What Companies Does Apollo Global Management Own? A Comprehensive List for Your Review

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Wondering who’s behind some of the world’s most prominent companies? Look no further than Apollo Global Management. As one of the largest alternative investment managers serving many of the world’s most sophisticated investors, it owns and operates an impressive portfolio of businesses across various sectors.

From real estate to retail, Apollo Global Management has its hands in a multitude of pies. Their ownership spans widely recognized brands like ADT, CareerBuilder, Cox Media Group, and even the Las Vegas-based hospitality giant, Caesars Entertainment.

So next time you’re shopping at Claire’s or watching a show on one of Cox Media’s stations, remember – you’re interacting with just a fraction of Apollo Global Management’s vast empire. This global behemoth is continually expanding its reach and influence in markets around the globe.

A Glimpse at Apollo Global Management

Diving right into the world of private equity, you’ll encounter the name Apollo Global Management. With over $300 billion in assets under management, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the finance industry. But what does Apollo own? Let’s delve deeper.

Apollo is known for its diverse portfolio that spans many sectors. They’ve got their hands in everything from chemicals and commodities to retail and real estate. Some of their most notable investments include:

  • ADT Inc.: The leading provider of security solutions in North America.
  • CareerBuilder: One of the largest online employment websites in the U.S.
  • Redbox: An entertainment company offering new-release movie and game rentals through its network of conveniently located kiosks.

While these are just a few examples, they paint a clear picture: Apollo isn’t afraid to invest across industries.

Company Industry
ADT Inc. Security Solutions
CareerBuilder Online Employment
Redbox Entertainment

Like any savvy investor, Apollo focuses on distressed companies or those undervalued by public markets – they’re all about finding value where others can’t see it. They’ve built up this impressive portfolio over three decades, proving their model works time and again.

Now you might ask why you should care about what Apollo owns? Well, if you’re an investor or simply interested in finance, knowing more about big players like Apollo could help you understand market trends better. Plus, seeing how such firms operate might even inspire your own investment decisions!

Remember though, investing always comes with risks – so while it’s useful to look at successful entities like Apollo for inspiration or insights; ultimately your financial decisions should align with your personal goals, risk tolerance and timeframe.

So there you have it – a quick snapshot of some companies held by one powerhouse in global private equity: Apollo Global Management.

Understanding the Business Model of Apollo

When you try to wrap your mind around Apollo Global Management, it’s crucial to grasp their business model. At its core, Apollo operates as an alternative investment manager worldwide. They’ve got three primary business segments: Private Equity, Credit, and Real Assets.

In the realm of Private Equity, Apollo is renowned for buyout transactions and growth capital investments. Here’s what they do – they buy controlling interests in companies with unrecognized value or facing a tough time. After implementing operational improvements and strategic changes over several years, they aim to sell these businesses at a profit.

The Credit segment revolves around corporate credit, structured credit, and direct lending. This part of the business involves originating loans or purchasing debt securities on secondary markets.

Lastly comes the Real Assets division that mostly focuses on real estate assets. It comprises commercial real estate loan originations, purchasing distressed debt and equity in restructured corporations following bankruptcy.

Here are some key numbers from each segment (as of 2020):

Segment AUM ($ Billion)
Private Equity 77
Credit 210
Real Assets 46

These aren’t just random operations though; there’s strategy behind them:

  • Acquiring distressed companies lets Apollo turn them around for substantial profits.
  • Their extensive reach across different segments allows risk diversification.
  • By managing assets across different sectors and geographies, they’re not overly reliant on any single market condition.

So when you’re navigating through Apollo’s vast portfolio understand this: it isn’t about owning companies just for kicks; it’s about identifying opportunities where others see none – buying low, adding value, then selling high!

Exploring Apollo’s Broad Portfolio

Dive into the vast investment portfolio of Apollo Global Management. You’ll find an impressive array of companies spanning multiple sectors, showcasing Apollo’s knack for diversification and strategic acquisition.

