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You might not always be able to visit your loved ones when they are sick, but you can certainly express your love and concern for them by sending them a care package. Nothing says “get well soon” than homemade soup and other healthy ready-to-eat meals. Sending a care package to your loved ones can now be done with a simple click of a button with Spoonful of Comfort.

Spoonful of Comfort is a company that delivers gourmet gift baskets and care packages. They specialize in homemade soup delivery and the ultimate comfort food for someone not feeling well. Their soups are made from all-natural ingredients and are delivered in 64-ounce jars that can serve up to 6 people.

Spoonful of Comfort, founded by Marti Wymer, initially started as a business that only provided care packages for sick family members or friends. They soon evolved their business model and added a wide range of care package options to their list, including college care packages, pregnancy care packages, thank you are packages, thinking-of-you care packages, and birthday care packages.

They also make unique gift boxes, including corporate gift baskets, etc. Spoonful of Comfort has divided its products into three major categories: show concern, let’s celebrate, and all-occasion care.

What is excellent about Spoonful of Comfort is that you will find a care package or gift basket for almost every occasion at a reasonable price. Now you don’t have to worry about searching for things to add to the basket, wrapping it up, and taking it to the courier service provider –Spoonful of Comfort has you covered!

Their care packages include 64 oz. of healthy and delicious soup, half a dozen Bacci rolls, half a dozen cookies, a ladle, and a personalized note card that you can add at the checkout. The colorful and unique packaging of the Spoonful of Comfort care packages is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. You can also add additional items to the care packages and customize them according to your requirements.

The best thing about the Spoonful of Comfort’s care packages and gift baskets is their attention to detail in terms of packaging. The soup containers

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the customers and having generated over a million dollars’ worth in sales, Marti decided to get some external help and appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of 400,000 dollars in exchange for a 10 percent ownership of Spoonful of Comfort. She handed out samples of tomato soup to the Sharks and mentioned how the company generated 100 thousand Dollars in revenue in the past year. The Sharks were a little taken aback by the high price of the care package. Barbra discovered another inventor had also invested in Spoonful of Comfort and decided to exit. Daymond liked the concept but thought there was no way to expand it. The Sharks also agreed that the business was not sustainable, and the acquisition expenses were too high. Marti had to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

Despite not having a contract with the Sharks, Marti did not lose hope and continued expanding her operations as best as possible. Like several other brands, Spoonful of Comfort also benefited from its appearance on Shark Tank, and its sales drastically increased after the episode was aired. They also introduced their cookie-only packaging, which became very popular. Their website has over 1400 reviews, and the majority are positive, which shows that the business managed to sustain itself without any financial help from the Sharks.

If you are wondering whether spoonful of comfort is still in business, yes, it very much still is, and they are doing quite a while with their wide range of care packages and gift baskets for every occasion. You can order a care package for your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you by going to their website.

Our Review of Spoonful of Comfort

If you are looking for a unique and carefully put-together care package for your loved ones, Spoonful of Comfort is all you need. Now you can do a lot more than send flowers to your loved ones living far away. Spoonful of Comfort offers a wide range of care packages to find something suitable for all occasions.

The main item in the care package is Spoonful of Comfort’s healthy signature soup. The packages also contain cookies, rolls, and cute personalized notes, allowing you to send them the ultimate comfort food when they most need it.

We are impressed with how well packaged everything in the care packages are. The soup boxes contain frozen gel ice packs to keep them fresh. The person receiving the gift package has the option to freeze or refrigerate the soup for 2 to 3 days. You can also add an uplifting personalized note at the checkout to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them.

Pros of Spoonful of Comfort

  • Save time and effort that you would otherwise have to invest in searching for the right items for a care package.
  • There is a gift basket and care package for almost every occasion.
  • All the items in the care package are healthy and prepared from all-natural ingredients.
  • The soup packaging contains ice gel packs to keep the soup fresh. The person receiving the suit can also freeze and refrigerate it for up to 2 to 3 days.
  • Deliver in over 50 states in the US.
  • packaging is unique and beautiful
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You can avail bonus items with each delivery

Cons of Spoonful of Comfort

  • Shipping is not free

Who is Spoonful of Comfort for?

Spoonful of Comfort is for people looking to you send care packages to their loved ones who are living far away.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The best alternative we have found for Spoonful of Comfort is ‘Design It Yourself Gift Baskets,’ which allows you to create your own personalized custom gift baskets for your loved ones.

Our Final Thoughts

You may not be able to send a hug to your loved ones, but you can let them know how much they mean to you by sending them a care package. Spoonful of Comfort allows you to send delicious soap and other healthy treats to your loved ones in unique and custom packaging.