Chubby Buttons: Shark Tank Update – Exciting Progress Revealed!

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Chubby Buttons, a Bluetooth-powered wearable device, has made its way into the spotlight after an appearance on the popular show Shark Tank. Invented by Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad, this ingenious gadget is designed to make controlling smartphones and other compatible devices effortless and convenient. By offering oversized buttons that can be easily mounted or attached to a variety of surfaces, such as cars, bikes, and even arms, this innovative product has the potential to revolutionize how busy people interact with their devices.

Appearing on Season 14 of Shark Tank, the creators of Chubby Buttons presented their case to the show’s panel of investors, providing details about the product’s landed cost, retail price, and marketing expenditures. With noteworthy annual sales figures and a practical solution for users in need of an easy-to-use controller for their devices, many viewers eagerly awaited the outcome of Chubby Button’s pitch on the show.

As interest in Chubby Buttons has continued to grow, both consumers and potential investors have been keeping an eye on the company’s journey since their Shark Tank appearance. Backed by its quality engineering and a growing market demand, Chubby Buttons is poised to make a significant impact on the technology and gadget industry.

About Chubby Buttons and Its Founders

Justin Barad and Mike Cherkezian

Chubby Buttons is a wearable smartphone remote controller manufacturing company, founded by Justin Barad and Mike Cherkezian in 2017. The company’s headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York City. Chubby Buttons offers a device with large, easy-to-use buttons that can be mounted or attached to smooth surfaces, on cars, bikes, arms, and even on handlebars, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need quick access to their smartphones while cycling or skiing.

The Co-Founders’ Background

Justin Barad holds the position of Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Chubby Buttons. He dedicates his time and energy to the company’s growth, ensuring smooth operations and overseeing the development of their innovative products.

Mike Cherkezian is the other driving force behind Chubby Buttons, co-founding the company alongside Justin and leveraging his skills to help shape the company’s vision and direction. The duo’s strong partnership and passion for creating useful, user-friendly devices have contributed to Chubby Buttons’ success, which at the time of writing has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million.

Chubby Buttons on Shark Tank

Season 14, Episode 17

Chubby Buttons, a company that manufactures wearable remote control devices for smartphones, made its appearance on Shark Tank in Season 14, Episode 17. This innovative product was designed for people engaging in outdoor activities, such as skiing or cycling, allowing them to control their phone without needing to take it out of their pocket.

The Sharks and the Deal

The Chubby Buttons duo, Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad, presented their business to the Sharks: Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Mark Cuban. Their initial ask was $250,000 for 8% equity in their company.

The Sharks were impressed by the concept, and some began making offers. Mark Cuban proposed a royalty-based offer, while others considered adding Chubby Buttons to their product lines. The team considered their options and eventually struck a deal.

In the end, after some negotiation, the Chubby Buttons team walked away with a deal and the backing of a Shark or two to help propel their product into the market. This investment not only boosted their net worth but also provided valuable mentorship and guidance to further grow the company.

Product Overview

Features of Chubby Buttons

Chubby Buttons is a weather-resistant Bluetooth remote device designed to make it easier for users to control their smartphones without having to take them out of their pockets. The gadget is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and can be worn on your clothing for easy access.

Chubby Buttons features five oversized buttons that are conveniently laid out for simple navigation. Users can control music volume, answer phone calls, and even take photos all with the push of a button. Its large, tactile buttons make it especially helpful for people on the go or in busy environments where pulling out a phone might be difficult or impractical.

Colors and Pricing

This wearable device is available in two color options: blue and white, allowing customers to select the style that best suits their preferences. As for pricing, Chubby Buttons are typically sold for $79.99, but occasionally they can be found at a discounted price of $74.99. This one-time purchase aims to provide users with a convenient and efficient way of interacting with their smartphones, enhancing their overall experience.

Chubby Buttons and Outdoor Activities

Skiing and Cycling with Chubby Buttons

Chubby Buttons is a user-friendly wearable technology that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, such as skiers and cyclists. The innovative smartphone accessory allows users to control their device without having to reach into their pockets or remove their gear. For those who enjoy skiing and cycling, Chubby Buttons offers a perfect solution to stay connected even during intense activities.

With its large buttons make it easy to control music playback, adjust volume, and answer calls without interrupting the fun. Whether gliding down a snowy mountain or pedaling through rough terrains, Chubby Buttons helps to keep outdoor activity enthusiasts stay focused on the thrill, and the convenience of not having to fumble around with their smartphones.

Chubby Buttons for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists can also benefit from the ease and accessibility provided by Chubby Buttons. When wearing gloves and gear, riders often struggle to access their smartphones. The wearable technology offered by Chubby Buttons addresses this issue, allowing motorcyclists to efficiently navigate through their device while keeping safety in mind.

