Springer from Shark Tank

Springer shark tank

Most pet owners frequently lament how little water their pets drink or how rarely they use the water trays. It’s even worse when you take your doggos on a stroll. The various pet portable water bottles that are commercially available often leak. So, carrying your fave bowl of water with you wherever you go may not be a practical alternative.

Because of Springer, you no longer have to stress about your dog staying hydrated while playing outside. Thanks to the extraordinary, leak-proof travel bottle, your dog will always have access to fresh drinking water.

Griffin and Shannon did an excellent job displaying their pet’s water bottle and bowl combo. Their sales figures also piqued the sharks’ interest. For instance, they sold $1.7 million worth of products in 2020. Five years into its operations, the company has invested most of its earnings in marketing, branding, and intellectual property.

The first person to speak up was Mark Cuban. He left because he didn’t believe they had enough revenue to sustain a firm for five years. Daymond John went as well because he was concerned about the meager equity offered.

The way they handled their finances worried Robert Herjavec.

He believed they prioritized their financial well-being over the needs of the business. As a result, he left.

Kevin O’Leary pledged $400,000 in exchange for 3% of the company’s stock and a $3 per unit royalty payment until his investment was repaid. He then demanded a $1.50 royalty that would last forever. This offer did not win the favor of the business owners.

On the other hand, Lori Greiner offered a $400,000 offer for 10% ownership plus favored stock grants. The business owners replied with an offer of 8%, but Lori refused to budge. Still, they took her up on it.

Although Springer is a basic product, it already has a large following of devoted consumers.

Springer Pets necessitated a substantial network of distributors and an effective marketing plan before they debuted on Shark Tank.

Sharks believed Springer Pets had meager sales despite the product’s exceptional nature. Low sales were due to the founders’ own mistakes.

Even though all the sharks opted to invest in this company, only Lori did so because she wanted to increase the distribution.

He produced four times his monthly sales after appearing on Shark Tank for a few weeks. Every dog lover is purchasing this product for their pets since it is unique.

According to its most recent sales report, its growth might be pretty strong over the next few years. It will be able to introduce additional items in the future.

Shannon, the founder, is highly knowledgeable about business; her father is a businessman, and she has learned practical business skills from him.

This business currently employs more than ten employees and contributes to environmental conservation in addition to providing jobs for people.

This company was founded in 2021 and is still doing well as of August 2022.

Our Review Of Springer

According to the company’s website, “the Springer Travel Bottle will keep your dog hydrated on any excursion.” Your dog may drink from the attached bowl thanks to the ingenious design, which prevents any spillage.

Initially branded as AutoDogMug for Highwave, this bottle is all you need when taking your dog on a trip. When your doggo is thirsty, fill the dish with water by gently squeezing the water bottle. Stop squeezing to drain the water back into the bottle.

It is advised to size up if your dog is unusually thirsty or if you anticipate being out for a lot longer. The bottle is air-tight and 100% leak-proof. It’s made with BPA-free plastic. A carabiner is attached, making it simple to connect the bottle to backpacks, belt buckles, and other accessories.

Pros Of Springer

There are three sizes offered.

  1. Mini is better suited to dogs with shorter legs or of comparable size to Yorkies, pugs, and Chihuahuas.
  2. Classic, appropriate for medium-sized breeds, including Australian Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Golden Retrievers, and other similar-sized dogs.
  3. For dogs who are comparable to the size of Great Dane, German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, larger breeds, or several dogs, the more giant Growler bottle is the ideal option.
  • The shut-off valve is leak-proof, so you don’t have to be concerned about water spills or waste.
  • One-handed handling; to pour water into the connected bowl, push the bottle. When your dog is done drinking, you may let go of the bottle, and the water will drain back into the bottle.
  • Food-grade, BPA-free materials are used to make Springer bottles. Bottles from Springer fit in the majority of standard automotive cup holders.
  • Includes a strong carabiner.

Cons of Springer

  • The water does not effectively drain back to the bottle as claimed, and often the leftover water on the tray is prone to spilling.

Who Is Springer For?

The founders of Springer pets bottle are Griffin and Shannon Ross, the brother-sister duo who also have dogs. They were both dog owners aware of the difficulties of keeping their family doggo hydrated when on the go.

It’s impractical to carry large dog bowls and anything else but water bottles while traveling. Therefore, they developed a travel bottle for dogs that was half water bottle and part bowl for dogs, combining the best aspects of each while preventing messy spills.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Springer is not just an ordinary pet water bottle and has a leak-proof, air-tight water locking system, and once your pet is done drinking water, the water drain back to the bottle was one squeeze.

There isn’t any other pet dog water bottle with this system, but there are some alternative pet water bottles that you can carry on the go.

Here are some options:

  • Lixit Top Fill NO-Drip Water Bottles for Dogs
  • Portable PET Travel DOG on-the-go CAT WATER BOTTLE
  • PetFusion Portable Dog Water Bottle & Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

Our Final Thoughts

Dog owners who love the company of their dogs, or many of them live alone, taking their dogs on a stroll is part of their routine. Dogs are pretty upbeat, and people adore them.

By concentrating just on dogs at the moment, Springer Pets came up with this travel bottle. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many more tourists, and many of them now bring their dogs along. The product reached a massive response because almost everyone needed one.

Because dogs are faithful, their behavior gives people a special feeling. Taking care of pets becomes extremely crucial while traveling.

Springer Pets made their debut on Shark Tank in May 2022. Sales have multiplied four times after the deal with Lori and are expected only to go up.