Sunday Night Slow Jams from Shark Tank

Sunday Night Slow Jams shark tank

When they say that you are born talented to succeed in your life, they are certainly wrong. Because nobody is born talented to achieve success, but everybody certainly has to work hard for their passions to achieve success with the talent they most resonate with and can perform their best. R DUB was one such talented individual who worked really hard for it.

A Chicago native, he grew up in Los Angeles, California, and got that Hollywood music scene mixed in his blood. He was so passionate about music, especially Slow Jams, that he was only thirteen when he decided that he wanted to take this love ahead and make something worthwhile out of it.

A few years later, an older and wise, 16-year-old R DUB created Sunday Night Slow Jams and decided he wanted to own a radio show curated around slow jams. However, he and his parents decided to move to Tucson, Arizona. At that time, it felt like taking a step in the wrong direction, but when things are meant to be, everything turns out in your favor.

And so, it was Tucson where R DUB got his first job as a radio show host. He basically had volunteered for the local radio station despite knowing well that there won’t be many listeners. However, he wanted to experience how it felt to host his own radio show and enjoyed playing slow jams for the few listeners who tuned it.

By the time he finished high school in 1994, he was an accomplished and full-time radio show host serving his slow jams to all the listeners hoping the genre would survive and people come about to love it. However, he soon desired change and felt stagnant in his current position. He realized the next step lay in moving to Brazil to accomplish his dream of living and working there.

However, fate had other plans for him because right before he was all packed up, he got a call from an LA-based radio station. R DUB immediately accepted it and took his slow jams along with him. He knew it was about time he put his greatest secret asset out there, Sunday Night Slow Jams. But he needed an investment first to help spread his music across the world.

That’s when he turned to Shark Tank and soon enough made his appearance on national television. He pitched his proposal of $75,000 for 10% of his syndicated radio show business. He went on to explain the format of his show and how well-loved it was despite radio shows losing out to other digital and online platforms.

Mark Cuban was the first one to question the syndicated radio show business as he led how horrible of a business it is due to how advertising works in this medium. However, R DUB countered by saying Sunday Night Slow Jams is currently making $350k in revenue and needs funding to hire a salesperson to sell more comprehensive ads across borders.

However, none of this was sitting well with the judges as all of them almost unanimously declared to bail on him for one reason or another. R DUB left the Shark Tank studio singing, but deep down, he knew this wasn’t the end of it and simply a pause in the continuation. R DUB didn’t let his passion die out nor allow the show to close or fail.

Today, Sunday Night Slow Jams is one of the most popular radio shows, being listened to across the world and highly popular in America. It has continued to expand and reach new markets ever since, as listeners even tend to tune in online and request shows through its website. R DUB found his passion and was determined to succeed, so he did.

As of August 2021, Sunday Night Slow Jams is still making waves on over 200 radio stations.

Our Review of Sunday Night Slow Jams

Although we had to go back to being a little old-school for this, we made sure to get out hands on the coveted and personally curated CD album by R DUB that included all the very best music of his show Sunday Night Slow Jams. It is safe to say that once you listen to it, you understand R DUB’s passion for the genre.

Pros of Sunday Night Slow Jams

One of the best parts about listening to Sunday Night Slow Jams is that in a fast-paced world where we tend to be always on the go, hardly ever able to find time for ourselves, Sunday Night Slow Jams ensure that the Sunday night is very much yours. One should lay back in a bath, covered in essential oil scents and sipping wine, and cherish life’s luxury.

Cons of Sunday Night Slow Jams

It is quite obvious that the only disadvantage with Sunday Night Slow Jams is that it is a syndicated radio show. With so many digital and online options with platforms like YouTube and Spotify, you almost never think of a privately owned, third-party website hosting a radio show. So unless you have been an old listener of Sunday Night Slow Jams, the young ones would have no idea about it.

Who Is Sunday Night Slow Jams For?

When R DUB came out with his show Sunday Night Slow Jams, he directed it toward couples, especially those struggling in long-distance relationships. He had a feature in his show that allowed listeners to request different slow jams and dedicate them to their partners and lovers across states.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, there are many alternatives to Sunday Night Slow Jams because of the internet. Not only can you find other online radio shows and podcasts that directly compete with the format of Sunday Night Slow Jams but also YouTube videos, Spotify music scene, and iTunes have really amplified the game for radio show presenters and jockeys.

Our Final Thoughts

With the pitch of R DUBS failing at Shark Tank, one thing became extremely obvious about the judges: they really aren’t interested in any business that doesn’t involve a long-term payback almost guaranteed from the get-go. Many audience members were furious with the judges and Shark Tank format for this notion.