Susty Party from Shark Tank

Susty Party shark tank

Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holsy created a range of tableware and home goods that are sustainable and compostable. The products aim to be eco-friendly, colorful, highly functional and responsibly made.

Susty Party products include plates, cups, tablecloths, garbage bags, bowls, straws, cutlery, napkins, and paper towels. All of these products are made from recycled and renewed materials that are sustainable and plastic-free.

Susty Party occasionally supports some non-profit organizations such as National Industries for the Blind and Whole Planet Foundation.

Susty Party products are compostable, renewable, and non-toxic. The ingredients in each product break down into usable compost. The process is faster if the plates or bowls are torn into small pieces.

The party products claim to have been made from plants that are sustainably managed, or rapidly growing plants. All usage of petroleum-based products or plastics is avoided.

The ingredients are FDA-approved, and the products do not produce any toxicity when broken down in the soil.

Emily grew up traveling the world with her parents who are photographers for National Geographic, and from there she developed a love for nature. She used her degree in Environmental Studies to create party products that are environmentally friendly. She then met Jessica at a party, and together they co-founded this company.

Jessica went to Harvard where she studied Economics and landed a job on Wall Street in 2006. She always wanted to start her own business and when she met Emily and came to know about the idea of Susty, she was in for it.

In 2022, they are still in business with $5 million annual revenue. However, the company is now run by Julie Bell and Benton Keith. The products are still available on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Emily and Jessica came seeking $250K for a 10% stake.

Emily started her pitch by discussing how the party events cause a lot of waste and as an environmental studies graduate, she believes that in order to change the world, one must throw a better party.

Emily told the Sharks that she ran into Emily at a party while she was looking to leave her Wall Street job. She wanted to use her Harvard economics degree, to build a business to benefit the people, the planet as well as make money.

And thus, Susty Party was created, a retail line of eco-friendly, highly functional, mix-and-match party tableware. Susty is short for sustainable.

All the products were made in the USA by factories, which employed and empowered visually impaired people.

The cups, straws, and cutlery were made from sustainably harvested wood and the napkins are made up of 100% recycled paper. The plates and bowls were made from tapioca starch and grass fiber, and had a sturdy form. They were even microwave safe.

The pair asks the Sharks to join them in a Susty party and dance with them. Kevin was the first one to join them, followed by Lori and Barbara.

After the party was over, Robert asked Emily and Jessica if Susty Party was the only supplier for the products they were marketing. Emily dodged the question by saying that they were “contract manufactured”.

The duo revealed that for the year, sales were projected at $1.5 million, and the business had exceeded more than a million dollars. At this point, Robert started taking their business more seriously.

Jessica said that with an investment from the Sharks, they can even achieve $5 million in sales in the following year.

Jessica mentioned that due to a large fees and the new products they were launching, the business was currently running at a loss of $80,000, and they had only $30,000 in the bank. Barbara was concerned about the company’s losses, and hence she was out.

Robert also mentioned that there were a lot of risks involved in the Susty Party business, and a lot to be achieved before they could start earning stable profits. He didn’t make an investment either.

Lori had recently invested in a recycled party paper plates business, and therefore she was uninterested in an investment in Susty Party.

Kevin, however, proposed an offer which was far different than what Emily and Jessica had in mind. He offered $250K as a loan, but he also wanted 30% equity in the business.

The duo looked to Mark Cuban for a better offer. Since Kevin would not budge on his offer and the entrepreneurs expected a better proposal, they had no choice but to decline it.

Our Review of Susty Party Products

The paper plates are great for outdoor parties and activities. They are really sturdy and do not cause any seeping even when loaded with juicy stuff. They do not bend or fall over even while holding heavy food.

The cups are durable and hold a lot of amount of liquid, but a bit pricey as compared to other paper cups in the market.

Pros of Susty Party

  • Stay dry even when used for gravies and foods with lots of sauce
  • The plates are sturdyand hold a lot of food
  • Better than styrofoam plates

Cons of Susty Party

  • They are expensive as compared to other paper plates

Who is Susty Party for?

Susty Party stock is designed for the responsible consumer who wants to use sustainable products.They are perfect for outdoor events where there are a lot of chances for wear and tear of the products. They can hold a good amount of food and store ample liquid. . They are great party supplies for birthday parties, pot-luck, or outdoor weddings.

Are there Any Alternatives?

  • Ginger Ray
  • Plantvibes
  • Ecoserve
  • Premium Planet Homeware

Our Final Thoughts

Susty Party offers a great initiative of using biodegradable products but their products are a bit expensive as compared to other similar products on the market. We also appreciate them for creating jobs for the visually impaired workforce.