What Companies Does Andrew Forrest Own: A Guide to His Business Empire

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Andrew Forrest is an Australian businessman well-known for his previous role as CEO and current role as non-executive chairman of Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). Coming from a background rich in mining and business, Forrest has grown to be quite influential in various sectors well beyond his original foray into the mining industry. His ownership and investments span a range of industries including agriculture, technology, and energy sustainability efforts.

Key to Andrew Forrest’s diverse business portfolio is Tattarang, his private investment group. Tattarang casts a wide net, investing across numerous sectors and asset classes with a philosophical foundation built on long-term, value-creating businesses. Forrest is also known for his commitment to philanthropy and his significant impact on environmental conservation and sustainable industry practices.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Forrest is a well-established businessman with significant investments in the mining industry.
  • His private investment group, Tattarang, reflects a diverse portfolio and a long-term investment philosophy.
  • Forrest is also noted for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to environmental sustainability.

Andrew Forrest’s Background

Andrew Forrest, commonly known to many as “Twiggy,” is a well-established philanthropist and business magnate who has made significant contributions to the mining industry. Raised in Perth, Australia, he graduated from the University of Western Australia with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Initially carving out his career as a stockbroker, Forrest demonstrated a keen eye for the financial markets before transitioning into the mining sector. He displayed an entrepreneurial spirit early on, which propelled him to venture beyond stockbroking. This drive led to the founding of Anaconda Nickel (now Minara Resources), which was his first major foray into mining.

Forrest’s business acumen is showcased through his role as the executive chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, a global leader in the iron ore industry. Under his leadership, Fortescue has grown to become the fourth-largest iron ore producer in the world.

His efforts in business have significantly contributed to his net worth, establishing him as one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals. However, Andrew Forrest is well recognized for not just amassing wealth but also for dedicating a substantial portion of his fortune to various philanthropic causes. His commitment to giving back to the community cements his status not just as a business icon, but also as a champion for various social and environmental initiatives.

Mining Ventures

Andrew Forrest’s impact on the mining industry is significant with a notable presence in several ventures. His investments span across various commodities and stages, from exploration to production.

Fortescue Metals Group

Fortescue Metals Group, founded in 2003 by Forrest, has developed into an iron ore heavyweight, especially renowned for its operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. As the former CEO and current non-executive chairman, Forrest has seen the company evolve into a key supplier of iron ore to China, contributing significantly to the steel industry.

Anaconda Nickel

The start of Forrest’s journey in mining ventures began with Anaconda Nickel in 1994, which marked his early foray into the mining sector. This company, now known as Minara Resources, laid the groundwork for his subsequent success in the industry.

Minara Resources

Minara Resources, the entity that evolved from Anaconda Nickel, is another of Forrest’s ventures, with a focus on nickel mining. The company became a subsidiary of Glencore, positioning itself as an important player in the resources sector.

Wyloo Metals

The latest headlines have been dominated by Forrest’s Wyloo Metals with its strategic $760 million takeover bid for nickel assets, as seen in their recent move to acquire Mincor Resources. Wyloo Metals represents Forrest’s ongoing interest in the vital metals required for future technologies.

Tattarang and Investment Strategy


This section explores the varied portfolio of companies owned by Andrew Forrest, emphasizing Tattarang’s comprehensive investment approach and the strategic involvement in sectors like green energy and iconic brands.


Tattarang, owned by Andrew and Nicola Forrest, is a diverse private investment group that manages an expansive range of asset classes. It is known for its holdings in Australian companies such as RM Williams and Bega Cheese, representing Forrest’s dedication to supporting and owning iconic brands that have a meaningful impact on their industries.

Squadron Energy

Squadron Energy forms a core part of Tattarang’s commitment to energy solutions, especially in the realm of green energy. They are a primary shareholder in projects that aim to reshape Australia’s energy landscape, striving for advancements in sustainability and meeting rising clean energy demands.

Private Investment Group

Tattarang’s stature as a private investment group signals its success in nurturing businesses across various sectors. With long-term goals, they focus on generational investments that are aligned with ethical practices and contribute positively to society and the environment.

Energy and Sustainability Efforts


Andrew Forrest’s involvement in energy and sustainability is marked by a progressive move towards green energy solutions and a commitment to hydrogen projects. His companies endeavour to lead by example in sustainability, being proactive in the transition towards renewable energies.

Hydrogen Projects

In recent years, Fortescue Metals Group has expanded its investment in hydrogen projects, positioning itself at the forefront of sustainable energy research. They are tapping into the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, which could revolutionize various industries by providing a green alternative to fossil fuels.

