Third Wave Water from Shark Tank

Third Wave Water shark tank update

The consumption of coffee in the US alone is over 400 million cups per day. This fact depicts that coffee is one of the most in-demand beverages. People get their hands on coffee through various means.

While store-bought coffee is one of the most prevalent ways of coffee consumption due to the in-transit breakfast habits, people also love sipping the delicious beverage brewed at home. Even though many people enjoy their homebrew, there isn’t much innovation in the market. Apart from that, coffee lovers always seek new ways to make their coffee taste as good as a cafe-bought cup.

Taylor Minor, the owner of a local coffee shop in his village, had numerous coffee aficionados asking him tips on brewing the perfect coffee cup daily. He gave several tips and even sold coffee beans to make his customer’s coffee brewing experience worthwhile. However, homebrewed coffee still lacked the smooth texture of cafe-bought coffees.

Since coffee is 98% water, Taylor thought that the actual work needed to be done on the quality of water used to make coffee. That’s when the idea clicked in his mind, and with Charles Nick, a coffee lover himself, Taylor embarked on the journey to make something that could alter the water’s pH and make it perfect for brewing coffee. That’s how Third Wave Water was founded in 2016.

Third Wave Water is a packet of mineral powder mixed in distilled water to alter its pH, making it slightly acidic to improve the texture of coffee. The powder only works for distilled water but makes the outcome, which is coffee, smoother than the tap water one. All one needs to do is mix a packet in a gallon of water, shake it as they mean it, and brew their perfect cup.

Third Wave Water’s founders appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100K in exchange for 10% equity in their company. They wanted to make Third Wave Water a product on which people around the globe could get their hands. They needed help with the supply chain and the marketing of the product.

The duo started the pitch with their introduction and a prevalent daily issue that coffee lovers face. While introducing their product, a man on the side station was brewing coffee for the sharks. Once the founders talked, they offered the sharks two cups each.

One of the cups had regular tap water coffee, while the other had a coffee made using Third Wave Water. All the sharks hummed in unison as they tasted the latter. Lori immediately tasted the acidity and appreciated the founders on that.

They talked about the numbers, and the duo shared that the product was shipped worldwide. The projected sales were $120K for the year of Shark Tank’s appearance. However, the sharks were disappointed that customers could only use ThirdWave Water in distilled water.

Lori and Robert wanted something efficient and didn’t invest in the business. Mark and Kevin didn’t see the market for home brewers and decided they didn’t want to be a part of the business. Luckily, Barbara was the only remaining shark and also interested in the business.

Barbara sought a position as a third partner in exchange for $100K + $1 royalty per unit until they had paid the sum of $100K. The duo countered and offered 25% of the stake. Barbara agreed and sealed the deal for $100K and a dollar royalty on every sold unit.

Our Review of Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water has become a profitable business, building its customer base or community of coffee lovers in a short period. While the business was doing well on its own, the Shark Tank appearance has turned it into a recognized business nationwide. Today, Third Wave Water is making over a million dollars in revenue.

The unique product introduced by Third Wave Water has gained a lot of traction from coffee aficionados from all around the globe. The company ships its packages internationally to make rich and smooth coffee accessible in every household. Third Wave Water is easy to use and makes the coffee taste better without altering the coffee.

Third Wave Water is also available on Amazon.

Pros of Third Wave Water

In a short time, Third Wave Water has found a community of coffee fanatics who desperately want their homebrewed coffee to taste as good as the cafe bought. The company’s unique product line has made Third Wave Water a favorite among the crowd. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Third Wave Water is an incredible way to improve the homebrewed coffee and make it taste as if it’s straight from a cafe.
  • Third Wave Water is a packet of minerals that improve distilled water’s pH and raise the water’s acidity level to make it taste delicious.
  • Using Third Wave Water improves the texture of the most sought-after beverage without ruining the distinguishing characteristics of different types of coffee.
  • Various types of Third Wave Water packets are available on their e-commerce platform, each unique to the kind of roast used for coffee.
  • The steps in preparing the distilled water for the perfect cup of coffee using Third Wave Water are simple and easy to follow.
  • Third Wave Water reduces the bitterness of the water to brighten the taste of coffee.
  • Third Wave Water is packaged in a box with smaller packets of mineral powder that can last for 12 gallons of water.
  • The Third Wave Water website is user-friendly and allows customers to navigate the shop without any unnecessary stops.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Third Wave Water

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Third Wave Water:

  • Third Wave Water is quite expensive, especially since it works with just one type of water.
  • Customers can’t use Third Wave Water in tap water, which is disappointing for some coffee lovers.
  • Third Wave Water is a mineral-based package that tends to ruin the coffee and espresso machine after a couple of months as the mineral reacts with the metals inside the machine.
  • Some customers find their coffee tasting like an ordinary cup despite using Third Wave Water.

Who Is Third Wave Water For?

Third Wave Water is a must-have for all coffee lovers who want their coffee to taste as good as the ones they buy at cafes. The packaged minerals improve the pH of distilled water to make it perfect for the smoother and more reviving taste of coffee. Since Third Wave Water packets are also available, especially for espressos, espresso lovers can now enjoy the finest cup of their favorite beverage at home.

Are There Any Alternatives?

No businesses yet have a similar product to Third Wave Water. However, coffee lovers can make a delightful cup of coffee simply by using a great coffee brand. You can find numerous coffee brands that offer quality beans or ground coffee that satiates your taste buds.

Our Final Thoughts

Third Wave Water has proved to be profitable and has shown promising growth, ensuring that the business will continue to make waves in the future. However, the company does require some work on improving the mechanism as minerals tend to ruin the coffee machine people use to make coffees. While people would keep buying Third Wave Water for the best cup of coffee, nobody would willingly ruin their expensive coffee appliances for the sake of it.

Third Wave Water will continue to revolutionize the beverage industry in the future.