The Space Traveler from Shark Tank

the Space Traveler shark tank

Children can sometimes be difficult to handle, especially during lengthy car rides. When bored, they can quarrel with one another and create a distraction for their parents. Siblings are likely to interact negatively with each other when they have nothing to do. At a young age, children are naturally very energetic and cannot sit without a task for long periods, especially when confined in a car.

San Antonio-based entrepreneurs Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln created The Space Traveler to keep children happy while car traveling. The Space Traveler separates the back of the car from the front creating a separate space for children. It serves as a mini tent separating the kids physically so they can enjoy their environment. The separator also has pockets for electronics and snacks. Each unit of The Space Traveler can fit in any car, whether it has standard seats or a child car seat. It can also collapse easily and fit inside a tote bag for transportation.

This lightweight, tent-like cover is ideal for road trips. It saves you from children squabbling and fighting in the backseat. The mesh window panels serve as accessory pockets for the children. They can store their snacks and devices in these pockets. Pruske and Lincoln designed this product so their children could focus on themselves and their activities while traveling in a car. This prevented them from irritating each other or disturbing their parents. Parents can also focus entirely on driving without watching for any mischief.

The Space Traveler ensures each child has their individual space and can indulge in whatever task they enjoy during the car ride. This effective separator also minimizes the chances of negative interactions with one another. It creates the ambiance as if children travel in space in their respective pods. The space traveler is simple and convenient to use and can easily be assembled or disassembled as needed.

Pruske and Lincoln created the prototype in 2018 before appearing on Shark Tank. They had taken orders on their website but had not produced any products as yet.

Each unit of the Space Traveler was priced at $39.95. The entrepreneurs also offered a ‘Shark Tank Special’ at $29.95. As the duo had not started selling products yet, they needed a shark’s investment to build their business from ground zero.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Entrepreneurs Krissy and Rachel entered the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 in return for 33% equity in their business. During the pitch, the dup told the sharks their story and invited the Sharks on stage to try the product out.

The Sharks thought the Space Traveler was an interesting car seat divider but were skeptical that there were no sales made yet.

Robert Herjavec thought both Krissy and Rachel gave a great presentation but didn’t love the product, thus backing out from a deal.

Lori Greiner expressed hesitancy in investing due to the product’s newness. She saw the product as a prototype with no sales or public response. This made her doubt the prospect of investing, and she backed out.

Mark Cuban linked the Space Traveler to an item created by a company called Under the Weather. Since he had already invested in Under the Weather, he backed out from investing in this as it would be a conflict of interest.

Kevin O’Leary was not too impressed by the Space Traveler. He decided against taking the journey with the San Antonio-based entrepreneurs.

Barbara Corcoran expressed interest in Space Traveler. She said it reminded her of another product called The Comfy. Barbara said she felt good about the mom entrepreneurs and saw potential in the product. She offered $100k in return for 33.3% of their company. She also asked for a royalty of $2 per sale until the investment amount is paid.

Is the Space Traveler an Active Company?

It looks like The Space Traveler is no longer in business. Their website is down and their social media hasn’t been updated for some time now.

Our Review of The Space Traveler

Pros of The Space Traveler

  • A lightweight product that is easy to install and uninstall
  • Can directly integrate with the vehicle’s seats
  • Ensures safety for children during the car ride.
  • There are plenty of pockets to store snacks and other belongings
  • The product is easily washable.

Cons of The Space Traveler

  • It can be cumbersome due to its size; once installed in the car

Who Is the Space Traveler for?

The Space Traveler is for parents who love traveling with their children. This separator ensures smooth car rides without negative interactions among children. It lets the kids have their own space to concentrate on their tasks. It also allows parents to concentrate on driving instead of placating arguments and bickering children.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, no alternatives are as effective as the Space Traveler. This product ensures the children have their individual space while being assembled and disassembled within minutes.

Our Final Thoughts

This lightweight, easily collapsible car seat divider is quite a useful product. Parents with young children will find it extremely effective, especially if they frequently go on long road trips. Entrepreneurs Krissy and Rachel got a great deal for Barbara Concoran that can make their business take off and become huge. The entrepreneurs’ appearance on Shark Tank also gave their products a lot of publicity.