Green Energy Initiatives

Andrew Forrest has also shown a substantial interest in green energy initiatives through various investments. These initiatives are aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting long-term sustainability. Examples include investments in renewable energy sectors, like aquaculture, which prioritize environmental impacts alongside commercial viability. Forrest’s energy company, Squadron Energy, significantly cemented this direction through the acquisition of CWP Renewables, indicating a strategic move to become a major player in the renewable energy landscape.

Agricultural Interests

Andrew Forrest has made a significant move into agrifood through his private investment company, expanding his portfolio beyond mining and into agriculture and food production with specific focus on sustainability and innovative farming practices. These efforts aim to not only generate economic value but also contribute to food security and environmental stewardship.

Tattarang Agrifood Investments

Tattarang Agrifood is a notable part of Forrest’s investment, central to the innovative agricultural ventures. The company is involved with the development of horticultural businesses and trials in regions such as Western Australia, including the cultivation of various crops that range from agave to sweet potato and hay.

Dairy Investments

Andrew Forrest also has vested interests within the dairy industry. This includes a significant investment in Bega Cheese, with the acquisition of shares valued at millions. Through these investments, he seeks to make an impact on the dairy sector, with a nod to the potential future developments within the industry.

Technology and Innovation

Andrew Forrest displays a commitment to innovative technologies through investments that aim to revolutionize sectors from health to energy storage. His involvement stretches across pioneering health technology and sustainable batteries and energy storage solutions.

Health Technology

Within the realm of health technology, Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Tattarang is exploring avenues to advance medical technologies and improve healthcare outcomes. Their commitment is to innovation that could significantly alter how healthcare is delivered, making it more efficient and accessible.

Batteries and Energy Storage

In the pursuit of transforming the world’s energy sources, Fortescue is actively investing in batteries and energy storage. These advancements are critical as they support the transition to renewable energy, a mission that Andrew Forrest sees as integral for future sustainability. Fortescue’s work is not only about creating effective storage solutions but also ensuring that supply chains are responsible and resilient.

Philanthropy and Impact

Andrew Forrest’s contributions to philanthropy significantly reflect his commitment to various global causes. His philanthropic ventures, primarily through the Minderoo Foundation, emphasize combating modern slavery, conserving oceans, and addressing issues in healthcare and education.

Minderoo Foundation

The Minderoo Foundation, established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001, stands at the forefront of their efforts to effect change through philanthropic work. Spearheading initiatives that tackle some of the most challenging global issues, the Minderoo Foundation has dedicated resources toward ending modern slavery, promoting environmental sustainability in ocean conservation, and improving outcomes in healthcare and education for children.

  • Modern Slavery: Their work in anti-slavery is geared towards eradicating all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Oceans: In marine ecology, the Minderoo Foundation focuses on strategies to preserve marine life and sustain ocean health.
  • Healthcare & Education: They aim to make significant impacts in healthcare innovation and educational access, ensuring better futures for younger generations.

The philanthropic efforts extend to impactful collaborations and partnerships, amplifying their reach and effectivity in these domains.

Charitable Donations

Andrew Forrest’s approach to philanthropy involves substantial charitable donations which have been directed to various sectors. In a notable move, he and his wife made a landmark donation to their foundation, significantly bolstering its capacity to fund diverse initiatives:

  • Donation Highlights:
    • A$5 billion: Donated towards the Minderoo Foundation.
    • Purpose: To support long-term projects across the foundation’s focus areas.

These donations have established the Forrests as prominent figures in global philanthropy, supporting a wide range of efforts to make a tangible difference in the world.

Forrest’s Influence in Australia

Andrew Forrest is widely acknowledged as a formidable presence in Australian business and philanthropy. Known affectionately as “Twiggy,” he boasts considerable influence through his ownership of various companies and his philanthropic endeavors. Forrest is often mentioned alongside other prominent Australians such as Gina Rinehart and Kerry Stokes, reflecting their significant impact on Australia’s economy and society.

Key Enterprises:

  • Mining: Perhaps the most notable is his founding of Fortescue Metals Group, one of the world’s largest iron ore producers.
  • Agriculture and Retail: Beyond mining, Forest has expanded into agriculture, acquiring iconic brands like Akubra, an Australian hat maker with a history spanning over a century.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Through Forrest’s family office, he has also invested in Planet Protector, a company dedicated to environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Forrest’s endeavors extend beyond business. His philanthropic activities are widespread, with significant contributions to education and environmental conservation.

