Wad Free from Shark Tank

Wad Free shark tank

Laundry is a highly mundane and tedious task, and an average American knows that. Opening your laundry machines to your sheets all twisted is even more frustrating. But worry not, Wad Free is an intelligent product that will solve this hassle effortlessly.

Wad Free is a designed product that helps to ensure your sheets don’t tangle with other clothes during the wash. It is a plastic square of 4 inches and has rounded corners. Every corner has a hole and its snap closure. All you have to do is pull a little sheet through the hole and secure it. The process is that simple, but the result is far from simple. Save energy with Wad Free.

The problem of twisty sheets was expected, and even though it felt like there was no solution for it, Wad Free swooped in like a hero. With Wad Free, you no longer have to deal with sheets that did not properly dry or extra laundry that gets caught up within the sheets.

Wad Free helps you minimize your time spent washing, as all items will get washed and dried effectively and promptly. It is a product that you would not regret purchasing. Bid goodbye to frustrating laundry time with Wad Free. This innovative product can be used for every type of sheet. However, it may be challenging to use it for sheets that are made of a thicker material.

The brain behind this product is Cyndi Bray, who experienced this problem, and when she couldn’t find a solution for it, she created one herself. Cyndi is an impressive woman who learned physics herself, CAD drawing, and learned to develop a prototype. Her commitment to her product and the business world is impeccable.

Before coming on Shark Tank, Cyndi launched the product in 2020 and had sold $513,000 worth of Wad Free through her website, Amazon, Walmart, and Grommet.

Are They An Active Business?

Wad Free is still an active business as of 2022, and it continues to sell through its official website, along with Amazon and other retailers.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Cyndi Bay appeared on season 13 of shark tank, where she gave a captivating pitch. She sought $200,000 for a 5% equity in exchange. She was looking forward to a deal with a Shark to turn her product into wads of cash. Cyndi did not take long to impress the Sharks with her numbers, profit margins, and attitude towards her business.

The Sharks also had the chance to observe the product themselves, which they found compelling.

While the product was genius and Cyndi’s ambitiousness towards her business was great, she did not receive an offer from all the Sharks.

Mark Cuban was the first Shark to go out because he believed this product wasn’t in his interest and didn’t do laundry, so he went out. Robert followed his lead. Although her story inspired him, he was unsure what he could offer Cyndi. Daymond was the last to go out because the product to him was not relatable.

Kevin made a classic offer to Cyndi. He asked for 10% equity for $200,000 and a royalty of $1.50 per unit sold until he received his money back. However, Lori decided that she would grant her the investment of $200,000, but she wanted 25% equity, which Kevin deemed a “greedy offer.” Lori did lower the equity to 20%. In return, Kevin dropped his equity percentage to 5%.

The decision for Cyndi was easy. She accepted Kevin’s offer because she was unwilling to give up 25% of her equity. Since Shark Tank, Cyndi’s brand and the product has only become more popular and continues to sell rapidly online.

Our Review of Wad Free

Washing or drying clothes is no fun activity. It’s time-consuming and tiring. In our opinion, Wad Free is such an intelligent product that it offers a convenient way to ensure that you don’t have to have another cycle of washing or drying out sheets. Your laundry will have fewer wrinkles as well. And since everybody washes sheets, Wad Free is a product that will continually impress people.

Besides making laundry easier, people can use Wad Free to make their bed sheets because all the corners of the sheet will properly be secured with Wad Free.

Wad Free is a classic household item, and it has impressed many people across America, who have nothing but praise for the product. Some customers were initially skeptical, but Wad Free proved convenient for people.

Pros of Wad Free

A product like Wad Free has become a favorite for all the right reasons. Here are a few of its pros.

  • Wad Free ensures your laundry dries 75% faster.
  • It is easy to attach Wad Free.
  • With Wad Free, your washing machine does not lose balance.
  • Works on every size of sheet.
  • Wad Free is safe to use.
  • A reusable product that could last several months up to a year.
  • The pack includes two wads for fitted and flat sheets.
  • Readily available everywhere, online and in stores.

Cons of Wad Free

There aren’t as many drawbacks to the product. It’s innovative and valuable. However, creators could consider that the price is a bit high and that not everyone would be able to afford it.

Who Is Wad Free For?

Wad Free is just the product for you if you do your laundry but are tired of their sheets and other items not thoroughly washed or dried.

Are There Any Alternatives Available?

From our research, we have found that there are no known alternatives available in the market for Wad Free.

Our Final Thoughts

In our view, Wad Free is such a need-of-the-hour product. Nowadays, when saving energy is so essential, Wad Free helps people cut down on energy. Even though it was of no interest to three of the Sharks personally, we cannot deny that the product is brilliant and revolutionary.

Cyndi bay is a true businesswoman, and she has proven this from the popularity of her product Wad Free. We believe her brand will become a household name in the future.