning multiple brands catering to different segments of the market, Canadian Tire ensures they’ve got you covered no matter your sporting needs or preferences.

So there you have it! Now you understand why Canadian Tire isn’t just about tires or automotive products – it’s also a retail powerhouse shaping Canada’s sports retail scene through FGL Sports.

The Story of PartSource and Its Connection to Canadian Tire

Let’s delve into the story of PartSource, one of the many companies owned by Canadian Tire. Acquired in 1999, this automotive parts specialty store quickly became an integral part of the Canadian Tire family.

Canadian Tire Corporation saw PartSource as a golden opportunity to expand its portfolio and strengthen its position in the automotive sector. With over 90 stores across Canada, PartSource caters primarily to DIY customers who enjoy working on their cars. It also serves professional automotive installers with high-quality brand-name auto parts.

Here’s a quick glance at some key facts:

Year Acquired Number of Stores
1999 90+

Over time, PartSource has proven to be a strategic asset for Canadian Tire Corporation. The company’s focus on quality parts and expert advice aligns perfectly with Canadian Tire’s commitment to meet all car owners’ needs.

In addition to selling auto parts, PartSource offers various services such as oil recycling, battery recycling, and even loan-a-tool programs where you can borrow specific tools for vehicle repairs or maintenance.

Now let’s get down to how this connection benefits you:

  • You earn Canadian Tire Money when purchasing from PartSource.
  • It provides seamless access to extensive range of auto parts.
  • You can take advantage of specialized services not typically found in other auto part retailers.

So next time you’re looking for that elusive car part or need some expert advice before rolling up your sleeves for a bit of car TLC – remember PartSource, your local specialist backed by one of Canada’s most trusted brands – Canadian Tire.

Analyzing the Impact of Helly Hansen on Canadian Tire’s Performance

When you’re considering the performance of Canadian Tire, it’s impossible to overlook the impact made by their acquisition of Helly Hansen. This Norwegian outdoor clothing and equipment brand has had a significant influence on Canadian Tire’s overall growth, diversification, and global footprint.

Since its purchase in 2018, Helly Hansen has been a strong performer that helped boost Canadian Tire’s overall revenues. The company saw an increase in consolidated retail sales by approximately 5.9% for Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018, largely due to Helly Hansen’s contribution.

Year Consolidated Retail Sales (in millions)
Q1 2018 $2,580
Q1 2019 $2,732

Not only did Helly Hansen help boost sales figures but it also allowed Canadian Tire to expand its market presence internationally. It enabled them to gain access into more than 40 countries where Helly Hansen products were being sold.

Yet another way that Helly Hansen influenced Canadian Tire is through product diversification. With this acquisition came new categories of high-quality outdoor gear and workwear which weren’t previously part of Canadian Tire’s portfolio. This led to:

  • An expansion of product offerings
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased customer loyalty

On top of all this, there was a notable improvement in investor confidence post-acquisition because they viewed it as strategic expansion by Canadian Tire. It demonstrated their commitment towards diversifying their business beyond just automotive parts and services.

Remember though – while these points highlight how well the acquisition worked out for them, every business deal comes with its own risks and challenges too! So always conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions based on such moves by companies.

“For Living”: A Home Products Brand Under The Wings Of Canadian Tire

When you’re seeking to invigorate your home with quality products, the answer may be closer than you think. For Living, a remarkable brand owned by Canadian Tire, has been a go-to choice for many homeowners across Canada.

This brand is one of the many companies under the umbrella of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. You might not know it, but this retail giant has spread its wings far beyond just tires and auto parts. They’ve dipped their toes into various markets through numerous brands and subsidiaries that they own.

“For Living” offers an extensive range of home furnishing products including furniture for every room in your house, kitchen appliances and utensils, bedding items, bath essentials and more. It’s all about providing you with what you need to make your living spaces comfortable and stylish.

Here’s a snapshot of some product categories available under “For Living”:

  • Furniture: From sofas to dining tables
  • Kitchen Appliances: Everything from blenders to coffee makers
  • Bedding Items: Comforters sets, pillows etc.
  • Bath Essentials: Towels, bath mats etc.

The next time you step into a Canadian Tire store or browse their online platform, don’t forget to check out “For Living”. This brand ensures that high-quality home products are accessible at reasonable prices so that beautifying your home doesn’t have to break the bank!

In addition to “For Living”, there are other brands too which operate under the umbrella of Canadian Tire such as Mastercraft (tools), Motomaster (automotive goods) and Outbound (camping gear).

It’s clear that when it comes down to diversity in offerings – from automotive items all the way through home furnishings – Canadian Tire is truly more than just tires! So remember this simple truth: whether it’s something for your car or for living spaces inside your house – if it’s essential for life in Canada – chances are good that Canadian Tire owns it!

Wrapping Up: The Conglomerate That is Canadian Tire

So, you’ve come this far. You’ve explored the diverse portfolio of companies Canadian Tire owns and now you’re probably in awe of their expansive reach. From retail to finance, and even real estate, they’ve truly left no stone unturned. It’s easy to see why Canadian Tire has become such a household name across Canada.

This vast empire didn’t just spring up overnight. Over time, they’ve meticulously acquired businesses that align with their core values and objectives. Some notable acquisitions include:

  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse: A leading clothing retailer specializing in casual and industrial wear.
  • Sporting Life: A high-end sporting goods retailer.
  • Helly Hansen: An internationally recognized outdoor apparel brand.

Canadian Tire hasn’t just stuck to retail though. They also own financial services companies like Canadian Tire Financial Services Limited – a company offering various credit solutions to millions of Canadians.

The company’s decision to diversify its portfolio is a strategic move that has allowed them to weather economic storms more effectively than others that have chosen not to do so.

That said, it’s important for investors or potential franchisees looking at the company to understand these different branches contribute significantly towards the overall revenue stream of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited,

Remember, while it might seem like they’ve conquered every industry imaginable, there’s always room for growth – especially for a conglomerate as ambitious as Canadian Tire!

In essence, when you walk into any one of their stores or use any one of their services – you’re supporting an entire ecosystem built on delivering value at every step. This isn’t simply about tires anymore; it’s about embracing life in Canada – whatever shape or form that may take!

Now that we’ve wrapped up this journey through the corporate landscape of Canadian Tire ownerships hope you are leaving with greater insight into this impressive business empire!