Taaluma Totes from Shark Tank

Taaluma Totes shark tank

Taaluma totes are tote bags made from fabric from all over the world. The material required to make these tote bags come from developed and underdeveloped countries. It all started in 2013 when travel freaks, Jack Dufour Allen Heffren, came up with the idea to make socially conscious backpacks. Both partners share a love for travel and social philanthropy, not to mention their passion for bright-colored bags that drove them to create Taaluma Totes.

The duo first came up with the idea when they traveled to Uganda together. There, Heffren saw a fabric that she loved so much that she got a skirt made from it. That’s when Dufour used the same material to make a backpack. He hired a seamstress to do the job, and that’s when the first-ever Taaluma Tote came into existence.

It’ll be surprising knowing that each tote the duo manufactures is a “limited edition” because the backpacks are made in small batches. Since the fabric is sourced worldwide, it sometimes takes longer to manufacture these bags.

There’s also a story behind the brand’s name. Taaluma means “culture” in Swahili, which drove the duo to name their brand Taaluma Totes. When Dufour and Heffren launched Taaluma Totes, they also launched a campaign to get their brand out there. The GoGo campaign they launched, unfortunately, couldn’t do as well as the duo hoped, as they only managed to raise $2,300 against a goal of $10,000.

However, that didn’t stop them from continuing their journey. These partners were on a mission to connect numerous cultures through their business, precisely what they did. Since their business model is unique, in the sense that they source their fabric from different parts of the world, that fabric is bought and exported to the US, where these Taaluma Totes are hand-sewn and produced.

The most beautiful aspect of this brand is that they employ disabled workers, giving them a chance to build their lives. The duo ensures to distribute 20% of their profits to villagers and small farmers through a micro loan.

When the loan is repaid, the pair starts again by putting that money into the business again. Jack Dufour and Allen Heffren have been on a mission to connect unique cultures through their philanthropic efforts.

Dufour and Heffren entered Shark Tank, hoping to get their product line approved by the Sharks. Luckily, Daymond loved the product but thought the duo should charge more than the current price. Each bag pack is sold for $65, which Daymond thinks should be sold for $100. Also, the duo wanted to enter, seeking $110,000 for a 15% equity.

Unfortunately, the duo wasn’t able to impress any of the sharks to book themselves a deal. Daymond may have loved the product but felt the margins weren’t enough. Mark couldn’t see the company as proper and felt the duo was selling products. At the same time, Robert liked the product but thought it was too early for the company to enter expansion.

Our Review of Taaluma Totes

Taaluma Totes have a wide range of bag packs that allow their users to travel freely worldwide. Since Dufour and Heffren are so fond of traveling, they’ve created a product that can give others a chance to see the world.

The best part about these bags is the fabric they’re made from; they’re light, durable, and don’t fade away as quickly as other fabrics. You can wash your tote after a long trip and not have the color change at all. The duo’s purpose in sourcing fabric from all over the world is to experience working with different materials and give their consumers a chance to experience the best.

These tote bags are spacious, as you can fit whatever you want. They’re stretchable, so you don’t have to worry about space running out. If you’re a nomad and love traveling to different countries, the Taaluma Tote collection is undoubted for you.

Many people may not know this, but the fabric used to make these bags are 100% organic. No animals are harmed in making the material since the pair behind this product line are highly philanthropic and believe in giving back to society instead of taking from it. This makes Taaluma Totes a brand you must undoubtedly invest in.

These tote bags are super sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them tearing apart or going obsolete anytime soon. These bags make for the best travel companions, as you can store the souvenirs you collect from your trip in your Taaluma Tote.

Considering how inexpensive these bags are, one might say they’re almost a steal (they aren’t wrong). So, if you are looking for a bag pack that allows you to embark on a new journey, Taaluma Totes will not disappoint you.

Pros of Taaluma Totes

  • Made from a solid fabric.
  • Provides value for money.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Returns go to small villages and farmers.
  • Highly spacious and provides room for your cargo.

Cons of Taaluma Totes

  • Sourcing fabric can be tricky.
  • Takes time during manufacturing.
  • No customer service for customers to track their orders.

Who is Taaluma Totes for?

A Taaluma Tote bag is for anyone who’s up for traveling around the world. If you love to embark on different journeys that allow you to experience newer cultures and traditions, it would be best if you ordered yourself a Taaluma Tote bag. In a nutshell, travel junkies worldwide are the best customers for Taaluma Totes.

Alternatives to Taaluma Totes

The market for everything has evolved plenty in the last few years, so it makes sense for Taaluma Totes to have alternatives. Not to take away from Taaluma Tote’s excellent range of tote bags, but an alternative that exists in the tote bag market is The Breeze Bag. This brand, like Taaluma Totes, also has a wide range of tote bags.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Taaluma Totes have been doing pretty well in the market for a while now. Ever since the owners’ appearance on Shark Tank, the brand has gotten more traction than before. More people have become aware of Taaluma Totes, leading them to order bag packs left, right, and center. We can only expect Taaluma Totes to grow more in numbers and product lines in the next few years, hoping it’ll give much more to society than it already is.