Total Merchant Resources from Shark Tank

Total Merchant Resources shark tank

Total Merchant Resources are an excellent alternative to finance-related elucidations. They provide a pathway to obtain the required funds for practical financial problem solving and prompt investments.

Total Merchant Resources processes the financial handling on the company’s behalf only through the credit card medium. They receive a calculated and settled percentage of the total sales until the full repayment of the loan.

Total Merchant Resources aids in payroll needs, inventory, repairs, and expansions of other business needs. The cash is secured in credit or debit card sales, obtained from merchandise at discounted offers.

Val Pinkhasov and Jason Reddish are the rightful owners of Total Merchant Resources who have aimed to launch a service that enables small business loans to the companies.

The primary purpose behind the owners’ creation of The Total Merchant Resources is that often banks are unwilling to invest in small businesses or projects they are uncertain of.

Therefore, this is an exceptional pathway for all those who have either not been accepted by the banks or are looking for different kinds of investors for their business plans.

Total Merchant Resources is an excellent platform for authentic funding for your business. All one has to do is fill out the application form with correct details and sign in through the online website; the loan advisor reaches you within 24 hours of the application form submission. The funds are transferred to your bank account within one or two working days if your business is found authentic.

Total Merchant Resources’ owners are also known as mini sharks as they provide a similar service to the Sharks in the Shark Tank but on a relatively smaller scale.

Our Review of The Total Merchant Resources

Val Pinkhasov and Jason Reddish walked in the Shark Tank show on episode 509, where their main goal was to collect $200,000 for 20% of the equity share to the investor. They define their business as a merchant processing business, which means they set up credit/debit cards for businesses.

In their futuristic and extremely confident elevator pitch, they set out on the mission and vision of Total Merchant Resources and explained the current services in detail.

The current services include buying credit cards at discounts, offering loans for business investment, providing financial solutions, etc.

Kevin was seen creating a scenario regarding loans, which is quickly resolved by Val’s answer that they will recoup the loan by taking 74% of the processing business from the credit cards of the customers till the loans are paid back.

The owners of Total Merchant Resources had a good background in the mortgage industry. Therefore they successfully introduced the sharks to the concept of residual earnings.

Lori seemed confused. Therefore, she walked away from the investment; similarly, Robert backed out as the concept wasn’t of his interest. Mark, however, thought of the business idea as futuristic and valuable, but he was unwilling to invest in the business.

Kevin was seen giving in to the business idea; however, he required an additional sum of 50% of the total investment. The remaining sharks thought everyone could benefit from Total Merchant Resources business.

Val and Jason accepted Kevin’s deal, and finalized at $250,000 for 25% of the equity shares. According to Kevin, his name will ignite the business expansion promptly.

The Total Merchant Resources are now seen increasing throughout the globe. After their successful appearance on the show Shark Tank, their popularity and demand have spiked to a 500% increase in The Total Merchant Resources worldwide.

Total Merchant Resources has expanded from just credit cards to ACH payments and point sale systems for loan programs. It can be stated without any doubt that the partnership with Kevin has proven to be successful and has opened many doors for the company worldwide.

Total Merchant Resources is now serving businesses globally, and a total annual revenue of $5 million has been reported till now. The company is open on five working days, Monday to Friday from 9 to 6, and is initially based in New Jersey but deals with the business globally.

Pros of Total Merchant Resources

Multiple advantages branch out of The Total Merchant Resources, which are;

  • No requirement for substantial monthly payments. Only a percentage of the customer’s credit card sales is taken so that it doesn’t create a hurdle with the business profit and keeps the organization getting back its loan in small portions.
  • Easy-to-fill application forms.
  • Opens a gateway for small businesses.
  • Excellent and timely services that respond within one or two working days.
  • Fast approval service within 24 hours.
  • Problem-free repayment and refunding.
  • Excellent customer service.

Cons of Total Merchant Resources

There are negligible shortcomings of The Total Merchant Resources; however, we have managed to pull out a few, which are;

  • TotalMerchant Resources is not a suitable option for people who want to run a business but don’t have credit/debit cards or any payment method except cash.
  • Unsuitable for substantial business investments.
  • The Total Merchant Resources will not be a good option for the businesses that will gain no profit from the sales in the initial months. Therefore, they will get a loss by repaying the loans monthly.

Who is it For?

Total Merchant Resources is for all the people who have either been rejected by the banks or have not yet been answered by them. It is excellent for small business investments as it doesn’t require burdensome paperwork to be filled out or cheque methods.

It is excellent for businessmen and women who want quick and modern services and wish to expand their business with authentic investing organizations.

Total Merchant Resources is also an excellent opportunity for those unwilling to repay the loan in heavy payments, as this organization only takes a small percentage of the profit gained from sales every month.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Total Merchant Resources is itself an alternative to financing solutions. However, bank loans and Sharks from the Shark tank are possible alternatives to this service. Banks and sharks offer similar services but on a relatively more extensive scale.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that Total Merchant Resources is an excellent way to gain authentic investments for your business. If you are facing problems while being accepted by the banks or do not wish to contact the bank, this is the perfect pathway.

An excellent repayment method and loan service with exceptional customer service is all one needs to run and initiate a business.