The Painted Pretzel from Shark Tank

The Painted Pretzel shark tank

The Painted Pretzel is a business that sells chocolate-covered pretzels. The business was founded by stay-at-home mom Raven Thomas. She started selling these sweet delights from her small kitchen, makingthese painted pretzels completely by herself.

Pretzels are a widely famous snack for Americans to enjoy. Raven made that snack even better by combining it with chocolate, resulting in a perfect blend of sweet and savory snack.

Before featuring on the Shark Tank, Raven Thomas had been creating these chocolate-covered pretzels for three years. A year before Shark Tank, Raven made $60k in sales. The business was essentially doing well. However, Raven had to walk away from a few great opportunities because she did not have the resources needed to fill those orders.

The pretzels are definitely more expensive than regular pretzels you will find on the streets of New York, but these are handcrafted pretzels.

Raven Thomas came to Shark Tank in 2012, where she pitched in the offer of $100k for a 25% share of The Painted Pretzel. She was unsuccessful in impressing all but one Shark, Mark Cuban, who liked Raven’s spirit and offered the deal Raven wanted. He also provided the opportunity for Raven to sell her pretzels in his movie theaters and sports arenas.

The deal with Mark Cuban gave Raven the financial resources she needed to expand her business. Since Shark Tank, Raven leases a commercial kitchen and candy factories to complete the larger orders. The Painted Pretzel is currently in business, although they don’t sell on Amazon like they previously did.

The Painted Pretzel also has many corporate clients and distributions in Cuban Landmark Theaters. Besides all this, the business earns annually $1 million in sales.

Our Review of The Painted Pretzel

The variety of pretzels by The Painted Pretzel visually looks flavourful. They are not just chocolate covered; they are also coated with chocolate chips, MnMs, and sprinkles. Some of these flavors include Pretzel Bark, The Dirty Dozen, and The Party Starter.

The quantity of these pretzels is incredible; the quantity of pretzels offered against the price point is generous.

People seem to love these fun pretzels. Other than for snacking while watching a movie or a game, they purchase them for their children’s birthdays and as holiday gifts.

You can get these awesome pretzels shipped anywhere in the USA. The shipping is fast and easy. The Painted Pretzel puts great effort into their daily production, therefore customers receive nothing but fresh pretzels only.

The Painted Pretzel realizes that customer satisfaction is integral. To cater to their concerns, the team is available to answer any queries regarding their order and its quality.

The Painted Pretzel, thanks to the Shark Tank, has now advanced and caters to corporate and wholesale orders both. The Painted Pretzel has a diverse market which goes to show how good its pretzels are.

Pros of The Painted Pretzel

The Painted Pretzel has become a hit amongst customers, and this comes down to the many pros the business has. Here is a brief list of some of the pros.

  1. If you receive a defective product, there is a chance that The Painted Pretzel will exchange or return your product.
  2. Their shipping service is exceptionally smooth and fast. Most of the orders arrive within 2 days of being shipped.
  3. All the pretzels that are shipped are made completely fresh, so the quality of the pretzels is never compromised.
  4. They also sell corporate gifts that can be customized with the logo of the company or artwork.

Cons of The Painted Pretzel

While The Painted Pretzel is doing incredible in terms of sales, there are few things that the company can consider working on, as that will only help the business flourish more.

  1. Currently, there are no vegan options available for these pretzels. It would be helpful for the company to take this into consideration.
  2. These pretzels are not gluten-free.
  3. They could sell savory pretzels and experiment with delicious dips.

Who Is The Painted Pretzel For?

The Painted Pretzel is for everyone. They have fun experiments with their flavors, and everyone is sure to find a pretzel for their liking.

These pretzels are diverse, and so is their consumer base. From children to adults, everyone loves a bite of these chocolate-covered pretzels.

They not only cater to individual orders but also do a variety of corporate gifts.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Everyone loves pretzels; it is a popular snack in America. From street vendors to bakery shops to online websites, pretzels are easy to find and buy.Apart from street vendors, pretzels are mostly made in large quantities. These pretzels are not fresh, unlike the pretzels from The Painted Pretzel.

People who have a liking for both sweet and savory will find these specific pretzels to be a great delight. They give you the best of both worlds.

There are other alternatives to The Painted Pretzel, such as Flipz and Larissa Veronica. These are great brands as well, but The Painted Pretzel is unique because it sells not only chocolate-covered pretzels but  sell over 114 varieties.

Final Word

Raven Thomas played her cards smartly during her appearance on Shark Tank. The sample pretzels that she offered to the Sharks were delicious, and the Sharks thought so too. While some Sharks were a fan of the taste, they were not impressed by the business, she still received the offer she wanted.

Mark Cuban made the right choice, and his decision helped Raven Thomas take her business to new heights. It helped The Painted Pretzel turn into the million-dollar business that it is today.