One of the key areas where Apollo has made significant strides is in the real estate sector. They’ve got their fingers in many pies, owning firms like Redbox, a prominent figure in entertainment services, and CareerBuilder, a major player in online employment.

Their reach doesn’t stop there. In the hospitality industry, you’d come across names such as Great Wolf Resorts and Diamond Resorts International under their ownership. Both are renowned brands that have been thriving under Apollo’s stewardship.

Here’s a quick glimpse at some other notable companies within Apollo’s portfolio:

  • Rackspace Technology
  • ADT Inc.
  • Cox Media Group
  • Intrado Corporation
Company Industry
Redbox Entertainment
CareerBuilder Employment Services
Great Wolf Resorts Hospitality
Diamond Resorts International Hospitality
Rackspace Technology IT Services
ADT Inc. Security Services
Cox Media Group Media & Communications
Intrado Corporation Telecommunications

Apollo also holds substantial stakes in financial services companies like Athene Holding Ltd., demonstrating their ability to spot potential winners across diverse markets.

It’s evident from this snapshot of their holdings that Apollo isn’t confined to one specific industry. Instead, they spread their investments across various sectors, ensuring a balanced and resilient portfolio. So next time you’re wondering who owns that successful company – it might just be Apollo Global Management!

Prominent Companies Owned By Apollo Global Management

When diving into the world of private equity, Apollo Global Management is a titan that’s impossible to ignore. With a diversified portfolio spanning various sectors, it has ownership in several prominent companies. Let’s take you through some of these notable entities.

One of its most significant investments is in ADT Inc, the leading provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses in North America. It’s also worth mentioning their stake in CareerBuilder, one of the largest online employment websites in the United States.

In healthcare, Apollo holds substantial stakes in both R1 RCM Inc, a provider of revenue cycle services and physician advisory services to healthcare providers, and LifePoint Health, an American company that provides healthcare services to non-urban communities.

Let’s not forget about Apollo’s investment within the retail sector with companies like The Fresh Market and the iconic American crafts chain store – Michaels Stores Inc.

|       Company      |            Industry           |
| ADT Inc            | Security & Automation         |
| CareerBuilder      | Online Employment Service     |
| R1 RCM Inc         | Healthcare Services           |
| LifePoint Health   | Healthcare Services           |
| The Fresh Market   | Retail                        |
| Michaels Stores    | Retail                        |

Furthermore, they’ve made strategic acquisitions within the hospitality sector by taking over renowned chains such as Great Wolf Resorts – a national leader in indoor water park resorts – along with other noteworthy leisure-oriented brands including diamond reseller – Diamond Resorts International.

It’s important to understand that this list merely scratches the surface; there are numerous other assets under Apollo’s management across diverse industries worldwide. As an astute investor or business enthusiast, keeping tabs on Apollo Global Management’s moves can provide valuable insights into successful investment trends and strategies.

Analyzing Key Investments by Apollo

Let’s dive into the key investments made by Apollo Global Management. This titan of private equity has a diverse portfolio, owning companies across various sectors.

One significant holding is in the retirement services industry. Apollo owns Athene, an annuity provider that you might not have heard of but plays a crucial role in the world of retirement planning.

Apollo also has substantial holdings in the real estate sector through its subsidiary, Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance (ARI). ARI focuses primarily on commercial mortgages, making it a key player in this space.

The entertainment industry isn’t left out either. With ownership of Cox Media Group, Apollo shows its commitment to diversification. Cox Media Group operates radio and TV stations throughout the U.S., reaching millions daily.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Company Industry
Athene Retirement Services
ARI Real Estate
Cox Media Group Entertainment

In addition, Apollo holds stakes in several other companies such as ADT (security services), CareerBuilder (online employment website), and Qdoba (restaurant chain).

  • ADT: Known for home security services.
  • CareerBuilder: Popular job search site.
  • Qdoba: Fast-casual restaurant chain.

