Totes Babies from Shark Tank

Totes Babies shark tank

If you are a parent, you may know how difficult it is to go grocery shopping with your infant. Where should you place the baby? Should you carry him and then shop? Should you place him inside the shopping cart? But where will all the stuff go if the baby takes up the entire space?

For most parents, shopping with a baby is not the most pleasant experience; even leaving the house for the smallest errands can be difficult. Having to carry a car seat anywhere you go makes it challenging and isn’t the most pleasant feeling for your baby either.

But there is something that can help ease all your struggles, Totes Babies. Stay on the page to know all about this simple yet genius product that will make your life a lot easier.

What is Totes Babies?

Totes Babies is a car seat carrier that you can attach to any kind of shopping cart and not have to worry about stressing yourself with carrying the car seat and making the shopping experience easy.

It was invented by Lindsey Fleischhauer, a mom who found it very inconvenient trying to shop with her 1-year-old and was adamant about finding a solution. She started out by experimenting and creating the first prototype using a canvas and curtain rod hangers. She tried the hammock-style baby carrier multiple times during her shopping experiences and finally took the idea to her father, who was the CEO at Southern Imperials Inc.

Her father helped her start the business by creating a prototype, and she started selling through an online website, and Totes Babies turned out to be a very successful business.

Both the father and daughter duo decided to take Totes Babies to Shark Tank for further investment,

Totes Babies on Shark Tank

Lindsey and her father appeared in season 12 on Shark Tank looking for a $100,000 investment for a 10% equity in their business. By now, they had already made over $220,000 in profit since their business started in 2018.

As soon as the Sharks learn the numbers, they are all ears. Mark inquires whether they have approached a grocery store or any other retailer to sell the product; since it is such an excellent idea, if people saw it, they would buy it. Lindsey tells him that all their sales are mainly through social media and directly through their website. The Totes Babies carrier is sold directly by them as of now, and since they are looking to expand, they need further investment.

Kevin tells the duo he loves the idea but won’t be investing since it is not his type of business. Both Mark and Daniel also turn down the investment, but Lori and Robert absolutely love it and offer them a $100,000 investment in return for 25% of their business. Robert wants to take the product to grocery stores, while Lori aims to license the product.

Robert then counter offers a deal in return for 22% ownership; however, Lindsey and Stanley like Lori’s approach and accept her offer.

The duo walks out with a deal with Lori.

Our Review of Totes Babies

As soon as the episode aired on tv, Totes Babies gained a lot of traction and increased its sales by a huge margin. While the product is very simple, it might not be something every parent would want. This is simply because not all parents think the same, and their ideas about shopping, places they go, and taking their babies out may vary. However, if you fall into the group of parents who find grocery shopping really challenging when they have a kid to hold or keep in their cart, then this product could be exactly what you need. Let’s check out some of the drawbacks and benefits so you can get a better picture:

Pros of Totes Babies

  • The stress-free and easy shopping experience
  • Since you don’t have to lug the car seat about, your child will be in front of you at all times.
  • You don’t always need to hire a babysitter just so you can go shopping.
  • Baby can fall asleep while you get things done.
  • Your infant will be safe, secure, and germ-free.

Cons of Totes Babies

  • It can be inconvenient in situations when you are already running late and don’t have time to attach the carrier to the shopping cart.
  • Depending on the dimensions of the cart, the hooks can be a bit too slack.
  • Totes Babies works best for large shopping carts. It would just into smaller ones cutting down on cart space.
  • It is expensive, especially considering the making is nothing out of the ordinary.

Who is the Totes Babies For?

Totes Babies is designed for parents who are tired of stressful shopping and are desperate for a convenient way out. It can also make a perfect present for expecting parents or parents of infants and babies.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There isn’t any alternative for the Totes Baby carrier; however, there are other ways you can have a better shopping experience. You could bring a stroller with you or utilize a shoulder carrier to hold your baby close to you, and if your baby is big enough to sit up, the seat on a shopping cart is a lifesaver, and you won’t have to spend the hefty amount for a carrier that you would only use for no more than six months.

Our Final Thoughts

The Totes Babies carrier is a great, innovative product and has been doing pretty well since they last appeared on Shark Tank. The deal between the duo and Lori never materialized, but the company seems to be doing pretty well without it since they came out with two new products, a Boogie bracelet, and a phone and tablet car mount.

Totes Babies is an easy-to-use carrier that can adjust to most cart sizes and fits inside any bag since it folds and doesn’t take up much space. Additionally, the best part about it is the ability to keep the baby safe and secure, so they don’t fall off or hurt themselves.

We hope this review of Totes Babies has helped you decide whether you should buy it or not.