Wedding Wagon from Shark Tank

Wedding Wagon shark tank

Weddings that happen in Vegas don’t necessarily need to stay in Vegas because, remember, memories last forever. Now, memories can be good and bad. And when tying the knot with your beloved or renewing your vows with your significant other is concerned, you need it to be perfect and happily unforgettable.

Planning a wedding is by no means easy. Several meltdowns and indecisiveness on the color themes, never-ending guest lists, décor and outfit finalization later, you’re almost going crazy. And then you remember you’ve got to decide the venue and, of course, a photographer to click aesthetically pleasing and fantastic images to cover your big day. In short, that’s too much work that requires too much cash. But what if we’re to tell you a super affordable solution to avoid the unnecessary wedding costs? James Cass and Adrian Gonzalez certainly have the ideal trick on their sleeves with their innovative idea of the “Wedding Wagon.”

Wedding Wagon is perhaps the world’s first affordable and mobile wedding service, with the chapel coming to the bride and groom. The couple simply needs to schedule their preferred place and time- you’re free to bring witnesses and photographers of your choice too. The wedding package would include marriage licensing and wedding photo charges without hidden costs. And you can get married outdoors wherever in Las Vegas you want. Woah!

James and Adrian took their idea in front of the Sharks in Shark Tank’s sixth season, pitching $25,000 in exchange for 20% of the firm’s equity. They demonstrated their service with a refreshing – and humorous idea: getting Barbara and Kevin to renew their vows. Once the appointment was scheduled, Wedding Wagon would offer the flower, veil, and a dollar-bill ring. The idea was gaining immense fame in Las Vegas, but the founders wanted to make it accessible nationwide, hence the need for additional investment.

Wedding Wagon earned $243,000 in the previous year and sold the business for $125,000 to establish a franchised firm. This point worried Mark, and he was the first one out. Robert couldn’t believe that the guys had already sold their business; Lori thought the venture was too easy and anyone could develop and run it. Therefore, both Sharks are out. Kevin thinks the project is pretty strange, while Barbara said she would have been interested had the guys not sold their business. With that, Mr Wonderful and Barbara are both out, leaving James and Adrian with no successful deal with any investor.

Even though Wedding Wagon didn’t get any Shark to invest in their business, it’s still operating. After the episode aired, the brand gained significant attention and appreciation, especially from couples who wanted dream weddings but were tight on cash. Today, the business generates yearly revenues of around $2 million and has expanded its operations, offering indoor weddings in chapels. Some of its wedding themes and locations include boutique, garden gazebo, park, fun, Fremont Street, and Neon Boneyard Museum weddings.

Our Review Of Wedding Wagon

Wedding Wagon is undoubtedly an attention-grabbing concept that seems creative, exotic, and memorable. Honestly, what’s not to love about the service? The bride and groom get to cut their wedding bills and be happy with their limited number of witnesses and guests (if choosing the indoor chapel wedding). You don’t need to pay anything other than for decoration, wedding officiant, and legal paperwork, which is a marvelous feature!

Pros Of Wedding Wagon

  • Wallet-friendlier
  • It saves you from the stressful work of arranging the venue and catering to the décor
  • One call is all you need to seal the deal!
  • An event as per your desired time and place means a lot more relaxation
  • A peaceful way to ensure everything goes smoothly and the couplehas immense fun on their wedding
  • No hidden taxes or charges
  • Fifteen digital photos to remember your happy day for life (at an incredibly low cost)
  • Select music of choice when opting for indoor chapel weddings

Cons Of Wedding Wagon

  • Not the service for you if you want customized decorations
  • You need to travel to Las Vegas to avail of the service
  • It doesn’t include food or refreshments
  • It can seem costly to a few people

Who Is a Wedding Wagon For?

Wedding Wagon is an excellent choice for all couples looking for a Vegas Wedding. In addition, even if you’re planning to renew your vows or planning an outdoor commitment ceremony in Las Vegas, Wedding Wagon offers you an incredible opportunity. Moreover, not everyone has an extensive budget to host their wedding. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a blast on your blissfully big day. Las Vegas Wedding Wagon ensures to handle legal paperwork, arrange wedding officiants, and get you married in the location of your choice. If that doesn’t sound delightful, then we don’t know what will!

Are There Any Alternatives?

We couldn’t really find an alternative for Wedding Wagon. So, it’s either giving a call to the business or opting for the traditional Vegas Chapel wedding with an Elvis Presley look alike. But that’s not even half as fun as the wide variety and extensive options Wedding Wagon offers. That being said, traditional weddings can still be pocket-friendlier, and you don’t have to pay for digital photographs if you’ve got a witness to click your images. So, there’s some benefit. But then again, why give up the mind-blowing opportunity of selecting an outdoor venue in Las Vegas and letting Wedding Wagon prepare the arrangements themselves? Plus, the planners meet you at your desired location on your big day. So, there’s no need to drive to and from their office or arrange meetings during your already jam-packed days to check up on last moment detailing. That’s quite a relief.

Our Final Thoughts

At first thought, the Wedding Wagon might seem unusual and strange. But overall, it’s a superb attempt for people who wish to celebrate their milestone – joining hands and hearts with their partners without creating a dent in their savings. The packages are affordable, convenient, and promise to transform your commitment ceremonies into lovely events. You can easily check available dates from the official website, select your venue, make the online payment, and sit back, sipping your favorite wine. Now all that’s left is dressing up in your ceremonial dresses and enjoying your long-awaited day.