As you can see, Apollo’s investment strategy is all about diversity and strength. They don’t just stick to one sector; they spread their investments across multiple industries to ensure robust growth potential. If there’s one thing that’s clear from looking at their key holdings, it’s that Apollo Global Management knows how to spot profitable opportunities wherever they may be!

Diving Deep into Real Estate Ventures by Apollo

Let’s pull back the curtain on Apollo Global Management and their real estate ventures. With a portfolio that spans across various sectors, Apollo has made significant strides in the real estate market.

You may be aware of their noteworthy investments in commercial properties. From retail spaces to office buildings, they’ve invested in it all. Their strategy? It’s simple: buy low, add value through renovations or management improvements, then sell high.

The company is known for its strong conviction in distressed assets. They’re not afraid to step into challenging situations and turn them around. A prime example is their acquisition of CEC Entertainment – the parent company of Chuck E Cheese.

Apollo also has a keen interest in residential properties. They cater to different income levels with investments ranging from affordable housing projects to luxury apartments.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of their most notable real estate acquisitions:

  • Red Lion Hotels Corporation
  • Diamond Resorts International
  • ADT Inc.
  • CareerBuilder
  • Rackspace Technology

Their extensive reach isn’t limited to just the United States. Apollo holds substantial real estate investments overseas as well – particularly in Europe where they’ve acquired companies like Verallia and Watches of Switzerland Group PLC.

It’s important to understand that these deals aren’t just about buying property; they’re strategic moves aimed at diversifying their investment portfolio and creating long-term growth opportunities.

In terms of numbers, here are some impressive stats:

Year Number Of Acquisitions
2017 8
2018 10
2019 7

These figures only highlight how active Apollo has been within the real estate sector over recent years.

So there you have it – a snapshot view into how Apollo Global Management leverages its expertise and capital strength within the realm of real estate investing!

Financial Performance of Companies under Apollo’s Wings

Under the wings of Apollo Global Management, several companies have thrived and demonstrated impressive financial performance. These are not just random results, but a testament to Apollo’s strategic investment approach.

Let’s delve into some specific examples:

  • ADT Inc., a leading provider of security solutions, has seen significant growth since being acquired by Apollo in 2016. Their revenue skyrocketed from $2.9 billion in 2015 to $5.1 billion in 2019.
  • Smart & Final Stores, another Apollo acquisition, saw its net sales climb from $3 billion in 2012 to nearly $4.7 billion by the end of 2018.
  • Aspen Insurance Holdings also showed steady revenue growth during its time under Apollo’s ownership, with revenues growing from $2.1 billion in 2008 to over $3 billion by 2020.

Here’s a quick glance at their financial data:

Company Pre-Apollo Revenue Post-Apollo Revenue
ADT Inc. $2.9 Billion $5.1 Billion
Smart & Final Stores $3 Billion $4.7 Billion
Aspen Insurance $2.1 Billion Over $3 Billion

These numbers tell you the story: when Apollo steps in, it doesn’t just maintain businesses—it helps them grow significantly over time.

You might be wondering how they achieve this success? It all boils down to their unique investment strategy that focuses on distressed investments and buyouts, coupled with an emphasis on operational improvements and efficiency enhancements for their portfolio companies.

So if you’re an investor or a business owner looking forward to making your mark, take note! The way Apollo Global Management operates is worth studying and possibly even emulating!

Evaluating the Success of Apollo’s Strategy

When you take a closer look at Apollo Global Management’s strategy, it’s clear that they’ve had significant success in their business endeavors. They’ve managed to make strategic investments in an array of industries which have paid off handsomely.

Apollo’s Focus on Diversification

Apollo maintains a diversified portfolio, illustrating their knack for identifying promising opportunities across different sectors. Some notable companies within their portfolio include ADT, CareerBuilder, Cox Media Group, and Rackspace.

