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Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality platform that allows you to play video games while moving in all directions on a treadmill. Virtuix Omni has no moving parts, so you must wear special shoes when using it.

The treadmill simulator, Virtuix Omni, can travel in any direction. The treadmill stimulator is operated using virtual reality technology. The device uses modern technology to avoid friction and prevent injuries.

The Founder of Virtuix

Virtuix Omni was established by entrepreneur Jan Goetgeluk. The Belgian national, who graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, decided to continue his education in the US in 2001. Jan worked as an investment banker after graduating in order to save money for his next start up.

He got active in a burgeoning virtual reality community through which he learned about Palmer Lucky and the Oculus virtual reality technology. Goetgeluk believes that he would not have been successful with the idea of Virtuix if he had not created the omni directional treadmill that could spin 360 degrees.

While also working part-time in investment banking, he pursued the Virtuix Omni prototype, which ultimately failed. However, Jan was a dedicated person, and over time, he was able to create a working prototype.

If you’re tech-savvy, you must be aware of virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive, which is partnered with the Sony Morpheus, the Oculus Rift, and Valve. And if you’ve ever used a virtual reality headset, you probably already know that you have to move around in order to experience VR. But how do you move around the house without ruining anything or hurting yourself? Fortunately, the Virtuix Omni is the first omni directional treadmill ever made that allows users to move around safely without actually moving. The treadmill moves freely in all directions and serves as a companion for virtual reality.

Virtuix on Shark Tank

Jan requested a $2 million investment on Shark Tank in exchange for a 10% stake in Virtuix Omni. However, Jan and the sharks were unable to reach an agreement. Jan had to exit the tank without securing a deal. Nonetheless, Virtuix was ranked among the top products ever showcased on the Shark Tank Show in terms of how quickly sales are exploding throughout the globe.

Virtuix Omni Shark Tank Update

The Virtuix Omni failed in its bid to get funding in Shark Tank. The main reason for this was because the Sharks believed it to be overly dependent on the Oculus Rift.

But even though Virtuix Omni didn’t have much money, it sold well. Nevertheless, this sector was destined to succeed given the popularity of Virtuix Omni and the VR mania.

It is unknown how many individuals have purchased the Virtuix because there are so many VR headsets on the market. The Omni should stay there for a very long time and allow individuals to fully immerse themselves in virtual reality.

However, the success of the Oculus Rift led one of the Sharks to question if they should make an offer when Facebook opted to purchase it for $2 billion in early 2014. Mark Cuban and a few other investors later decided to invest three million dollars in the business. This was an unusual occurrence because it’s not very common for investors to make deals outside shark tanks.

When Virtuix Omni completed a $3 million fundraising round, it became known that Mark Cuban would ultimately invest in the business. His investment company, Radical Investments, handled the acquisition.

Our Review of Virtuix Omni

The Virtuix Omni is a game component that makes virtual reality gaming a reality. It’s like a multi dimensional treadmill that connects to Razer Hydra motion detecting game controllers and gaming glasses by Oculus Rift virtual reality to provide a video gamer total immersion in any game with a keyboard interface. Players can walk, run, jump, crouch, or strafe inside a computer game world thanks to the Virtuix Omni base and specially made shoes.

When Virtuix Omni made its appearance on Shark Tank, the company was valued at $20 million. As of 2022, Virtuix Omni’s net value is unknown. On Kickstarter, the Virtuix Omni raised a whopping amount of $1,109,351 while he had planned on securing only $150K.

The Virtuix Omni appears to be a wholly commercial platform, and the business no longer targets the retail consumer market with its advertising. OmniverseTM, Omni’s own platform for managing arcades and content distribution, was introduced by Virtuix in October 2017.

More than 20 of the top virtual reality games from across the globe are available on this platform, all of which have been specially designed for Omni and location-based entertainment. The Omni can now be used as a component of an all-encompassing entertainment system for theme parks, thanks to Omniverse.

Due to the large variety of well-known games and the leader board functionality it offers, users keep returning to the site to play. Video games have now become much more enjoyable because of Virtuix Omni. Mark Cuban dipped his toe into the Virtuix waters and rode the waves to success.

The Omni Arena was unveiled by the business on January 1, 2019. The Omni treadmills are set up in a constrained, compact area. They are available at Sky Zone and Dave and Busters. However, you can also find them in other locations.

The first Omni Arena, which is a multiplayer setup with integrated weekly and monthly e-sports contests, was installed by Virtuix in March 2019. Omni Arena offers its customers a thorough experience that includes the provision of a game play video following each session that can later be shared to different social media sites in addition to holding e-sports tournaments.

The experience makes you feel like you’re actually running or walking in the virtual world that results in a previously unseen level of immersion. Due to its small size and low cost, Omni Arena is the finest multiplayer virtual reality attraction for arcades and family entertainment centers globally.

In August 2021, Mark Cuban assisted the business in raising $19 million for Omni One through crowd funding and through his own funds. In 2020, Virtuix unveiled the Omni One home entertainment system, returning to the business’s original goal of serving the household market.

The Omni One, a highly anticipated video gaming system, will soon be available for pre-order from this firm, which has garnered $19 million from more than 6,500 investors. However, the business doesn’t appear to be selling to retail customers anymore and has completely switched to a commercial strategy.

Additionally, Goetgeluk is working on TRAVR, the first game created especially for the Virtuix Omni. Reviewers and early adopters are raving about this technology, which might genuinely be a game changer.

Pros of Virtuix

  • Easy to use
  • Amazing VR experience
  • Revolutionary gaming technology

Cons of Virtuix

  • Lack of affordability

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Tilt Five
  • Yost Labs
  • Cortopia Studios

Our Final Thoughts

It’s pretty much a certainty that if you’ve ever lived with an avid gamer who absolutely needs to have the next best thing when it comes to gaming, they’ll be getting a Virtuix Omni soon. This is a game-changer that will reinvent the online gaming business as we currently know it and address one of the greatest issues raised by parents: inactivity. If you wish to compete in online gaming in the future, you should invest in Virtuix and forget about lounging on the couch with a console. You may now enter the Virtual World and explore pretty much everything you can imagine when used in conjunction with the Oculus Rift Virtual Gaming Mask.