SiliDog from Shark Tank

SiliDog shark tank

SiliDog is a business that manufactures one-of-a-kind dog tags. Their dog tags are waterproof and soundproof silicone material that is more durable and does not fade like other traditional dog tags on the market.

The dog tags are unique as they glow in the dark, can be customized, and come in various gorgeous colors. The dog tags are big and easy to read compared to the standard small metal dog tags in stores. The dog tags are also lightweight to ensure that pets stay comfortable while wearing them.

SiliDog is doing better than ever after their shark tank appearance, and their website appears to be operating effectively. The firm released around 100 other types of pet tags, each selling at a reasonable price.

The founder of SiliDog, Mikey Lickstein, appeared in Shark Tank in Season 8. Mikey offers $100,000 for a 15% stake in his company. He explains how he came up with the concept for the tags and the Bentley backstory.

He gives samples to the sharks and explains that each tag costs around 2.99 dollars to create and that he prices them at 19.99 dollars. He has sold 142,000 dollars’ worth of pet tags so far as his product is sold in around 90 pet stores.

He believes the company’s future lies in licensing and unique logos. He currently manufactures the pet tags in his garage, and the $100,000 will be used by him to expand his production.

Kevin and Mark are out as both sharks do not want to invest in the pet sector. Barbara is also out, blaming the investor’s limited opportunities. Robert offers a hundred thousand dollars for 50% of the company. Lori also proposes a hundred thousand dollars for a 51% stake in the company. Mikey counters Lori at a 25 percent loss, and she quits.

Barbara makes another offer and asks for a 30% stake in the company and offers a hundred thousand dollars and $2 a unit royalties till she receives her cash back. Kevin copies Barbara’s proposal but adds a $1 royalty.

When Barbara says she’ll offer as much as Kevin, Kevin reduces it to a 75-cent royalty. Lori says she’ll offer the same thing for 50 cents royalties. In the end, Robert offers a 25-cent royalty, but Mikey accepts Lori’s offer.

Our Review of SiliDog

SiliDog tags are a unique product that stands out from traditional dog tags for multiple reasons. The dog tag comes in various fun colors, making pets look adorable. The tag can also be customized, which is a lovely little feature.

Traditional metal dog tags can be noisy when the pet moves around. However, thanks to SiliDog’s silicone material, these tags don’t make any bothersome noise. The tags are also waterproof, so pets can play around in the water without you having to worry about the tags fading.

SiliDog has also come out with some cool features like glow-in-the-dark dog tags. These dog tags are great for people who want their dog to stand out from other pets. Also, some dog tags are hard to read because they are so small, the SiliDog tags come in big sizes, and the writing is also easy to read, making identification much easier if a dog gets lost.

SiliDog is made to last, and the lightweight dog tags ensure that pets stay comfortable while wearing them. Lastly, some percentage from SiliDog is donated to ASPCA (American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals); this is a great initiative taken by Mike and

It is one of the reasons why more people should support his company.

Pros of SiliDog

Here are a few benefits of SiliDog:

  • Glow in the dark
  • It comes in a few different colors and designs
  • Soundproof
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • Waterproof
  • Big and easy to read
  • Some percentage from each sale goes towards ASPCA, a non-profit organization that works towards reducing animal cruelty in the US

Cons of SiliDog

Here are a few drawbacks of SiliDog:

  • Some online reviews suggest that the dog tags were breaking and not durable. However, the problems seem to be solved now, and the disappointed customers were given new and better dog tags free of cost

Who Is Silidog For?

SiliDog is ideal for pet lovers and owners who want their dog to look adorable and stylish in a unique and custom dog tag. Pet owners who get irritated by metal dog tags and have trouble sleeping due to sound may benefit from SiliDog as the dog tags are soundproof.

Moreover, pet owners tired of their pet’s dog tags fading or getting rusty due to their pets jumping in the pool or playing in the water will also benefit from SiliDog as the pet tags are waterproof.

Small dog owners may also benefit from the product because heavy metal tags might irritate or cause discomfort for small canines. SiliDog tags are lightweight and will keep the pets comfortable.

The business also supports ASPCA, so customers who feel strongly about animal cruelty and want to play a part in reducing animal cruelty will also feel a sense of gratification while purchasing SiliDog.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to SiliDog:

  • LuckyPet
  • WhiteDogStudioStore
  • PawFurEver
  • PetANTastic

We have put LuckyPet at the top of our list of SiliDog alternatives as they offer lightweight, unique, and customizable dog and cat tags that come in different variations and styles.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the contract with Lori was never finalized, SiliDog encountered delivery issues due to the overwhelming demand after being featured on Shark Tank. Mikey resolved the issues because they were related to shipping time rather than the quality of products.

The company continues to operate in 2022, earning roughly nine hundred thousand dollars annually. Mikey recently came out with mouse and cat tags which have been a hit with customers. SiliDog also appeared on Good Morning America in January 2022, and the company continues to thrive and expand.