Veggie Mama from Shark Tank

Veggie Mama shark tank

Feeding kids the right food is a battle every parent goes through. It is very difficult to have them eat the right fruit and veggies, especially while they are younger.

A mom and dad duo were going through the same difficulties when they decided to create recipes that their kids would enjoy. That’s when Theresa and Robert Frejo came up with the Veggie Mama garden pops. Keep reading to find out what Veggie Mama garden pops are.

What is Veggie Mama?

Veggie Mama is a range of frozen garden pops made out of all-natural fruits and veggies and is great to get the kids to eat healthier. Theresa and Robert Frejo, the founders of Veggie Mama, first thought of creating smoothies; however, they changed their minds and ended up making delicious frozen pops.

They are made of blended fruits and vegetables sweetened by natural agave nectar. They started their business by pooling in all their savings and with the help of an investor buddy. They started selling and were doing pretty well until they planned to expand their business further but needed a shark investment to do so.

Veggie Mama on Shark Tank

Theresa and Robert entered the shark tank looking for a $75,000 investment in return for 15% ownership. They started their pitch by introducing themselves as Veggie Mama and Veggie Papa and explained the reason that led them to create the Veggie Mama frozen pops.

They proceed by telling the sharks how their frozen pops are completely natural and have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Samples are then handed out to the shark, which, surprisingly, they all love.

The sharks then proceed to question the couple about their whole Veggie Mama journey and what their future plans for the business are. They discover that their garden pops have made almost $30,000 since they started their business, selling for $1.10 a piece with a retail price of $2.25.

The couple reveals that they have rented a facility where they run the machinery, and they have the capacity to increase production.

However, Mark jumps in and tells them his experience with frozen food has never been good, and expanding it nationally would require a lot of work and money, which shouldn’t be rushed. Therefore, he opts out. Barbara follows, citing the same.

Kevin, who wasn’t interested initially, changed his mind after trying out the samples. He claims that he would invest $750,00 in return for $0.50 on each unit until he recovers his initial investment.

This amount would then reduce to $0.25. Kevin tells the couple that this framework helped him succeed in the culinary industry with his cupcake business. However, Robert claims that $75,000 doesn’t seem enough for the business, but they should move forward with this as it is completely new to the American market and could be very successful.

Robert offers the couple a total of $150,000, the first half of it now for a return of 25% equity, and the rest of it 6-12 months after the initial investment. He claims that this will enable him to return to the company full-time.

As the metaphoric ball starts to roll, Lori declares that she enjoyed the product and wants to make a 20% offer of $75,000 as well. She adds that if Veggie Mama needs any additional funding, she can give it to her. Additionally, Lori has relationships with many retailers and is able to negotiate special distribution agreements.

The Sharks nearly engaged in a type of price war, each trying to drive the other sharks out.

Since the Fraijo has rejected all offers up till now, Mark steps in and tells them how they should’ve accepted Roberts’s initial offer as it would have helped them make money faster. By the end of the negotiations, the tables have turned, and Barbara and Mark have teamed up to outs the other sharks.

Theresa and Robert Fraijo strike a deal with them for a $75,000 investment for 20% equity, no royalties.

Our Review of Veggie Mama

We believe Veggie Mama’s garden pops are a great way to introduce those healthy snacks to your kids. Not only are they all natural, but they are also free of gluten, artificial flavors, dairy, and artificial colors. They are available in three delicious flavors: Sweet Potato Pie, Citrus Cucumber, and Carrot Berry.

Pros of Veggie Mama

Since they are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly, and healthy, all we can see is the several benefits it provides.

Cons of Veggie Mama

We haven’t come across any drawbacks of Veggie Mama garden pops. Please feel free to share any negative experiences you’ve had with Veggie Mama and let us know in the comments.

Who is Veggie Mama for?

Veggie Mama is intended for toddlers and adults both. A healthy snack for toddlers and an excellent refreshing pop for adults. Especially great to beat the summer heat.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We haven’t come across any alternatives for the Veggie Mama garden pops.

Our Final Thoughts

After their deal with Mark and Barbara, their business expanded to more retail outlets, sprouts, and whole-food locations, as well as online.

The firm has now added a garden jams collection to its lineup and has started distribution all around the country.

This was one product on the shark tank that had all the sharks competing against each other, and rightly so.

The first of its kind, Veggie Mama truly was a great innovative product, especially considering the variety of unhealthy snacks available in the market; Veggie Mama has opened up a whole new market for healthier and affordable snacks suitable for both young and adults.