Forbes lists Forrest’s net worth as a testament to his commercial success, positioning him among Australia’s wealthiest individuals. Yet, his influence is also marked by his participation in high-level legal affairs, including engagement with the High Court, highlighting his role in shaping Australian policies and corporate practices.

Through his businesses and philanthropic actions, Forrest continually redefines his contribution toward Australian society, economy, and environment.

Global Presence and Partnerships

Andrew Forrest’s companies showcase a substantial global presence and a number of international partnerships, especially through Fortescue Metals Group, now simply known as Fortescue. Fortescue embraces a complex supply chain that extends across various continents, underpinning the company’s ability to deliver resources efficiently.

In particular, China emerges as a significant partner, being one of the largest consumers of Fortescue’s iron ore. The group has established strong trade ties with Chinese steelmakers, supporting mutual growth and stable supply chains.

Partnerships have been central to Fortescue’s expansion. The company not only focuses on mining but also on energy, where it has been forming alliances under its Fortescue Future Industries initiative. This division aims to develop renewable energy and green technologies, engaging with partners globally to advance these goals.

  • Supply Chain: Fortescue’s supply chain is a testament to the company’s extensive network and strategic partnerships, stretching from the mines in Australia to manufacturing hubs across the world.
  • Communication: Maintaining open and effective communications is crucial, and Fortescue has leveraged this to build long-standing relationships with its international partners.

Andrew Forrest’s investment group Tattarang also casts a wide net, holding assets in various sectors, from agriculture to entertainment, often engaging in joint ventures or strategic collaborations to enhance its global footprint.

Moreover, through his philanthropic initiatives, Forrest has extended his influence into global humanitarian efforts. His Walk Free Foundation works internationally to combat modern slavery, creating partnerships with various organizations and governments to drive systemic change.

Media and Public Perception

In the eye of the media, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest is often highlighted as a figure of significant financial success and influence, usually seen through his myriad business endeavours. Most prominently known as the former CEO of Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), his ventures are diverse, with interests spanning mining, agriculture, and more.

Forbes, a leading business publication, regularly features Forrest due to his substantial net worth and his ranking among the world’s wealthiest individuals. His financial achievements and strategic investments have consistently kept him in the spotlight, with Forbes aptly noting his real-time net worth.

The public perception of Forrest is multifaceted. While his business acumen is admired, Forrest has also directed efforts towards philanthropy. This aspect of his character garners positive media coverage, especially when it comes to his environmental initiatives and charitable contributions.

Media outlets frequently convey his persona as a transitioned magnate, from leading a mining giant to advocating for eco-friendly practices. This paints a dynamic picture of Forrest, encapsulating not only his business prowess but his evolving role in societal and environmental issues. The media narrative often reflects this complexity, showcasing a man who is much more than a former mining CEO.

His nickname “Twiggy,” colloquially used by the public and media alike, suggests a friendly familiarity, further humanizing the businessman amidst his corporate successes. This interplay between Forrest’s business leadership and public persona shapes the collective perception of him as both an industry titan and a proactive citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section provides readers with precise information about Andrew Forrest’s business endeavors and personal relationships. It covers ownership details for Fortescue Metals Group, explores the ventures under Tattarang, and sheds light on the Forrest family’s business engagement.

What is the relationship between Andrew and Nicola Forrest?

Andrew and Nicola Forrest are a married couple renowned for their joint philanthropic endeavors, such as establishing the Minderoo Foundation. Their personal and professional partnership is a notable aspect of their public identity.

Who currently owns Fortescue Metals Group?

Fortescue Metals Group is publicly traded, but Andrew Forrest remains its significant shareholder and chairman, influencing the strategic direction of the company.

Can you tell me about the business ventures under Tattarang?

Tattarang, one of Australia’s largest private investment groups, is owned by Andrew Forrest and oversees a diverse portfolio that includes agri-food, energy, resources, property, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.

What are some of Andrew Forrest’s business interests beyond mining?

Beyond his mining interests, Andrew Forrest has invested in renewable energy initiatives and ocean conservation through projects like green hydrogen production and sustainable fisheries.

How are Andrew Forrest’s children involved in the family’s businesses?

Andrew Forrest’s children are actively involved in the family’s businesses, including occupying roles within Tattarang and contributing to its diverse operations and management.

Has there been a high-profile separation among one of the wealthiest couples recently?

No high-profile separation has been reported recently concerning Andrew and Nicola Forrest; they continue to work together in their business and philanthropic activities.