Simply Good Jars from Shark Tank

Simply Good Jars shark tank

How often have you come across a situation when your only meal is fast-food? Maybe you needed something on the go as you were traveling, or perhaps you needed some food in your system between work and school. However, in the world of endless food options, why is junk food the only fast food we are offered? Why can’t nutritiously wholesome meals become on-the-go food?

A similar thought had crossed Chef Jared Cannon’s mind as he enrolled in an MBA course scheduled after work. The time between work and his night school wasn’t enough to fit a wholly prepared and healthy meal. Jared found himself consuming fast food daily, and he knew he had to find a way to break the detrimental habit. That’s when he came up with the idea of Simply Good Jars.

Simply Good Jars are salad jars on the go. The reusable jars contain all the ingredients needed to make a salad, including the greens, the proteins, the dressing, and even seeds and grains used as a garnish. All one needs to do is shake the jars for the ingredients to mix and turn into a salad.

Since the pandemic had pivoted the game for numerous businesses, it severely halted salad bars’ growth. Simply Good Jars took this opportunity to make their products retail and on significant food delivery platforms. The cost that went into the jars compared to its profit was relatively low. However, the company hadn’t managed to make profits overall.

Simply Good Jars was now on Shark Tank, asking for $500K in exchange for 7% equity. Since the initial idea of installing smart refrigerators had eaten up a significant portion of the investment due to the pandemic, the company was now looking for help to finance the mass production of the salad jars.

After presenting his opening statement and pitch, Chef Jared gave the sharks the jars to taste the goodness-packed meal. The sharks were impressed as they witnessed the ingredients in the jar mixing up when shaken several times. Once the sharks dived into the tasty yet wholesome salad jars, they could not stop the praises.

Sharks didn’t only appreciate the reusable jars but also the idea that Simply Good Jars was providing free meals in exchange for each returned jar. Sharks also loved the quality of the ingredients and the overall flavor. However, the fact that the company would suffer the loss for another year didn’t impress Daymond and Robert, who wished Jared good luck and announced they were out.

Mr Wonderful took a trip down Memory Lane and shared his experience with a similar brand. He didn’t want the business to sink and offered $500K as a loan on 9.5% interest with an equity of 7%. Lori supported Kevin’s thoughts and decided to get in on the deal.

As Jared contemplated Kevin and Lori’s offer, Mark announced his offer that matched Kevin and Lori’s but with a reduced interest rate of 3%. While Mark was discussing how the brand may suffer financially, he recalculated his offer and matched the initial one that Jared had asked for.

Since Lori loved the business and wanted to be on the team, she joined Mark’s offer of $500K, but due to the involvement of two sharks, the equity was now raised to 10%. Jared countered it with 8%, but the Sharks didn’t budge. Jared knew it was a fair deal and shook hands with the duo, leaving out Kevin.

Our Review of Simply Good Jars

Even before coming to Shark Tank, Simply Good Jars did an incredible job in distribution. The company had talked with over 230 local retailers and major food delivery platforms. The Philadelphia-based business has now gone national with its e-commerce platform.

As of 2021, the business has made over 4 million dollars in revenue. Simply Good Jars also gave the vending machine idea a try that has been contributing to the sales. The company is famous nationwide for its fresh products and sustainability initiative, contributing to the hunger issues prevalent in this economic crisis.

Pros of Simply Good Jars

Simply Good Jars is a unique business that makes healthy salads accessible for the masses on the go at an affordable price. There are numerous things that customers of Simply Good Jars love and appreciate about the business:

  • The salads are a perfect blend of greens and proteins, allowing people to have tasty yet balanced meals
  • The nine-day shelf life ensures the food stays fresh and clean
  • The reusable jars help reduce the waste
  • Customers highly applaud the idea of serving one meal per jar returned
  • The salad jars are affordable for the masses
  • The salads shake and blend well, giving the feel of a homemade meal
  • All the flavors are true to their name and don’t have any discrepancies in taste
  • The sizing of the salad jars is perfect for people to have a proper meal
  • The fresh ingredients of the salad are energizing for the consumers

Cons of Simply Good Jars

While the business is doing a fantastic job at satisfying its loyal customers, here are some of the things that customers would love to see changes in:

  • The sodium levels of the salads aren’t pleasing for numerous customers
  • Some customers aren’t satisfied with the dressing being inside the jar. Having dressing options on the side could allow customers to use the sauce to the measures they feel best for their meal
  • Few customers don’t appreciate the overload of feta cheese
  • Apart from customers, some businesses working along the Simply Good Jars are disappointed as the company has failed to answer and pay on time

Who Is Simply Good Jars For?

Simply Good Jars is a lovely and nutritious alternative to unhealthy junk food that has become prevalent over the years. The masses are returning to the health consciousness, and these on-the-go salad jars are perfect for such people. If you’re usually eating meals while commuting between work and home or in between classes, Simply Good Jars are perfect for you as the wholesome salads energize you and keep you going for the day.

Are There Any Alternatives?

With 889 locations nationwide, Sweetgreen is another healthy alternative to junk food. The casual restaurant offers numerous salad options on the menu at affordable prices. The business supports local farmers and uses organic products in their salads for a sustainable world.

Though the restaurant is renowned for its fresh and nutritious salads, Simply Good Jars’ accessibility is still unbeatable. The on-the-go meal options provided by the business are still unmatched.

Our Final Thoughts

Simply Good Jars has managed to appeal to and impress the masses to the point where the business has now formed a loyal customer base. Their healthy and wholesome salad options and easy accessibility have helped the company make revenue while bringing the healthy eating trend back to the masses. The business also contributes to the environment and the mission of zero hunger, winning the hearts of millions.

Simply Good Jars is a profitable business, and we will continue to see more of it in the upcoming years.