The Breathometer from Shark Tank

The Breathometer shark tank

A Breathometer is a device used to measure BAC (Blood Alcohol Consumption) in an individual. One can use this device through Smartphones and iOS. However, it failed to prove the authenticity of BCA, a result of which the device was closed down by the orders of (FTC) the Federal Trade Commission in 2013.

The Breathometer is a technologically advanced device that connects with your smartphone devices and analyzes breath and bacteria inside your mouth. The intelligent sensor technology will share all the details about your BCA on the smartphone.

The CEO of Breathometer, Charles Michael Yim, decided to launch the Breathometer to Shark Tank in episode 505. Charles shared the details of how the app and device are interlinked and what is the mechanism and technology behind them.

Charles defined each specification in greater detail to break down the usage of the Breathometer in the most straightforward steps. He starts his elevator by explaining the application, telling the audience that hardware is a minor designed key plugged into your smartphone without any hurdles.

He then moves on to how one can check their Blood Alcohol Consumption through the device. He slowly explains that one must blow on to the Breathometer device, and the application will automatically read your BAC level.

Charles then adds to his speech that this device might help reduce the number of accidents, drink and drive cases, and law violations.

Further, he talks about the device’s price and how people can avail of a specific discount on pre-orders. Charles, however, entered the Shark Tank to find probable investors for his product line. He asked for a total of $250K for his business after explaining his smart device’s pros.

The trick Charles used in Shark Tank was that he served all the sharks alcohol and asked them to drink it. After which, he asked them if they were safe to drive while intoxicated. And at the end of the activity, he explained how this device could help everyone from charges and accidents.

Our Review of The Breathometer

When asked about the motivation behind producing the Breathometer, Charles responded that because of this device, people would make wise choices such as not being intoxicated while driving. They can measure their BAC, and the results will assure them whether or not they should be going or you should take a rental cab instead.

The Breathometer hardware will only cost $49 if only you have made a pre-booking; this was stated by Charles back in 2013. However, he aims to invest more in the

device and produce another innovative device.

Breathometer, when compared to the ordinary Breathalyzers (usually used by the police), the

intelligent Breathometer has a more competitive advantage than the latter.

Being easy to use, easy to handle, and portable, the Smart Breathometer had been the customer’s number one choice.

The primary purpose of the Breathometer was to present the users with an intelligent device that saves them valuable time, makes them knowledgeable about their condition and what percentage of BAC they currently have and take their future decisions accordingly.

However, on some occasions, that device gave unreliable results when matched to other methods to measure the BAC, which led to investigations and the product line being stopped by the FTC Federal Trade Commission.

In 2017, FTC held on to a detailed inquiry of incidents resulting from the Breathometer usage and ended up settling with Charles, the company’s owner.

The Application was closed, and the Federal Trade Commission ordered a full refund to the company’s customers.

Pros of The Breathometer

There are many advantages of the Breathometer for individuals who want to prevent drinking and driving charges. A few of the pros of the Breathometer are listed below:

  • Individuals can be knowledgeable about their blood alcohol consumption level.
  • This knowledge might prevent them from being charged by the police if they counter spot-checking on their way home.
  • Individuals will know about the approximate amount of alcohol percentage in their blood which will let them decide whether they should drive, take a cab, or call someone for assistance.
  • Individuals will be free of outdated and old-fashioned Breathalyzers.
  • Breathometers are innovative and technologically advanced that can be easily installed with the help of an application on your Android smartphones or iOS.
  • Breathometers are easy-to-use, easy to handle, and easy to carry.
  • Individuals can carry Breathometers almost anywhere to prevent any mishaps from happening.

Cons of Breathometer

Every product comes with both advantages and disadvantages. When considering any product, individuals need to know all the details of the product as it is impossible to create an ideal device; there is some chance of error everywhere. Some disadvantages of the Breathometer are discussed below:

  • The Breathometer does not provide 100% accurate results.
  • Individuals are unsure of the mechanism of blowing air into the device and viewing results within minutes on their smartphones.
  • The Breathometer comes with a sliding jack to connect with iOS instead of a cord, making the connection unstable and undetectable.
  • Individuals get confused about how to use the device. They have been prone to the classic method of spitting in the breathalyzer. However, the Breathometer requires a blow, confusing the users.
  • The Breathometer is not durable; it usually loses its accurate and speedy functioning after a few months.
  • Customers complained that the expensive and premium versions work better than the cheaper ones.

What is The Breathometer Best For?

The Breathometer is best for measuring and calculating the alcohol percentage present in your blood, commonly known as BAC, Blood Alcohol Consumption.

The device is best for the people who usually consume alcohol and have trouble while driving or performing activities that are prohibited by the law while the individual is intoxicated.

The Breathometer is best for quick results, and one can carry it around in their pocket or purse and link it to their smartphones.

The device is also best for the people who dislike spitting into the outdated breathalyzers; they can skip the act by buying the Breathometer instead.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The only alternative to the Breathometer is the breathalyzer. The breathalyzer is a device that estimates the amount of Blood Alcohol consumption in an individual. It also detects diseases or viruses from an individual’s breath and spit sample.

The breathalyzers are trusted by law enforcement as they give authentic results and track BAC, viruses, and diseases (if any) in an individual’s breath sample.

Our Final Thoughts

The Breathometer company has faced a massive loss in the past, but according to our evaluation, their gesture of refunding all of the money to their buyers and customers was a genuine act.

The product’s unreliable results might be some system errors or connection problems, but the technology overall amuses one’s mind to the level where they would like to invest in this device.

The company has done well as far as they had the chance and accepted their shortcomings with open arms, which shows their genuine interest in producing an authentic device that is reliable and free of errors.