Ten Thirty One Productions from Shark Tank

Ten Thirty One Productions shark tank

Expect Shark Tank to go all out for Halloween, with even the business pitches completely relevant and on-theme. Melissa Carbone and her horror troop of actors make an appearance on Shark Tank as they successfully spook out the whole place and create a scary aura about the place. She definitely sets the bar for all other Halloween episodes simply with an entrance.

Melissa is a former executive for Clear Channel Communications. Now, as the owner of Ten Thirty One Productions, she launched this major Halloween-themed live horror company in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. She had one goal in mind – to be able to stage the best haunted hayrides in the country. And given the success she achieved, she was all set on it.

In fact, her success didn’t even have to take much time to showcase her numbers as almost immediately she was a famous name around town in the local entertainment industry. Every fall, for seventeen nights, Ten Thirty One Productions would put up a show called “Haunted Hay Rides,” selling for $30 a ticket.

There were also premium slots available for guests who would rather take a private wagon to enter a maze designed purposely for the objective of “true dread” called “Purgatory Side Show.” This is precisely where big money started rolling in, as the fear of missing out kept people coming back every season.

However, having successfully made a name in the local LA live entertainment industry, Melissa had big dreams and ambitions. She wanted to expand and carry the show to New York, where she expanded her visionary business model to become the world’s biggest and best Halloween-based entertainment business venture.

It is safe to say that Ten Thirty One Productions was the right path for taking up funding to expand because Melissa decided an appearance on national television with much-anticipated drama would definitely do her show good. And so, a few days before Halloween, she and her crew appeared on Shark Tank, bringing all the horror with them.

However, one can safely say that the theatrical drama and grand entrance entourage were merely a low blow in comparison to the pitch she was about to make. So brace yourselves; Melissa made a funding proposal of a $2 million investment for a mere 10% of the equity in her business. This had to be the biggest Shark Tank deal to date.

Naturally, the judges were a bit taken aback, and none of it has to do with the horror theatrics she had pulled up with, but the numbers she had on the table. Kevin didn’t shy away from pointing out that his valuation is definitely the scariest thing right now in the room despite a troupe of scary ghouls standing near them.

However, the judges quickly changed their perspective when Melissa explained her sales numbers and how she achieved them within 17 nights in a row. That is when the judges seemed to look past the ghoulish drama and the greatest deal to actually negotiate. She shows the judges how Hollywood is pitching in numbers as they talk right now.

The judges seemed to have been taken aback for a whole different reason now, as the Hollywood pitches, marketing credentials, and Melissa’s ideas hold some solid ground. However, even then, Kevin and Lori were out with Daymond proceeding to make a counter offer suggesting $2 million for 40%. Melissa says $2 million for 20%, and Mark Cuban is on board.

This was the biggest deal to have happened in the history of Shark Tank and certainly the most successful one too. Because only in a few years’ time Melissa was back with an update saying that she has changed the game since the $2 million funding and Cuban support. Currently, she has sales projections for $4 million with over 1000 cast and crew members.

As of 2016, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group acquired Ten Thirty One Productions as the largest haunted house entertainment company. However, the amount remains undisclosed to date. One can surely assume Melissa to be still a part of her ventures under a different banner but keenly overlooking her passion.

Our Review of Ten Thirty One Productions

Ten Thirty One Productions was sold to Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group because of a lengthy lawsuit. In 2014, a fog machine fell on a patron, which caused a lawsuit, and an ultimate solution came out for selling the company elsewhere. Therefore, all the shows are now under the banner of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. However, Melissa remains connected to networking and association of all the company’s projects.

Pros of Ten Thirty One Productions

Halloween-based theatrical shows and live entertainment companies were seen as a dead medium of entertainment until a few years ago when they made a huge comeback thanks to many intelligent brains like Melissa.

Cons of Ten Thirty One Productions

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a huge industrial-level issue with conducting live shows for almost two years. Hopefully, this year’s Halloween will be back to being the way it was before the pandemic.

Who Is Ten Thirty One Productions For?

Ten Thirty One Productions is an entertainment company focusing on the horror genre and conducting Halloween-based shows. Hence, it is targeted toward people who tend to enjoy horror, haunted house plays, drama, and ghoulish theatre plays. Seasonal shows also allow you to enjoy exclusive experiences. Moreover, you can buy premium tickets for 30 people to have a more personalized experience with your friends.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many live haunted house groups perform every year in their nearby localities. Moreover, you can travel city-wide to enjoy a more quality horror experience. In addition, many people buy props over at Amazon and create their own backyard shows for kids in the neighborhood.

Our Final Thoughts

The unfortunate events of the accident were definitely the downfall of Ten Thirty One Productions. However, being sold to one of the largest haunted house companies was still a winning deal for Mark Cuban and Melissa, as they remain attached to the banner to this day.