For bike riders who need to manage music or take calls on the go, this gadget ensures seamless smartphone interaction without causing any hindrances to their journey. In a nutshell, Chubby Buttons has revolutionized how outdoor activity enthusiasts interact with technology, providing a hassle-free experience to skiers, cyclists, and motorcyclists alike.

Sales and Revenue

Sales on Amazon and Official Site

Chubby Buttons has been performing well in the market, with sales mainly coming from both Amazon and their official website. Their product is priced at $79.99 per unit, and with a production cost of around $13, they maintain a strong profit margin of over 80%. In the past years, Chubby Buttons has seen an increase in annual revenue, going from $500k in 2021 to $600k in 2022. The company has generated over $1.6 million in sales, showing a steady growth.

Investment Research Sales

Investment research, in terms of customer acquisition cost, is an essential part of Chubby Buttons’ strategy for driving sales and profits. By conducting thorough market research and refining their marketing strategies, Chubby Buttons ensures they are targeting relevant customers. This approach ensures that their sales continue to grow, while also keeping customer acquisition cost at a reasonable level.

Chubby Buttons has attracted a considerable number of customers with constant innovation, quality products, and user-friendly designs. This combination, along with strategic investment research, has contributed to its positive performance in the market and increasing sales revenue.

Reviews and Feedback

Chubby Buttons has received positive reviews from customers since being featured on Shark Tank. Users find it extremely helpful during outdoor activities, as it allows them to control their smartphones without constantly reaching into their pockets. This practical gadget has become especially popular among active individuals, such as cyclists and skiers.

People appreciate the simplicity and ease of using Chubby Buttons, which has earned it a reputation for being reliable and efficient. The device’s large, user-friendly buttons allow for smooth navigation, even when wearing gloves or engaging in outdoor activities, making it a valuable addition to any active person’s gear.

Additionally, Chubby Buttons is praised for its compatibility with various devices and applications. It can be easily synced with smartphones, enabling users to control music, take calls, and even interact with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. Moreover, it supports multiple music apps, which widens its appeal to people with diverse preferences.

In terms of durability, Chubby Buttons withstands harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow, thanks to its water-resistant and rugged design. This feature makes it even more appealing to outdoor enthusiasts who seek a long-lasting and dependable gadget.

To summarize, Chubby Buttons has garnered favorable feedback and reviews from satisfied customers. Its practicality, ease of use, compatibility, and durability make it an excellent choice for those who wish to have better control over their smartphones during their outdoor adventures.

After Shark Tank: Chubby Buttons Update

Chubby Buttons, a smartphone accessory created by entrepreneurs Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad, caught the attention of Shark Tank viewers in its 14th season. The gadget allows users to access their smartphones without taking them out of their pockets, enabling actions like receiving calls and changing music tracks.

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Chubby Buttons has seen significant growth. The company’s net worth has increased to an impressive $2.5 million. This success has been driven by the device’s versatility, as it can be attached to smooth surfaces, such as cars, bikes, arms, and handlebars, among other places. This feature is especially helpful for those engaging in outdoor activities like skiing and cycling, allowing them to stay connected without interruptions.

The investment from the Sharks has played a key role in the company’s expansion and development of new product features. Chubby Buttons has not only gained a significant boost in profits but also an increase in brand awareness and customer base. This growth can be attributed to the creators’ continuous commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of their target audience.

In summary, Chubby Buttons has experienced a remarkable journey since its appearance on Shark Tank. The support from the Sharks, combined with the dedication of its founders, has transformed the company into a profitable venture that continues to improve the way people interact with their smartphones during outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

Chubby Buttons, a smartphone accessory company founded by Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad, made its appearance on Shark Tank Season 14. This innovative product allows users to access their phones without taking them out of their pockets, making it easier to receive calls, change music, and more.

Despite not accepting the initial investment offer of $250k for 8% equity on Shark Tank, Chubby Buttons continued to flourish. At the time of writing, the company’s net worth stands at an impressive $2.5 million. The simple yet effective device provided a much-needed solution for busy people who wanted to conveniently interact with their smartphones.

The Chubby Buttons device is versatile, with its “chubby” buttons able to attach to smooth surfaces, cars, bikes, arms, and handlebars. This makes it a valuable accessory for various activities, such as biking, running, or even everyday multitasking.

It’s evident that Chubby Buttons has come a long way since its inception in 2017. The founders’ passion for providing a groundbreaking solution to the ever-evolving world of smartphones has played a key role in their success. As more people continue to discover the benefits of Chubby Buttons, the company’s prospects look brighter than ever.