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Wedfuly shark tank

In the United States, a wedding typically costs $50,000. These costs only increase if you have to invite guests from a distance and manage your dresses, catering, decorations, and venue. Caroline Creidenberg, a businesswoman and software developer, integrated these problems with the pandemic dilemma to provide a virtual wedding solution.

Wedfuly gives couples who have been put off because of the COVID-19 crisis a legitimate way to organize, execute, and even pronounce marriage vows online.

Caroline Creidenberg is a graduate of the University of Denver with a computer science degree. She has even worked as a software engineer. Having a tech background, Caroline first introduced Wedfuly as a wedding planning app.

Wedfuly is an online live stream that connects you with friends and family worldwide to share your wedding.

It’s a straightforward setup that offers a multi-angle, front-row experience using Zoom, mobile devices, and tripods. Additionally, there are interactive features that encourage people to take part.

Wedfuly was highlighted in several publications, including The New York Times, Vogue, Brides Magazine, and Today, even before making an appearance on Shark Tank. According to their website, many couples booked their wedding dates for 2022 fast.

Wedfuly has helped more than 700 couples, generated more than $1,000,000 in bookings at a 75% rate of return, and already turned a profit. Caroline went to the Shark Tank hoping to form a business relationship with a shark that would put in $200,000 in return for 5% of Wedfuly. Kevin O’Leary was particularly interested in Caroline’s client list as he was linked to the wedding industry.

He was particularly intrigued by the selection of add-ons offered by Wedfuly and thought his companies might serve as a distribution system for Wedfuly. He made an investment offer of $200,000 in trade for a 20% share of the business. With 10% ownership, Robert Herjavec offered Caroline $200,000 in exchange.

Caroline was quite mindful regarding how much equity she gave away since she owned 100% of the business. Caroline accepted Robert’s offer instantly, making him the first male contributor on Wedfuly.

Our Review of Wedfuly

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to look for virtual substitutes. As a result of the wedding planners’ decreased business, Caroline’s app saw little to no growth. That’s when she had the incredible idea to modify the app to meet the moment‘s demands.

She understood that many people had the urge to be married but were compelled to postpone their nuptials because of the pandemic’s effects. Furthermore, why couldn’t weddings operate online if the world does everything else? Caroline thus collaborated with Zoom to transform Wedfuly into an online wedding solution.

Caroline set up the service using her background in computer science so that her crew could handle the technicalities while the family enjoyed the big day. The procedure of signing up is also quite simple because users only need to submit their wedding date to link with their Wedfuly associate. When everything is ready, the assistant even sends a helper to the location to set up the video camera and livestream if necessary.

On March 28, 2020, the company hosted its first virtual wedding. Since then, they have experienced tremendous growth and now provide a wide range of services, such as virtual ceremonies, a virtual seating system, a wedding procession, and much more.

The software also enables families to send friends little cakes or wines so they may also join in the celebrations. Furthermore, the best thing about everything online is that there’s no restriction on how many invitations may be distributed.

Currently, clients can schedule a consultation through their website ( In addition to the virtual services, the bundle package includes an audio device, two tripods, and battery packs to help with streaming.

Wedfuly’s stellar reviews reflect the business’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service.

Pros of Wedfuly

  • Helps you connect with your loved ones, even at long distances on your big day.
  • You can invite as many guests as you want.
  • You can maintain COVID protocols while enjoying your wedding to the fullest.
  • Helps you save on additional costs of hosting a big gathering for an enormous number of guests.
  • They offer complete assistance, making sure nothing goes wrong during the broadcast.

Cons of Wedfuly

  • Virtual weddings cannot replace the joy of physical weddings.

Who Is Wedfuly For?

Wedfuly is a virtual wedding service for couples who wish to enjoy their wedding to the fullest and invite guests from all across the world to attend their nuptials.

With COVID-19, traveling and social gatherings have been constrained to the extent that most people had to call off their weddings or had small-scale ceremonies; without their loved ones to celebrate their big day.

Wedfuly virtual wedding service breaks all geographical boundaries by letting couples enjoy their big day with an endless guest list.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Wedfuly is not the only virtual wedding service in the market. Businesses like LiveBrideWeddings, EventLive, and Lovecast cover weddings virtually, although the benefits offered might vary.

If you don’t want to spend on an exclusive service for a virtual wedding, video calls are always a viable option for your loved ones to join in your celebration. It may not give people a front-row view and other facilities such as sending gifts and a complete event broadcast, but they can at least be there for the couple and send their wishes.

Our Final Thought

Hundreds of couples who might not have otherwise been able to get married in front of their loved ones during the pandemic have benefited from Caroline’s virtual wedding service, Wedfuly. Wedfuly enables guests to participate in weddings from any location. With the attraction of digitally streaming a wedding, couples can forgo the customary massive, white wedding in exchange for a more private, small ceremony while still being able to celebrate their big day with their dear ones.

While there may be many competitors on the market, Wedfuly has established quite a clientele and followers in exchange for their promising services.