Their diverse investment strategy does more than just hedge against risk – it helps create value across multiple areas. This approach allows them to capitalize on growth trends in various industries while stabilizing returns during economic downturns.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Let’s turn our attention to some numbers:

Year Assets Under Management (AUM)
2010 $67.6 Billion
2020 $433 Billion

In a span of ten years, the assets under management by Apollo have increased remarkably – this clearly underscores their strategic prowess and success.

Favorable Returns

Another compelling factor is their ability to generate favorable returns consistently. Their private equity funds generated net internal rates of return of nearly 39% since inception through June 2020 – evidence that the company’s investment strategies are not only sound but highly profitable as well.

Breadth and Depth of Expertise

Lastly, one can’t evaluate Apollo without acknowledging the depth and breadth of expertise within its team. It’s populated with seasoned professionals who bring diverse experience from leading financial institutions worldwide – instrumental in driving strong and consistent performance over time.

So when you’re evaluating the success of Apollo Global Management’s strategy, remember these key points: diversification of investments; impressive growth in assets managed; consistent high returns; and an experienced team steering the ship.

The Impact on Industries Dominated by the Firm

Undeniably, Apollo Global Management has made a significant impact on the industries it dominates. This private equity giant, with its diversified investment portfolio, is influential in shaping several sectors.

In the realm of private equity, Apollo’s influence is hard to understate. They’ve made substantial investments in companies across various industries. For instance:

  • They’ve invested heavily in hospitality, owning great chunks of entities like Diamond Resorts and Great Wolf Lodge.
  • In the real estate sector, they hold assets like Smart & Final and CareerBuilder.
  • Their presence isn’t unnoticed in the world of media and entertainment too, thanks to their stakes in Cox Media Group and Endemol Shine Group.

When you look at these investments collectively, they’re more than just numbers on a balance sheet—they reflect Apollo’s ability to shape industry trends and influence corporate strategies within those sectors.

Notably, this firm isn’t shy about shaking things up either. Apollo frequently implements operational improvements or strategic changes post-acquisition—moves that can have ripple effects throughout an entire industry.

The company’s reach extends far beyond traditional markets as well. It’s known for its boldness when it comes to investing in distressed assets during economic downturns—an approach that often yields high returns once conditions improve.

To put things into perspective, let’s take a quick glance at some key statistics:

Industry Key Investments
Hospitality Diamond Resorts, Great Wolf Lodge
Real Estate Smart & Final, CareerBuilder
Media & Entertainment Cox Media Group, Endemol Shine Group

These figures illustrate how Apollo Global Management doesn’t merely own businesses—it profoundly influences entire markets. By injecting capital into these diverse fields and implementing innovative strategies post-acquisition, it shapes both corporate landscapes and consumer experiences alike.

Without question, your understanding of these industries would be incomplete without considering the role played by this major player – Apollo Global Management.

Final Thoughts on the Reach and Power of Apollo

You’ve made it to the end of our deep dive into Apollo Global Management and its expansive portfolio. It’s clear that this private equity titan has an impressive global reach, with a diverse range of investments spanning multiple industries.

Apollo’s investment philosophy is centered around capitalizing on distressed assets or companies in need of operational improvement. This approach has enabled them to build an extensive portfolio, including some major players across various sectors.

The company owns big names such as ADT, CareerBuilder, Cox Media Group, and even University of Phoenix. These are not just random acquisitions; they reflect Apollo’s strategic pursuit of high-value assets in sectors ripe for transformation or growth.

  • ADT: An established player in the home security industry.
  • CareerBuilder: A pioneer in online recruitment services.
  • Cox Media Group: A leading broadcasting and digital media company.
  • University of Phoenix: One of the largest private universities in the US.

It’s worth noting that Apollo is more than just a massive conglomerate amassing companies left and right. They’re a strategic powerhouse with an eye for value creation by improving operational efficiency and unlocking potential within their acquired businesses.

Indeed, if there’s one thing you should take away from our exploration into Apollo Global Management, it’s that they’re not just powerful—they’re smart investors who know how to extract value where others may fail to see it.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through Apollo’s vast empire. We hope you’ve found this insight into their operation both informative and enlightening.