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SoapSox is the brainchild of Ray Phillips and Alvin Uy. Even though they had not known each other since they were kids, the two became closer when Alvin married Ray’s high school friend. Soon, Ray became the father of a young boy during the time that he was working in a treatment facility for traumatized kids. He had thirteen years of experience dealing with children who saw bath time as extremely scary and traumatizing.

During his years at work, Ray worked with a young boy who hated getting into the bath. He would hold his stuffed toy to his chest in fear. This child did not want to get into the tub without his beloved toy but did not want to wet the toy and destroy it. This presented a dilemma not just for the young child but also for the hundreds of children Ray had worked with who were in the same boat.

This was when Ray decided that he needed to solve this problem. He got hold of a stuffed animal and put a sponge inside it. When the young boy received his present, he was ecstatic. He got into the bath easily, and the experience was enjoyable for him, healing his past trauma.

Ray decided that this product could help millions of parents dealing with the same kind of problem. Soon, Ray and Alvin chose to team up, both fathers to children. Alvin became responsible for designing and developing the product, SoapSox, while the idea was Ray’s. For two years, the two friends spent most of their time designing and perfecting this product before introducing it to the marketplace.

By August 2013, Ray and Alvin asked for support through a Kickstarted crowdfunding community. They wanted to raise $45,000 to finance the application process and run safety tests. Moreover, they needed money for the tooling process to run their campaign comfortably. The public loved the idea of SoapSox so much that 600 of them were able to contribute, and soon, $52,000 was put into the company.

Ray let go of his career of working with traumatized children so that he could develop SoapSox further. Soon, the company received the attention of big retailers who wanted SoapSox in their stores. However, the pair needed help with their investment, so in October 2014, they appeared before the Sharks, asking for $260,000 in return for 10 percent equity.

Our Review of SoapSox

It is definitely difficult to get children in the bath without dealing with some shouting and screaming and, of course, full-blown tantrums. SoapSox seems like a great product to make bathing time easier and less traumatizing, not just for children but also for tired adults who want their kids to shower in peace.

Pros of SoapSox

The magic behind SoapSox was that the company was able to come up with seven product designs, each of them containing a sterile anti-microbial sponge technology. The product’s exterior was made with Terry Cloth to provide a durable scrubbing surface. Soap could be held inside the toys, and it could then be used to scrub the child’s body. Moreover, SoapSox products had to be rinsed and then put to dry, after which they could be used the next time. This goes to show how durable and easy-to-use SoapSox is.

Moreover, SoapSox has introduced different kinds of toys for girls as well as boys. You can also buy all seven products, so your child does not easily get bored of one toy. All toys, including the sharks and hippos, are cute and cuddly and will be able to grab the attention of young children instantly.

Since SoapSox has been able to earn $300,000 in sales so far, we are confident that it will also be successful in the future.

Cons of SoapSox

The products made by SoapSox have been priced at $19.95. This seems incredibly high for toys and might not be affordable for a vast market. However, since the cost price is only $3.66, this seems like a problem that can be dealt with.

Who is SoapSox For?

SoapSox is for children who struggle to get into the bathtub without feeling scared and traumatized. Most kids need to be entertained endlessly in the bath because they feel overwhelmed by the water around them, especially since they are just learning how the world works.

SoapSox is great for parents who want to stop their children’s aggressive fits and crying sessions. The products that SoapSox provides make it easier for parents to deal with their children, especially since each toy is so innovative and different.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Babies4Babies is a close competitor to SoapSox. It produces several products for children, from bassinets to toys. Their products are safe and eco-friendly and can also be used during a child’s bath time to keep him calm and collected.

Our Final Thoughts

We love how unique and innovative SoapSox is. Moreover, we are impressed with Ray’s experience in dealing with traumatized children. He clearly knows the kinds of struggles children go through, which is why we trust his expertise.

Moreover, each of SoapSox’s toys looks different from those available on the market. They have been made with absolute care and attention, two super important things. They have also been tested multiple times and declared safe and sterile. These aspects are essential for children as you do not want your kid playing with unsafe products.

We are confident that SoapSox will become a huge success in the coming years, and its products will make parents’ lives easier by keeping their children endlessly entertained. With SoapSox, bath time no longer has to be a chore- it can be relaxing and fun too!