The Swilt from Shark Tank

the swilt shark tank

The Swilt is exactly what the name suggests; it is a sweatshirt that transforms into a full-size quilt or a blanket. This unique and innovative product resembles a normal sweatshirt but has a quilt inside. It also features foot pockets which make this product ideal for winters when you want to snuggle up into a blanket.

This Swilt is portable and ideal for long journeys since it is comfortable to wear and travel-friendly. However, the Company went out of business soon after being featured on shark tank. Social media was updated a few years ago, and the website is offline.

In episode four of season three of Shark Tank, the founder of The Swift, Tennelle, asks for thirty thousand dollars in return for a 35% stake in her Company.

She energetic demonstrates the product to the sharks and explains how the foot pocket is waterproof thanks to the water-resistant nylon lining. She also describes how to wrap up the blanket and secure it back into the pocket found in front of the sweatshirt.

Tennelle talks about how she has marketed and sold around a hundred Swilts at flea markets.  She believes that if people knew about her product, they’d adore it. She is working to make the website more user-friendly and to increase production in preparation for the orders she anticipates will start following her Shark Tank appearance.

The presentation and her cheerful attitude seem to delight the Sharks, but their feedback is not so pleasant. Robert Herjavec questions Tennelle about how many Swilts she has managed to sell. The Sharks seem unpleased when Tennelle tells them she has only managed to sell 100 Swilts and plans to buy more material and upgrade the website.

Mark Cuban says the Swilt is a tripping hazard and does not see it succeeding. Kevin O’Leary instructs Tennelle to pursue Daymond John. Tennelle also emphasizes how popular the Snuggie was, but Lori Greiner thinks they’re outdated, and she’s out. Robert Herjavec dislikes its appearance and hence declines to invest.

Lastly, Daymond John isn’t interested in investing in the Swilt niche; he’s out. Tennelle walks away from the shark tank empty-handed because the sharks don’t find the Swilt interesting enough to invest in. They appreciate Tennelle’s passion and thought behind the product and advise her to keep experimenting until she comes up with a better product idea.

Our Review of the Swilt

The Swilt is a unique product that can be worn as a hoodie and transformed into a quilt. It is ideal for people living in cold climates. You can wear the Swilt while relaxing at home, flying, or watching a movie or football game.

Furthermore, no one can tell that your hoodie has a built-in blanket inside it from the outside. It is also portable and features a lightweight fabric, making it even more comfortable to wear. It saves you a lot of space in your bag because you don’t have to pack a blanket or quilt.

You also don’t have to worry about the bottom half of the Swilt getting dirty, thanks to the water-resistant nylon lining, which can be wiped clean with a cloth.

However, the Swilt is not for fashionable people who enjoy dressing up in fun clothing because of its unappealing appearance. It is perfect for those who value comfort over style. Furthermore, the Swilt could be a tripping hazard because the bottom part may not provide a firm grip on slippery floors.

If you don’t enjoy the attention, you should avoid wearing the Swilt or opening up its quilt in public because it is very likely to draw people’s attention. After all, you don’t see someone change their sweatshirt into a blanket in public daily.

Pros of the Swilt

Here are a few pros of the Swilt:

  • Innovative and unique product
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean water-resistant foot pockets
  • Easy to wear
  • Portable
  • Ideal for long chilly flights

Cons of the Swilt

Here are a few cons of the Swilt:

  • Tripping hazard
  • Unflattering look

Who Is The Swilt For?

The Swilt is ideal for people who enjoy being warm and comfortable in the winter. It’s a fantastic piece to wear while lounging around the house; anyone from parents to children may wear it. The product is also ideal for frequent travelers who do not want to carry bulky blankets on long flights.

The Swilt is also great for outdoor enthusiasts who love going on outdoor adventures like camping and want something portable to keep them warm on chilly nights. It can also be kept in the car for emergencies when you or your kids get cold and want a blanket to stay warm.

Hence, anyone from outdoor enthusiasts to people looking for comfortable loungewear or warm travel attire may be a good fit for this product. The Swilt can also make a fun and unique gift for people who get cold quickly.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to the Swilt:

  • Pavilia
  • Cujux 2 in 1
  • Catalonia wearable fleece blanket

You will find numerous products similar to the Swilt online. However, Pavilia is at the top of our list of Swilt alternatives because they sell attractive wearable fleece blankets with sleeves that provide comfort and are reasonably priced.

Our Final Thoughts

The Swilt is a one-of-a-kind product that provides ultimate comfort in cool weather thanks to its two-in-one feature that converts the sweatshirt into a full-sized quilt. Because there aren’t many new products like it on the market, the product stands out.

Unfortunately, after being rejected by the sharks, the Swilt was unable to establish itself in the market, and Tennelle soon abandoned her plan to advertise the product online.

Tennelle’s ambition and overconfidence got the best of her, and she could not market the Swilt on a large scale. If she had tried to sell more products and build a good website before making an appearance on shark tank, the Company’s fate might have been different.